EBFN Koksijde Airbase, Belgium

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#Real-Life Belgium Exclusive Drag and Drop

EBFN Koksijde airbase for MSFS2020
Koksijde Air Base (ICAO: EBFN) is a Belgian Air Component facility in Koksijde, 1 nautical mile (1.9 km; 1.2 mi) north northwest of Veurne, Belgium. 40 Squadron, historically operating 5 Westland Sea King Mk.48 helicopters for search and rescue (SAR) duties. Also based at Koksijde Air Base were Aérospatiale Alouette III helicopters. The Westland Sea King Mk.48 and Alouette III helicopters were replaced with NH90 NFH helicopters starting in March 2012.
Like many Belgian Air bases, both active and non-active, it is available to private recreational aviation during weekends.

Highly accurate scenery made by Jan Cuypers. Most of the buildings in this project are fictional.
It's not finished yet. This scenery was created to replace the blur at Koksijde, Belgium, and to place EBFN in the sim.

Do not upload this scenery to other websites!

Delete other installed versions of EBFN.
Place the folder "EBFN_MSFS2020" in the MSFS2020 community-map.


Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Launched May 04, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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GPS Coordinates 51.0896 2.6549

  • ikbenik
    8 day(s) ago
    Prachtig werk en zo komt onze kust beetje bij beetje veel realistischer over dan waar default+WorldUpdate IV teleurstelt. Dank u voor je voortdurende verbeter-inspanningen.
  • jbvox
    8 day(s) ago
    Thanks for this update of our coast view😊 and did you also put Lombardsijde a bit more realistic in it?
    Have no idea how you make these wonderful upgrades, but I wonder how long does it takes you to make one of these?
    • JanCuypers
      8 day(s) ago
      EBFN gemaakt in minder dan een week. Wel bijna 8 uur per dag ermee bezig geweest.
    • jbvox
      8 day(s) ago
      chapeau, fameus werkske. Bedankt om dit te doen 😊
  • cutter
    8 day(s) ago
    toujours un plaisir Jan, si je peut me permettre une subjection...
    manque un peu de vie, qiq avions ou hélicos serait top.
  • Belga11
    8 day(s) ago
    Jan just a very little request . Is that possible for you to create a parking start position in the West Aviation Club at EBFN . The barracks are there by default. That will be nice to start flight from this place. Thanks
    • JanCuypers
      8 day(s) ago
      Er zal nog wel een update komen, dan zal het er in zitten.
      Als je zin hebt, mag je van het clubgebouw foto's nemen voor mij. Eén of meerdere foto's per gevel. Dan kan het gebouw die nu in de scenery zit vervangen worden...
  • Belga11
    9 day(s) ago
    Yessss finaly
  • pbeuckels
    9 day(s) ago
    Beste Jan, is prachtig en zeer herkenbaar. Bedankt en groetjes !😃

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