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#Cargo #Real-Life #Handcrafted Germany Exclusive Drag and Drop

This is a scenery enhancement addon for Leipzig-Halle Airport (EDDP) located in Schkeuditz in between the cities of Leipzig (Saxony) and Halle (Saxony-Anhalt), serving both cities. It is only the 11th busiest airport by passengers, but the second busiest airport in Germany when it comes to cargo due to being a hub for DHL (German postal service), AeroLogic and Amazon. It was designed to be able to handle NATO and EU military aircraft aswell.

This scenery is my first big airport project, so there might be still some problems. Feel free to comment if you run into any issues. 
It is work in progress and far from being perfect (if there is such thing).

There are two versions you can download. The only difference is that the Static Aircraft Version includes static aircraft (guess what;-)) from DHL, AeroLogic and PrimeAir (Amazon) on Aprons 2, 4 and 5 (cargo area). The main file (marked with a star) is the one without static aircraft.

  - completely reworked ground layout according to charts

  - completely reworked parking 

  - new runway texture including skid marks

 - completely reworked ground markings (including custom ones)

 - custom animated jetway

 - custom buildings:

terminal A & B, A3 hangar, parking garage, old DHL hangar, old tower and baggage hangar, engine test run facility, control tower, WorldCargoCenter, Amazon logistic building, both DHL warehouses, DHL container terminal, taxiway bridges, ...

  - correct taxiway signs 

  - better night-lighting

  - hundreds of hand-placed scenery objects including models for AN-124, Il-18 and local railway

  - improved landside and surrounding of terminal building

 - custom static aircraft B737, B757, B767 and B777 from DHL, AeroLogic and PrimeAir (only in dedicated version)

known issues and limitations:
  - highway traffic behaves strangly around custom bridges (You could encounter floating cars going through or over the bridge. I tried really hard to solve this, but didn´t find any way yet.)
  - custom buildings are quite basic and mostly not PBR textured. (I just got started with blender and am still learning a lot.)
  - custom jetway animation has some flaws (suspension bugs into ground)

Please remove any taxiway fix or flatten addon before using this airport, because these caused some chaos when I tested compatibility. You should not need any of these with this airport anyway. 

Making this scenery takes countless hours. If you enjoy my work and have some spare money left, feel free to donate whatever you think this addon is worth! Would be greatly appreciated!

I hope you will enjoy this airport enhancement. If so, leave a comment and if not, do the same and I will try to fix whatever might be wrong. 
If you want to contribute or help making this project better, feel free to contact me via DM on flightsim.to. I´m quite frequently online here.

I want to give a big shout out to Steffen1030, who shared his work on EDDP he did back in the days for FS2004 and allowed me to modify and use his models. At the moment the WorldCargoCenter, the old tower, terminal A and the old DHL hangar are his work, with just minor corrections and texture work on my side to fit them into MSFS2020. So thank you very much, Steffen!

Big thank you aswell to LEJ2012, who is working at EDDP and provided me with exceptional pictures of the aprons and buildings.


Join my discord server for progress insights, Beta testing, support and more: https://discord.gg/wU5W67jfBc

Please DO NOT reupload this on any other addon website. It is freeware, so there is no problem with just sharing a link to flightsim.to!

Note that this addon includes models, which were downloaded from 3D-Warehouse (Sketchup). According to 1.B.II of the General Model Licence (https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/tos/), one is allowed to include these objects in "Combined Work", if it "includes substantial additional content to the original Model", which is the case in this instance. I am not claiming these models as my work. For more information and links to the original models see the readme in the folder.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 1.7.1 April 18, 2021

    - minor improvements on apron 2
    - minor fixes on custom markings all over the airport
    - removed certain parking spots in Static Aircraft Version, to prevent AI spawning in custom aircraft

  • Version 1.7 April 17, 2021

    - completely overhauled ground textures
    - added custom lines
    - improved/ added markings on cargo aprons
    - added northern fire station and training facility
    - improved runway markings to match real life

  • Version 1.6.1 April 04, 2021

    - updated Static Aircraft Version
    - updated changelog in README

  • Version 1.6 April 04, 2021

    - added engine test run facility
    - improved/ added more custom markings on A1
    - improved ground textures around Apron 1 (e.g. old runway)
    - slightly improved taxiway bridges to better floating car issue
    - minor improvements all over the airport

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Problems 1.3
March 12, 2021
February 26, 2021
  • TmScw
    2 day(s) ago
    Hello all!

    Earlier this week, we made it to over 10k Downloads. I want to thank everyone for your support! This will motivate me, to get better with every update!

    Since the 15th of April, the northern runway is under construction and will be completely renewed in the coming months. I will NOT implement the construction side, nor will I close the runway in this scenery.
    So, if you want to operate like in real life, please just use 26L/08R for your takeoffs and landings!

    Happy flying!
  • xtremepaul
    24 hour(s) ago
    • TmScw
      22 hour(s) ago
      Vielen Dank!
  • Kafel
    2 day(s) ago
    I wanted to ask, can you turn off the parking spots where static cargo planes are? I can see the AI spawning inside DHL's 777 etc.
    • TmScw
      2 day(s) ago
      You are right, I have not thought about that issue because I don´t use the static aircraft version myself. I will publish a hotfix today. Thanks for letting me know!
    • Kafel
      2 day(s) ago
      Thank you very much! You're amazing! 😍
    • TmScw
      2 day(s) ago
      Should be fixed with 1.7.1 (SAV).
      Happy flying and thanks again for pointing out!
  • TmScw
    2 day(s) ago
    Hello all!

    Earlier this week, we made it to over 10k Downloads. I want to thank everyone for your support! This will motivate me, to get better with every update!

    Since the 15th of April, the northern runway is under construction and will be completely renewed in the coming months. I will NOT implement the construction side, nor will I close the runway in this scenery.
    So, if you want to operate like in real life, please just use 26L/08R for your takeoffs and landings!

    Happy flying!
  • PilotDave
    2 day(s) ago
    Perfekter Freeware Flughafen, spitzen Leistung muss man ehrlich sagen....nebenbei andere Frage: Planst du noch andere deutschen Flughäfen so detailliert zu machen?

    Machst wirklich einen guten Job 😊
    • TmScw
      2 day(s) ago
      Erstmal vielen Dank!
      Irgendwann werde ich mich vielleicht wirklich einem anderem Flughafen widmen, aber dafür muss ich erst einmal das Gefühl haben, alles für mein derzeitiges Projekt gegeben zu haben. Und das wird um ehrlich zu sein noch ne ganze Weile dauern, denn Pläne gibt es noch genug, es sind noch viele Gebäude nicht per Hand modelliert und wenn alle drin sind, wird es noch lange Möglichkeiten geben, diese zu verbessern.
      Dazu musst Du wissen, dass ich erst vor etwa 2,5 Monaten das erste Mal Blender benutzt habe und es dementsprechend auch für mich noch sehr viel zu lernen gibt.
      Also in Kurz: Irgendwann vielleicht, aber nicht in absehbarer Zeit.
      Und irgendwann muss ich den Flugsimulator ja auch mal nutzen, für was er gedacht ist und nicht als "Baustellensimulator Leipzig-Halle"... 😄
      Viele Grüße aus Dresden!
  • dstar
    5 day(s) ago
    Großartig! Bin mal so drauf rum gerollt, überall mal Schnökern, da kommt mir glatt Die Flughafen Sec. im T5 entgegen und guckt mich kritisch an. Hab vor Schreck fast den Wodka fallen lassen.. xD

    Super Arbeit!
    • TmScw
      5 day(s) ago
      Freut, mich, dass es dir gefällt.
      Viel Spaß noch!
  • matomot
    7 day(s) ago
    This really is near payware quality
    Some minor bugs but i really really love it
    • TmScw
      6 day(s) ago
      Thanks for you review.
      Most of the bugs I am aware of are caused by the fact, that there is no official support for blender. However, I will give my best, to keep their impact to a minimum!
  • Smety
    8 day(s) ago
    payware quality
    • TmScw
      7 day(s) ago
      Thank you!
  • NicSc94
    12 day(s) ago
    hätte nicht gedacht dass der schon zu gut aussieht wie eine Payware... Danke für geile flughafen für kostenlos👍 Weiter so
    • TmScw
      12 day(s) ago
      Vielen Dank für das Kompliment!
      Es wird hoch viele Updates geben, versprochen!
  • Thomas789
    15 day(s) ago
    Wieder eine tolle arbeit,danke dafür.Gruß Thomas
    • TmScw
      12 day(s) ago
      Vielen Dank, Thomas!
      Ich hab noch viel vor...
  • TmScw
    16 day(s) ago
    Hey there,
    being a photography enthusiast in real life, the Flight Simulator often becomes more of a screenshot simulator for me.
    If you love making pictures in the Sim yourself, you have now the chance to share them here in the user gallery.
    I am really looking forward to your pictures of Leipzig-Halle Airport in MSFS!
    Happy flying!
  • DenisPfeiffer
    17 day(s) ago
    Top Notch! Vielen Dank für deine Mühen! Hatte mich auch schon an einer Verbesserung meines geliebten Heimatflughafens versucht. Als absoluter Beginner in der Scenery Creation war das aber gleich zuviel auf einmal! 😊 Ganz tolle Arbeit, die Du da vorlegst! Mach weiter so! Beste Grüße aus... na, wo wohl? ... Leipzsch!
    • TmScw
      17 day(s) ago
      Vielen Dank und viele Grüße aus Dresden!
  • Jerichoid
    18 day(s) ago
    Sehr geil.
    • TmScw
      17 day(s) ago
      Freut mich zu hören.

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