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Version 0.6
Initial Release September 30, 2020
Last Updated October 31, 2020
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Downloads 8,750
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Aircraft Enhancements


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  • Version 0.6 October 31, 2020

  • Launched September 30, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Not working with latest update , G1000 is broken can't write new FPL .

Getting the project on github 😉

Here are the details of the release for SU5

Current version: 0.6.4

  • Compatibility update for MSFS version (SimUpdate 5).
  • Compatible with G1000 legacy v0.4.0 mod.
  • Compatible with G1000 NXi mod, but some issues are to be expected (e.g. engine pages are not available, manifold pressure gauge misaligned, fuel flow not shown as text).

Follow the link to github to download

NOTE: There is some confusion, don't download the file form here, it hasn't been updated.

If the correct one is available directly from Github here:

This one I can confirm works!!

Too bad this mod no longer works, even the April version on GitHub. It causes the entire interior of the plane to disappear. Too bad, cause this mod really made the G36 nice to fly.

Any update on this mod not working since SU5 release?

As of SU5 it's quite broken. When clicking things like switches or hiding the yoke, the animation doesn't play and when looking from the outside view, the pilot models are A posing.

Broken. G1000 doesn´t work with latest updates and latest Working Title Version.

Someone please make Tip Tanks for the G36 Bonanza! If no pods are possible on the Caravan, we can also have Tip Tanks on the Bonanza! I can try and help if someone wants to do it!

Think this mod is dead! No new releases or updates.

Could you make the mod compactable with pms50's gtn750?

Awesome! Makes the Bonanza a lot more fun to fly! Any possibility of getting a Simbrief airframe for this one? Would be greatly appreciated!

Hello, I have installed your mod and the WT G1000 and the customized ENGINE, LEAN and SYSTEM pages are not working.

I see the "busses tied" message at the PFD and I have the "Track up option" at the MFD so they are both installed

quick question: are you going to adjust the panel stuff according to WT's suggestion for WTg1000 compatibility?
Hello. I've downloaded both the G1000 v0.3 mod and the improvement project. Everything works fine except the fact that the map on the MFD and inset on PFD are dark. You can see the airports, waypoints and so on but the background is black and you can't see the terrain profile. Any suggestions what's wrong? Thanks in advance
Still flying your mod for a quite a while now... mostly in week for some grassroot flying. So still a good time to say thank you for sharing your time, work and efforts 😊
My textures on the right side of the main panel and switches on the left side of door and along the bottom of the main panel are all blocky. What is wrong?
Great work! Tank very mutch!!
great mod! i like very much!
Hello! Im very gratefull about this project! Ive been flying it since I found it! Will you still working on it? Thx! 😀
Great mod! I have made a couple of flights following the real POH and the fuel mixture/power/speed is very close to real life
I've been using this mod for a while now. I always liked the Bonanza, but the stock plane was just very underpowered and not very fun to fly. This mod turned what was an underperforming, underwhelming stock aircraft that I didn't bother with into my 2nd favourite single engine piston plane (behind the SR22).

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