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Version 1.1
Initial Release October 05, 2020
Last Updated April 13, 2021
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Intl. Airports
#Real-Life Antarctica Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version 1.1 April 13, 2021

    - Should now work with the current version of MSFS as some users reported compatibility issues.
    - Corrected windsock heading.
    - Fixed taxiways and parking.
    - Fuel truck should now work as intended.

  • Launched October 05, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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That's a beautiful airport. Great work!

Really cool...Thank you!
could you make McMurdo air station
Thanks, really nice airfield, but the windsock seems to show the wrong direction (180°).

@757freak: just works fine with the newest version for me
Hallo Graf Dresche,
thank you very much for this scenery. In the old fsx I used the addon Antarctica X from Aerosoft. EGAR was my favorite airstrip. You bring it back to us. Great work!
With best wishes from the wild west forest / Germany
I may need to swing by and see what these peeps are a research'n?!
Hey! The scenery looks great, really looking forward to fly in there. Unfortunately, with today's update it disappeared from the map... Is there any quick fix we can do? Same to the other two airports you developed in Antarctica, SCRM and SAWB.
Nice job! 😊 An Antarctica pack with improvements and airports like this one would be marvellous, but firstly, Asobo has to improve the Poles overall(at least their mesh/terrain data glitches), because right now these regions of the planet are a mess.
The runway facing the opposite side of where the ship is located, when landing on that side the taxi is a bit off. You have to make an odd u-turn. You should maybe make a side runoff path where planes can easily u-turn.

Also when requesting fuel near the hangar, the fuel truck doesn't go to you. It moves like 5 feet and stops.
Awesome! But to be honest it would be weird to see a little Cessna casually doing traffic patterns there 😊
Awesome Airport however the Aircraft and windshield almost instantly freezes over upon launch of game. It can be frustrating
Great work, super fun to fly into.

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