Talkeetna, Alaska Area Airport/Scenery Pack (6 airports in 1 pack)

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Version 1.2.4
Initial Release October 10, 2020
Last Updated September 03, 2021
File Size 29.17 MB
Downloads 4,290
GPS Coordinates 62.32045037094355, -150.0982033655551
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Regional Airports
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  • Version 1.2.4 September 03, 2021

    Compatibility for Sim Update 5

  • Version 1.2.3 May 26, 2021

    Update only required if you plan to use any of the airports that are contained in this pack and are made by other developers.

    This update focused on a number of compatibility updates that should allow the use of any other developer's airport along side airports within this pack. Previously, there were some unknown dependencies that caused (mainly height) issues when using other developer's airports and airports in this pack. That should no longer be the case. If you do find some of these issues, please reach out to me and I can make the updates accordingly.

    Shoutout to Brian Smith for bringing this to my attention!

  • Version 1.2.2 April 14, 2021

    -Update for MSFS Version

  • Version 1.2.1 December 23, 2020

    -Update to the latest FS version.

  • Version 1.2 November 30, 2020

    Update V1.2
    - Broke out all airports into individual packages. This will allow you to pick and choose individual airports from the pack instead of being stuck with all or nothing. Each package still contains the terrain, vegetation, and height fixes.

    ---New Installation Instructions---
    Download the zip folder and extract it. Once done, simply drag and drop the airports from the extracted zip folder to your community folder. You can drag over as many or as few as you like. Each airport is contained within it's own folder so you can pick and choose.

    - Rangeview Airstrip: Corrected some heights, added additional scenery items, extended runway a little bit, corrected some of the water around the strip.
    - Birch Creek: Added some additional scenery items.
    - Carl's Landing: Added additional scenery items, some texture fixes.
    - Bald Mountain: Smoothed out the tiling of the ground texture.
    - Talkeetna Airport: Added additional scenery items. Cut down some trees that were on the train tracks near the airport.

  • Version 1.1.1 November 01, 2020

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Ehy Man, any chance you work on AK8 where is the Alaska Floats & skis school ??

Would you be able to add the railway bridge that is missing (Close to AK44). Thanks!

Amazing work! LOVE it, among the very best. Gonna be flying here.
Very nice work. Thanks!
hi, I see your mod create a conflict with "content manager" menu: the game doesn't load it at all. Disabling this pack the problem is solved.
I really like this scenery but it conflicts with a couple other sceneries that I would like to keep, PATK by ESD and now 0AA5 by ESD. Is there any way you can make these as seperate files or where you can disable certain ones?
FYI - came across this piece of info and noticed this airport in the list and wanted to share awareness of pending compatibility problems.
Wonderfull work on them, could you maybe add the taxi ribbon at PATK Talkeetna Airport and maybe remove the driving semi truck at 51AK Birch Creek Landing Airport
Thank you for sharing these great airports. Is there any chance you could make them in separate files? Btw, there's another well made PATK.
Thank you! Great work.

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