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in love
#Fictional Drag and Drop

This is one messed up plane. I have made all nice clean liveries before so I decided to go in the opposite direction. This plane is a wreck inside and out. I understand planes dont exactly rust this way but since it is only a simulation let's just say this one did. If you had a rough day, this livery should fit the mood. 

I think of this as a plane that has been in a swamp for a few years and all the owner did was hose it off and fix up the engine. Now this wreck is ready to take to the air.


**** I uploaded a smaller file. Still over 100 megs but it includes all textures including all the comp textures. I did not want any shiny parts on this mess.****

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I have to admit I got a kick out of this mod. Gave me all sorts of fantasies about planes found behind barns, bush trips in the middle of nowhere, etc.
This is fun and well done
This is great and a lot of fun. Thanks.
I wish you'd do one with realistic tatty. I mean wear and tear to avionics around switches and dials and on controls. Stains/ spills/ worn carpet and upholstery. Outside; dirty rivet lines and markings, a dent or two, fading/ scratched paintwork. Like most of the aircraft at my local airfield!
Here is my 4K movie of this rusty paint =]
This looks like shit!
Thank you!
Beautifully horrendous, love it! 😊 it´s nice to have weathered liveries and not always the unpolluted ones! Perfect for those farm flight tries xD Yeah the windows panes are very clean, i hope Assobo release a modify method soon. Cheers
Airfield request: https://flightsim.to/request/scenery/1307/ontur-airfield
Hell's teeth! I would be genuinely scared to fly in that thing. I might just use it for some farm scenery if you don't mind! 😊
Really nice ! But the windows are a bit to clean ! ^^
Reminds me of a helicopter some company wanted me to fly for them. I got an advance and left the state. Lol
ahahaha, lovely! I'd expect to find remnants of birds poop in the back
excelente textura
So rusty and still has more than 180 MB!
does this livery also affect C152 aerobat?
Just for the fun 😊
We need more of these!

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