AUSTRIA 10m DEM - High Resolution Terrain Elevation Data from LIDAR Imaging

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Version 1.2
Initial Release May 15, 2021
Last Updated May 24, 2021
File Size 1.65 GB
Downloads 13,072
GPS Coordinates 47.48963780691724, 14.15876456428443
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  • Version 1.2 May 24, 2021

    Changes v1.2:

    * Recompiled with larger falloff distance and better / more accurate projection algorithm
    * Excluded LOWZ Zell am See Airport
    * Excluded LOKG Ferlach
    * Excluded LOKN Noetsch
    * Excluded LOKW Wolfsberg

  • Version 1.1 May 17, 2021

    Please make sure to download both parts and delete any old installation before copying the new files!

    Changes v1.1:

    * Recompiled Carinthia/East Tyrol
    * Excluded LOWW
    * Excluded LOWI
    * Excluded the whole city of Salzburg + LOWS
    * Excluded LOWK

    Any glitches with Payware should be gone now. Please report if you find any other glitches.

  • Launched May 15, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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What do you mean by download both parts? When I click the "download" button, there is only a file labeled Part 1, and there is no Part 2.

Hi, probably a noob question, but when I enable this mod then my flight stutters a lot and my GPU usage drops to 0% and the screen pauses while it does "something".

When I disable the mod again and fly the same route in the same conditions then there is no stuttering or GPU % issues at all.

My GPU is MSI RTX 2070 Super

Is my GPU underpowered, or some other trickery I need to be aware of ? 😀

I hope there is a workaround because I loooove the scenery when the mod is enabled.

Apologies if I am missing something obvious here, I'm new to MSFS and mods.

Many thanks

Fantastic work!! Can someone advise, there are 2 files for download Main & troglodytus-demaustria-10m-v1.2-WEST do ii just uzip these both into the community folder? was confused about there being 2 files.

dear Troglodytus! first of all - thank you for your great contents. I know it makes no sense to change the elevation before the plannes Asobo-update for DACH in summer, but if you will update your the DEM files after that (if it makes sense) - please check the compatibility with the digital design (orbx) LOWS scenery - today the airport signs, static stuff on the airport and a lots of buildings were "floating" over the ground - after deactivating the Salzburg 10m DEM it worked everything fine again. I just truly enjoy your detailed scenery data to not to use it 😊 I will check the 20m DEM if makes some conflicts also with LOWS and update in comment! regards, Atkamen

Amazing, finally the Wachau and the Waldviertel looks like it's supposed to. Thank you very much!

I guess no one has noticed because they are probably flying during the day in order to see the lovely scenery. . . however, if you fly early morning, late evening or at night you'll notice all the lights that should be on the ground in the air... 😐

I uploaded a screenshot of it in the user gallery. Edit: perhaps a fluke, because now even with the scene uninstalled the lights are back floating... What the heck can cause this? Had worked properly for so long...

In the border regions there are sometimes weird artefacts in the landscape, some of them are really nasty and impossible to overlook. Here is one especially obvious right at the german austrian border. (Both german alps and austrian alps are installed.) Are these fixable?

Hi Troglodytus,

I just installed your recent version, but unfortunately it has no impact on the scenery. When I installed a former version, it worked. I deinstalled it, because the runway on LOWI had got some bumps. But, even worse, they remained after deinstallation. With the new installation the DEM doesnt work and the bumps are still there. What can I do? However: thanks for your work! And greetings, HeinzH

Hi Guys!

I'm the one providing the LiDAR-elevation data for Troglodytus' and Mikeaat's phantastic scenerys. For those having questions regarding the elevation data, I created a thread in the forum:

Lol you did the same thing Orbx have done for new zealand but yours is free...😄

Hi Troglodytus ...

thanks for the update but I'm a little confused with all the different folders. I understand the codes/letters for different areas but I'm not sure what to activate if I want to fly from LOWW to LOWI, or from LOWS to LOWG. With the first release I could not see any difference in performance on my rig between 10m and 20m ... just some help / clarification with the different folders will help. Thanks again for your hard work to bring those mountains to life.

what do i need to set in my MSFS options, in order to benefit from this mesh? my graphics card is not the best (most settings on MEDIUM) - so maybe i do not benefit from this mod at all, cause i can't put my sliders higher?! thanks

I'm missing the link for the second part?

flying LIPA to LOKL, vith Dolomites between, i see probleme dem with little aeroport LOKL in Austria with dem austria 10m... the piste is just praticable but it's difficult going to park it (hard slope). If, in future version, it would be possible to have an exclude for it...thanks you, for this great fly, for DEM 20m Italia and Dem Austria 10m...My eyes are happy!! The Dolomites NE .....Wouaaaah !! Vertigineous!

great job!!! Is there an Update for Greece or in Germany the area around Heilbronn coming? 😀 Would love it!

Thank you very much for the European DEM add-ons that have already been published. You are doing a great and necessary job to make the FS2020 better and more realistic. So I hope to get DEM modeling from all the countries in the list below. Thank you in advance!

Countries with LiDAR-Terrain Models

Amazing work 😊

Endlich sieht Österreich aus, wie es aussehen soll 😊

ORBX Zell am See LOAZ has some bugs in the may have a look at that.

Great stuff, It looks stunning 🤩 Thank you !!

Just flew around this mod for hours and enjoyed your hard work. Mountains never looked so good, no more donuts shapes. Fantastic fantastic.


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