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Version 3.5.2
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Last Updated December 21, 2020
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Random Flight Database is a simple and easy to use application.

It will allow you to randomly choose one or more VFR, IFR flights according to your criteria (type of plane, flight time, company, distance, departure airport, .....).

These flights are chosen at random from a default database, a user base created by yourself or according to the world aviation POIs.

A default database is already included, but also the possibility for each user to create his own database.

But that's not all, you can also extract the flights of the day for an airport, or extract the flights for a whole week.


Why Use RFD ?


Extracted from FlightRadar but also from other databases, it chooses randomly among those where these databases according to your choices.

You can also make many other possible combinations, such as leaving each time from the arrival airport for each flight generated, but also selecting your favorite planes and airports.

Simply choose the departure airport, he chooses the arrival airport for you, choose the arrival airport, he chooses the departure airport for you and all this according to the real data of the airlines.

A tab for generating non-real flights is available, it will allow you to generate random flights from over 58,000 global aviation POIs.

Full of possibilities, including the possibility to choose the flight time but also to generate several flights while leaving the arrival airport.

You also have the option of creating your own data for inclusion in this software.

And one of the most important is that once the flight (s) are generated, you can send them to SIMBRIEF or PFPX to schedule this.

Latest Video :
Random Flight Database : World Tour
Random Flight Database Plan Your Flight

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Random Flight Database | Real World Flight Routes and Schedules

Random Flight Database game changer !!!


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Random Flight Database Website


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Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 3.5.2 December 21, 2020

    Fix Bugs
    Layout of the application modify (separation of real and non-real flights)
    Addition of the new card module
    Non-real tab: filters available ICAO DEP, Batch, Continuous, Favorite airports, Weather (experimental need an openweathermap.org API code),non-real flights are generated from the POIs of the ouraiports.com site

  • Version 3.5.0 November 22, 2020

    3.5.0 is out
    Fix Bugs
    Added the ability to see the number of flights for a company (Menu - on / off switch)
    Add window zoom (Menu - Zoom mouse wheel)
    Addition of access to updated JEPPESEN charts.

  • Version 3.4.6 November 17, 2020

    Correction de bugs

    Ajout lors de la sélection d'une ligne dans le tableau, une ligne résumant le temps de vols en dessous de celui-ci

    Modification des icônes dans temps de vol et control avec la molette de la souris améliorer

    Ajout de la possibilités de trier par heure, par jours ou les deux, le tableau quand les vols ne sont pas en continus.

  • Version 3.4.2 November 07, 2020

    So regarding the problem that there was today with RFD.
    First of all I wanted to apologize for the problems caused.

    The problem comes from the fact that the upload quota on DROPBOX has been reached. It's been 1 month now that my software has grown a little more and downloads have increased, hence the problem today.

    Not having the financial means to be able to pay a server for the year, suddenly to solve this problem I have good and bad news.

    For the good:
    I reinstated the warning system for a new version.

    For the bad:
    The update will not be done automatically as before, you will have to go through my website to download the executable and install it.

    To avoid this problem again, you will find 4 download mirrors on my site.

    Update 3.4.2 is now available and includes these fixes, you can download it immediately.

    Thank you for your support, do not hesitate to share this message.

Pretty empty over here.

  • laudey1
    2 month(s) ago
    Exactly what I needed, Thank you
    Exactement ce dont j'avais besoin, merci
  • awash2002
    4 month(s) ago
    This RFD does not have my home airport or Lakeland airport or Wittman Regional Airport KOSH
    • Mikoul
      4 month(s) ago
      You will find it in the non-real tab
  • Detail50
    5 month(s) ago
    I downloaded this this morning. Norton 360 immediately threw up several red flags. Some of them dealt with the newness like digital signature, but others dealt with specific actions that the app is trying to do. Asking to make sure that this is a safe application and that these are false positives. BTW from what I can see this is a great App, thanks for taking the time to develop it!
  • Adecimbo
    5 month(s) ago
    Thank you very much for this brilliant program. I found it very Useful and look forward to any future developments you add to it.
  • philcourtais
    6 month(s) ago
    Merci beaucoup
    Excellent logiciel très facile d'accès. Une merveille pour qui aime se rapprocher du monde réel.
    BRAVO 😊
  • onlyforbrian
    7 month(s) ago
    how do you load the flight plan into the simulator?
  • onlyforbrian
    7 month(s) ago
    I'm sure it's a nice program, installed then deleted it, I found it confusing and couldn't get it to work, not very user friendly even after watching the videos, I'm thinking you need to belong to a virtual airline or something to get it to work properly. Thanks for contributing to the community anyway.
    • Mikoul
      7 month(s) ago
      I'm sorry you didn't find the software easy to use.
      I do not belong to any virtual company.
      I made this software in order to be able to find flights quickly according to the criteria that we choose.
      I was fed up with having to check websites every time and not find what I wanted every time.
      I would love to help the community use my software, but I am not fluent in English.
      On my channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8y3mSeP-gj-h2MbMT59AOw
      you will find new videos that I made in addition to the one mentioned in the description.
      If a person who is fluent in English wanted to make a video, I would be delighted to be able to also help them to make this video as complete as possible.
    • onlyforbrian
      7 month(s) ago
      Thank you, I'll look, do you need Microsoft Flight simulator runny first? I tried it before starting the simulator, I thought if I chose a flight in your program it would start the simulator automatically but nothing happened.
    • Mikoul
      7 month(s) ago
      No you don't need any simulator. This software is independent and you allow you to prepare your flights in advance, according to your criteria and especially all extracts of real flight.
      To prepare your flights you must then go through simbrief or pfpx for the flight plan, but my software allows you to export to them.

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