Why are my downloads so slow?

If you are facing slow downloads, there could be several reasons:

  • You are using ad-blockers: Our site is mainly financed by advertising revenue. We depend on advertising revenue to cover the running costs. Therefore, supporting users who disable their ad blocker or don't use one, get prioritized downloads that are usually times faster than downloads from ad block using users. While we don't throttle download speeds (whether with or without adblock), non-adblock users have access to a more expensive download content delivery network that we fund through ad revenue. Please disable your adblocker on Flightsim.to to download at optimal speed.
  • Our network is busy: If you download at peak times - for example on weekends, especially on Saturday or Sunday evening, our servers may be busy. Since we rely on fair use, all users share the available resources.
  • Your internet connection: Slow Downloads can also be caused by the fact that your connection is used by you or other persons in your household for streaming (e.g. Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime Video), playing mulitplayer games or downloading contents from other websites or downloading updates from Steam or any other software. In order to get the maximum speed results, you should make sure that you have stopped other parallel downloads or streams. For example, if another person in your household is streaming a Netflix series with the same Internet connection, this can have a significant impact on your download speed.

Upgrade to Premium for Unparalleled Performance

We have introduced a Premium Membership for those who don't want to compromise on their download speed and support Flightsim.to at the same time. Premium Members get accelerated downloads through additional server locations and Content Delivery Network resources all over the world. This guarantees dedicated resources and ultra fast downloads, no matter how busy our network is. You can click here to subscribe to Flightsim.to Premium for better performance.