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#Real-Life Exclusive Drag and Drop

Robin DR400-120 Petit Prince

Asobo Robin DR400 - Tweaked by Virtual Flight Realm.

Built since 1972, Robin DR400-120 is a wooden sport monoplane, conceived by Pierre Robin and Jean Délémontez that has trained many pilots. Designed and built for pilot training, you will find it in many french and european flying clubs. The Robin "Petit Prince" is piston-engine aircraft of modest power (120HP) equipped with fixed tricycle landing gear with a relatively limited in payload, but ideal for school, either for learning the basics of handling or for navigation. The aircraft features an excellent visibility, a forward-sliding canopy  and a cranked wing design, giving it a distinctive appearance.

This tweak enhance the realism and the flight model to provide an easy plane to fly like in real life ;)

Enjoy your flight !

  • General dimensions
    • Wingspan: 8,72
    • Length: 7,10 m
    • Height: 2,23 m
    • Ground clearance of the propeller: 0,28 m
  • Performance
    • Cruise Speed : 100 kts (185 km/h)
    • Maximum Range : 464 nm (860 km)
    • Takeoff Distance : 535 m (1755 ft)
    • Landing Distance : 460 m (1509 ft)
    • Service Ceiling : 11,800 ft (3596 m) - 14000 ft (4262 m)with O²
    • Maximum Climb Rate : 700 fpm (213 mpm)
    • Maximum Limit Speed : 166 kts (308 km/h)
    • Stall Speed (Flaps=0°) : 50 kts (94 km/h)
    • Stall Speed (Flaps=15°) : 47 kts (88 km/h)
    • Stall Speed (Flaps=60°) : 44 kts (83 km/h)
  • Weights /Fuel
    • Passengers : 2 + Luggages (40 kg - 88 lbs)
    • Empty weight : 549 kg (1212 lbs)
    • Max. Takeoff weight : 900 kg (1985 lbs)
    • Fuel capacity : 110 l  (29.0589 US gal) AVGAS 100LL
    • Usuable Fuel : 109 l (28.7948 US gal)
    • Consumption : 25 l/h (6.6043 US gal/h)
  • Engine
    • Manufacturer : Lycoming
    • Type : 0-235-L2A
    • Number of cylinders : 4
    • Maximum power : 118 Hp at 2800 RPM
    • Propeller manufacturer : Sensenich (2 blade metal, fixed pitch)

The DR400-120 Petit Prince is supplied in the following paint schemes :

  • F-GGQO - Air Europ Club - LFPN Aérodrome de Toussus-le-Noble - https://www.aireuropclub.fr/avions (default)
  • F-BXRU - Aéro Club Jean Piquenot - LFRC Aéroport de Cherbourg - Maupertus - https://ac-cherbourg.com/

Take-off and Landing trim should be set to 5 (MSFS common issue).


A very special thanks to the countless real and simmer test-pilots who have been involved in this project. 

How to install/uninstall the DR400-120 Petit Prince ?

How to install :

Unpack folder "VFR-DR400-120.zip" into Community* directory of the MSFS

How to uninstall :

Delete folder "VFR-DR400-120" from Community* directory of the MSFS

*How to find your Community folder ?

- MSFS Windows Store version - Location :


- MSFS  Steam version - Location :



How to update the DR400-120 Petit Prince

Delete the previous version (folder VFR-DR400-120) from your community folder and replace it by the new version (Unzip downloaded folder and copy VFR-DR400-120 folder in your community folder).

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.3 May 06, 2021

    Version 1.3 :
    - updates flight dynamics (weight & balance, stall, stall spin) and power engine to enhance the fit with the real aircraft.
    - Introduces a new black panel for F-BXRU.
    Enjoy your flight !

  • Version 1.2.1 May 04, 2021

    Version 1.2.1 follows an upload file problem with the previous version (V1.1 & V1.2).
    The latest files improving the Robin DR400-120 Petit Prince are now available to dowload in a single package.
    Enjoy your flight !

  • Version 1.2. May 04, 2021

  • Version 1.2 May 04, 2021

    Version 1.2 :
    - updates flight dynamics and power engine to enhance the fit with the real aircraft.
    - modifies stall behaviour and enable stall warning and stall spin.
    - corrects missing texture (F-BXRU).
    Enjoy your flight !

Pretty empty over here.

  • KHER0
    7 day(s) ago
    by catching up with the stalls with the ailerons the flight model is not correct, the plane should go on a wing like the carbon savage for example, hord this is not the case.
    Kinetic energies are not bad.
    Thank you for what you are doing and well done
    • VirtualFlight
      7 day(s) ago
      Thank you for your feedback. The Savage Carbon is an aircraft built to be a versatile high performance bush machine where DR400-120 is not. It's a cushy aircraft ideal for flying schools. How did you expirement the spin stall ?
    • KHER0
      3 day(s) ago
      it's better, still a little too stable on the ailerons.
      Well done and thank you
    • VirtualFlight
      3 day(s) ago
      Thanks for your feedback. Could you precise the situation where the aircraft "is too stable on the aileron", so I can try figure out and adjust the flight model according your feedback or not 😉 ? Are you saying the roll is too lazy ?
      (Your comment can be in French or English)
    • KHER0
      3 day(s) ago
      the use of the roll at high incidences, is still a little too stable, the low aileron should trigger the wing stall immediately
    • VirtualFlight
      3 day(s) ago
      Next version will integrate your feedback. Stay tuned !
  • gmazzei55
    8 day(s) ago
    new versions are not here. File to download is the same old one with only one texture folder (F-GGQO) and most recent content dated 2021-04-30
    • VirtualFlight
      8 day(s) ago
      Thanks for you feedback. Houston we have a problem...
    • VirtualFlight
      8 day(s) ago
      The new version 1.2.1 is now available. The release of this version follows an upload file problem with the previous version (V1.1 & V1.2). The latest files improving the flight model and including the F-BXRU Texture are free to dowload. Have a Good flight !
  • fredb62950
    10 day(s) ago
    Thank you for this DR, but the plane does not stall and there is no stall warning, reduced throttle and stick pull fully, the plane falls while hovering. version 1.0
  • diler35
    10 day(s) ago
    Thanks for this mod, is it possible make this cockpit version which i'm training with? like this one http://aeroclub-creil.org/?attachment_id=989
  • Schoch
    11 day(s) ago
    si there a working cockpit?
    • VirtualFlight
      11 day(s) ago
      The cockpit is working. Are you expecting something special ?
  • CaptJohnCoPPickles
    11 day(s) ago
    I can't wait to try it out! 😀
  • skyfly71
    11 day(s) ago
    Thank you! It`s great to fly it!
    • VirtualFlight
      11 day(s) ago
      Thanks. Update is coming. Stay tuned 😉
  • vbazillio
    12 day(s) ago
    Thanks for this mod. What have you enhanced more precisely ?
    • VirtualFlight
      12 day(s) ago
      The package improves the flight model as well as the motorization. All the tables have been revised to match the reality and the experience of the pilots on this aircraft. A particular attention has been paid to the flight parameters as well as to the fuel consumption. Some improvements will be made according to the evolution of the simulator and user's feedbacks

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