How to become a payware seller / sell payware?

At, we collaborate with esteemed developers to offer the flight simulation community a range of exceptional add-ons. If you are interested in selling your products on our platform, we invite you to contact us by creating a support ticket. In your application, kindly provide information about your business and your products, so we can get to know them. You are welcome to include as much screenshots, previews or other material as possible.

However, please bear in mind that we exercise our sole discretion in assessing whether your products align with our store's standards and target audience. It is essential that your products cater to a broad user base and meet stringent quality requirements that surpass those of freeware offerings.

We consider the sale of products to be a substantial endeavor, and as such, we are unable to engage in business relationships with individuals who are under the legal age. It is mandatory that you have established a registered business and possess a valid tax identification number in your country of residence. 

Here is a list of items that we are very unlikely to accept as products in our store:

  • ❌ Aircraft Liveries, no matter what
  • ❌ Guides, documents, ebooks, tutorials, flight plans, fixes, compatibility addons, workarounds
  • ❌ Anything that is not directly related to Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • ❌ Add-Ons for X-Plane, FSX, P3D or other simulators
  • ❌ Boats, Driveable Cars
  • ❌ Single buildings, stadiums or landmarks
  • ❌ Content that does include third-party property such as Google Maps data, Google Earth or Bing Maps data, Satellite images or similar
  • ❌ Premium or paid versions which are an advanced version of a freeware add-on

If you are uncertain about the compatibility of your product with our store, please contact us. collaborates exclusively with a limited number of product sellers. We place great emphasis on product quality and alignment with our market and target audience. We decline approximately half of the applications we receive for various reasons. Receiving a rejection does not imply that your products are inferior; rather, it signifies that, based on empirical data and experience, we do not foresee viable sales prospects that would also be profitable for our business model.