Creators Program - Frequently Asked Questions

The Creators Program is here to reward our most dedicated and active creators with more than just feedback and appreciation.

How does the Donation Pool work? 

Every month, will allocate a certain amount of money into a fictitious Donation Pool. This pool will then be distributed among our most active and contributing creators each month. The amount set aside for this pool is determined by various factors including revenue from Premium Memberships, Store Purchases, total website traffic, and other operational expenses, as well as's financial reserves. At the end of each month, the allocated funds are converted into Donation Points and added to each creator's balance. The monthly formula divides the total Donation Points in the pool by the total unique downloads from all participating mod creators. Users can also make contributions to this pool.

What are Donation Points and How to Earn Them?

Donation Points function as a virtual currency on Users can purchase these points in our store and donate them to their favorite mod authors. Only creators who are part of the Creators Program are eligible to receive Donation Points. Direct donation methods like PayPal or Buy Me A Coffee will continue to be available for all creators. Once a creator has accumulated enough points, they can redeem them for Store Purchases or PayPal Cashouts. Another way to earn Donation Points is through the aforementioned Donation Pool.

What is the Value of Each Donation Point?

The Creators Program is still in development. Information about the value of each Donation Point will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

How Many Donation Points Can I Earn?

The amount of Donation Points you can collect each month varies due to several fluctuating factors. These include's monthly contributions to the shared Donation Pool, points received directly from users, the number of participating creators, the unique downloads your mods receive, and the total number of unique downloads across all participating creators.

What are Unique Downloads?

During the Donation Pool payout, a key metric for determining each creator's share is the number of unique downloads received within that month. Unique downloads are one of the most objective metrics we have and directly indicate a mod's popularity. Multiple downloads by the same user still count as a single download.

When are Donation Points Paid Out?

You can request a cashout of your accumulated Donation Points in the form of Store Coupons, Products, or PayPal Cashout. However, we follow NET30 terms to prevent abuse, meaning Donation Points are available for cashout 30 days after you've earned them. This grace period allows us to verify the legitimacy, ensuring your contributions comply with our Terms of Service.

How to Opt-In for the Donation Points System?

To participate, you first need to be a member of the Creators Program. Then, you can opt-in for the Donation Points system through your mod settings. This needs to be done for each mod you wish to include in the system.

What Fees Does Charge? does not charge creators any fees for cashing out or receiving Donation Points. If you choose PayPal for your cashout, PayPal may charge fees that are beyond our control. When a user sends Donation Points to a creator, we also do not charge any fees. However, customers who purchase Donation Points are subject to a 5% fee to cover payment gateway and billing costs. This fee is charged by our payment gateway provider.'s profit margin from Donation Points is effectively 0.00% - they go straight to creators.

More information will be shared as they become available.