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Gordon275 posted this
1 month(s) ago

Hi there i like your scenery add on and I was wondering if your able to make NZIR base in Antarctica ?

GrafDresche answered
1 month(s) ago

Thank you! I would like to, but I already had a look at it, and there is almost no usable information to be found. The area itself is very broken inside Flight Simulator. My three other airbases work, because the area is a little further north where data is already sparse, but not that bad. But I will keep looking and maybe it can be done. :-)

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Thank you! Can I see the video when its done? Also: have a save flight to Marambio SAWB! :-)
Thank you! I would be happy if you could update your rating to five stars, if you think it improved. :-)
"LOCH" means hole in German, so it is the perfect ICAO for this crazy airport. Thank you! :-)
Great just in time for my flight to Amsterdam with last light. :-)
You are totally right, my apologies. I must have been blinded by the beautiful North Sea coast. Great airport and perfect to practice landings. Thanks again!
Don't be sorry, thanks for the fast fix and the great add-on. It's a life-changer. Love it!
The new version is not working on my computer. When asked to run it as admin, I get the error, "an instance is already running". When I deny running it as admin, the linking does not work. Old version worked flawlessly.
Beautiful airport, thank you! But could you add a star to is so it is easier to find on the map?
Thanks again! I will rework my Antarctica airports then...
Thanks a lot! Sloped polygons! Are they new? I had so much trouble with my scenery trying to give terraforming some realism....
Thank you for the nice looking scenery! However, there is a problem: when I update the scenery database with the Little Navmap tool, it gives an exception error. I have dozens of add-on airports. None give any errors. I narrowed the error down to this very airport. Whenever it is in the community folder, the error appears. Your other airport works fine. I have no idea why, but maybe there is something wrong in the scenery file?
Great work, thank you! What are the yellow rectangles? I am still finding my way around the SKD...
Thanks for the feedback. Fuel trucks are still a mystery to me sometimes. Taxi should be correct, but I can try to make it easier for the AI or lead a proper teardrop path on the next revision.
Great, thanks! And great work on this airport - merci! :-)
Thank you! Could you please put the ICAO Code into the description/title? :-)
Works like a charm, thank you so much! Sorting the add-ons for the first time is a chore, but afterwards it is easy. Hint: I divided the world into continents and regions/countries depending on the amount of scenery with separate folders for pure scenery and airports. Liveries go separately which makes a huge difference. However, for now I keep all the airports as always on in a top folder, because I found they alone do not make such a big difference regarding loading times, and it is nice if your navdata addons always know about all available airports so you can plan before deciding what additional scenery you want to load in. Sorry if this is obvious, just my two cents. :-)
Hi Franz, first of all, this is awesome, thank you! I can finally see my house. Since I am experimenting with some Google scenery myself at the moment, I have some questions though: -What is your maximum LOD? It seems rather low which might be because of the huge amount of data. - Did you terraform this? It seems like you lowered the original area quite a bit and raised Google scenery much higher. On my system the result is that water is bent, there are large gaps at the borders and the original night lighting is mostly underground. I know you have to raise Google scenery a bit to make it visible, but I think you could lessen the amount of sinking/rising to make it look even better, increasing the amount of light, f.e.. - Google's Dom shines through the Microsoft version. Personally, I dont like Microsoft's Dom too much, so I would prefer a higher LOD Google Dom, but that - like everything here - is up to you of course. :-) Thanks again! :-)
Awesome work, thank you very much! Even though some airports are quite ...boring... now. ;-)
Thanks for the quick reply! Who needs the Schälsick? ;-) Seriously, though: even though I made a clean install, the content.xml is somewhat weird. Everything is turned on, but there is no entry for altstadt, but towerdeclogne and rtl and other older deleted scenery files from the last version are still there. I will now activate altstadt manually and deactivate the others... Edit: This worked. It is weird though that the content.xml did not automatically activate/deactivate the new and missing scenery files.

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