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Version 1.3
Initial Release October 06, 2020
Last Updated April 24, 2021
File Size 32.74 MB
Downloads 3,378
Status Not Downloaded yet
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#Real-Life #Photogrammetry #Buildings Canada Exclusive


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  • Version 1.3 April 24, 2021

    fix for crash to desktop after update 4

  • Version 1.2 January 18, 2021

    changled BGL filename to eliminate Crashes to desktop with conflicting mods

  • Version 1.1 October 06, 2020

    fix for the old bridge texture (and construction textures) appearing under water
    (see last screenshot)

  • Launched October 06, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Vraiment du très beau travail. Indispensable pour le rendu de la ville.
Merci beaucoup.
Why is this available in a RAR file now ...
All my files are usually in win zip format
I do not want to have to use the RAR format
Same problem for me unfortunately. It is sad. My Jacques-Cartier bridge works fine though.
moi le pont champlain n'apparait pas dans le décord
The FS crash after the World Update 4 with this addon. It worked perfectly before
Please be advised that this scenery causes CTD in my CYOW Scenery ( with the latest MSFS update.
Bonjour/ Hello,

The new Champlain Bridge is unfortunately causing CTDs with the most recent World Update 4. All other Montreal scenery from MostlyRandom is
working very well.
Since the world update 4 this scenery is bloking the MSFS. Does other have the same problem?
Having the same CTD issues.. this bridge and Cartier.. I thought maybe it was my manual cache so I deleted it, but it still happens.. It did work several months ago.. don't understand..
Great work ! Very detailed and now I really need an RTX 3090, frame rates hit hard when crossing it (1440p GTX 1080Ti from 40 down to 16 at the worst lol but thats flying unrealistically low, so I was "asking for it" you might say ) Thanks, its a great bridge !
This scenery contains modellib.bgl which conflicts as per Asobo's recommendations. See the section here on CTD's being caused by scenery and how to fix it. Could you fix it please?
I'd love to see this beautiful work. Unfortunately, when I put those two folders ("champlain" and "waterfix") in my Community folder and load a flight in the game near Montreal, FS2020 crashes to the desktop. Might the new update (from Dec 22th) have introduced an incompatibility? I've tried removing everything else from my community folder, but it's clearly one of those two folders that's causing the crash to the desktop issue.

Real improvement

Wonderful! Thank you! Love all your Montreal bridges.
MostlyRandom, how come I can't see the bridge ? I installed it the same way as the other and I can't see it.
Merci beaucoup c est parfait!!!!
I'm glad I found this, Mostly Random. I fly over it many times a week. Great addition.
Thanks Nicely done.
Thank you MostlyRandom! Your work makes flying around Montreal a lot more pleasant!

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