[WIP] Diamond HK36TC Super Dimona

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Version 1.0
Initial Release February 08, 2021
Last Updated February 22, 2021
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General Aviation
#Real-Life #Handcrafted #Sightseeing Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version 1.0 February 22, 2021

    -Added more Animations
    -Added updated screen

  • Version 0.8 February 20, 2021

    -Added more Animations
    -Added ability to start from Cold and Dark(Without Avionics)

  • Version 0.3 February 14, 2021

  • Version 0.2 February 10, 2021

  • Version 0.11 February 08, 2021

  • Launched February 08, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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throttle moves but dont translates power to the engine... maybe a SU5 problem?

The plane is good on the outside but not quite successful on the inside. But all in all a great plane!!!😃

Are there still updates planned on the Dimo?

Yes the spoilers or dive brakes are a critical component of this plane, I flew one yesterday and came down from 10,000 ft with no motor running into a smallish aerodrome but without spoilers it would have been very dangerous. With no spoilers it is just another aircraft.

Very nice model ! But without spoilers the speed for a precise landing is not controlable. Please add effective spoilers to your model.

looks like the plane I flew last summer
Free = Fun...I mean, come on...am I wrong? It looks cute, streamlined & curvy!
I LOVE THIS - it feels SO LOFTY... my be my favorite plane now.
This is great! A fun plane to fly and once you get the gauges working it'll be even better!
Keep up the great work mate.
I enjoyed flying this plane after I downloaded it. Now, however, the engine cuts out after starting it on the ground. Any suggestions?
How to control the spoilers? I didn't find the switch to set or reset them.
Looks great but the attitude indicator and compass are not responding.

Thanks, David
A pleasure to fly.
Thanks for sharing it.
Great Work, go on like this! Only thing which would be nice if you could add your own regstration
downloaded and extracted files to my MSFS community folder, but not no planes showing in game. any help will be great cheers. path/ D:\steam\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\Community\aerosoar-diamond-hk-36-tc_yti4D
How do I turn on the avionics screen?
can you make a picture of the cocpit in the preview pics?
Loving this so far! Will we see more animations like wing flex/ spoiler deployment? Aircraft still seems a little lifeless without it.
Could we pls have at least one pilot as well. An emty cockpit looks spooky.
Lovely model 😊 I don´t know because i never piloted a real one, but it´s normal when you are landing, and the speed goes under 100knots, you can´t move the elevator? the nose goes down very fast. Thanks a lot!!
Airfield request: https://flightsim.to/request/scenery/1307/ontur-airfield

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