North Europe oil/gas offshore installations - Landable!

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#Real-Life Norway Exclusive Drag and Drop

North Europe oil/gas offshore installations:

Placement of all Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, German, Irish, Russian, Polish and British oilrigs in the North Sea/Norwegian Ocean/Irish Sea/Baltic Sea/Celtic Sea.
Version 3.0 adds landable helipads on all rigs and FPOS.
Version 2.2 pinpoints about 500 rigs, FPOS and loading bouys in the Norwegian Ocean, the North Sea,the west coast of United Kingdom and the Baltic Sea.  I do not have accurate 3D models of the platforms, so the default MS Flightsim oilrig and oil tanker is used in all the locations. FPOS are made by merging the default platform and the default tanker. I have also added some oil tankers in the location of some of the loading buoys. The placement should be pretty accurate - source of positions are pulled from the Norwegian map authority's (Kartverket) electronic nautical charts (Norgeskart nautical charts), from Avinor IPPC service, from EMODmet and from a KML file found on the internet....   I'm pretty certain that all of the installations are covered - if you miss some, please let me know. There have been a lot of decommissioning and removal/clean up in the last years. I've tried to place only the installations still out there, but the cleanup is ongoing, so there will be some errors. There may also be a few rigs/FPOS missed or maybe hoovering or floating helipads. Please take a note of the position and let me know if you find some..... :-) 

Just drop in your community folder. 

The free World update USA have to be installed - the MS Flightsim oilrig and tanker is a part of this package.

Ver 3.1
- Added 106 POI positions. You can now start your flight in air, close to the oil/gas rigs, from the world map. You will also have POI markers on those positions. 

Ver 3.0
- Finally - added landable helipads on all rigs and FPOS's (merged tankers/rigs with helipads).  The oiltankers are not landable.

Ver 2.2
- Added 38 Dutch rigs and a tanker (loading buoy).
- Added 1 German rig 
- Added 2 Irish rigs
- Added 2 Russian rigs in the Baltic Sea
- Added 1 Polish rig in the Baltic Sea.

Ver 2.1
- Added 20 Danish platforms.

Ver 2.0
- All British offshore oil/gas covered 

Ver 1.0 
- All Norwegian oil platforms/rigs in correct positions
- Some oil tankers in positions of loading buoys

You will still not crash when when hitting the rigs/tankers outside the helipads......

Big thanks to GBZH35 and his helpers to make the landable helipads making this update possible. 

Cant you make the rigs landable?

They are landable - after ver 3.0 :-)
The North Sea Oil Rig scenery consists of more than 500 positions. The only solution I can see will be to change the default oil rig with a modified landable version. Even that will probably make more problems on some of the positions where I merged two rigs or a rig and a oil tanker together to make FPSOs.
For now, I think I´ll wait to see if Asobo make the default assets landable in a future update.
Or - if I can get hands on a landable oil rig and oil tanker, maybe I can bulk edit all the rig GUID at once in the xml. To manually edit all will be too much work, I´m afraid.


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Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 3.1 April 24, 2021

    Added 106 POI positions. You can now start your flight in air, close to the oil/gas rigs, from the world map. You will also have POI markers on those positions.

  • Version 3.0 April 11, 2021

    Finally! All rigs and FPOS with landable helipads!

  • Version 2.2 January 14, 2021

    - Added 38 Dutch rigs and a tanker (loading bouy).
    - Added 1 German rig
    - Added 2 Irish rigs
    - Added 2 Russian rigs in the Baltic Sea
    - Added 1 Polish rig in the Baltic Sea.

  • Version 2.1 January 10, 2021

    - Added 20 Danish platforms.

Pretty empty over here.


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Takk for dette! 😊 D Would be cool if you add them as airports/heliports with real ICAO.


How to remove the POI markers ... i do not like my map being flooded with others the default

ENDELIG!! Denne har jeg ventet på siden FS2004 da jeg drev shuttletrafikk på Ekofiskfeltet. 😊 Fantastisk bra addon!!

This is beautiful. Thanks for adding the POIs. Really helps a lot! Great work!
Wow, version 3.1 is amazing! I can find all the POI! It's Christmas day for me. Thank you so much!😁
I landed on the German Oil Rig "Mittelplate". Thanks man! Was fun! But it is difficult to find more oil rigs in MSFS. Is there any chance to add some positions in MSFS? e.g. I would like to search a "Mittelplate" and start from this oil rig.
great.......could someone please place some helipads at KFCI and KRIC please...thanks in advance
Struggling finding these, so I found some GPS cords of one of the oil rigs and went there in the sim. There is a floating helipad but no rig or anything else - Not sure what the issue is with that one. Any ideas?

I do have the US update installed (not fully sure how to double check) but I have no outstanding updates in the content manager.
Hello. impossible forme to see oilrig or tankers. I have free update USA II. If you have a solution... thank's a lot.
Is it possible to land on it.
For example with a Helicopter ?
My friend can see the FPSO,s but not the rigs?? We were flying in our own group so I know we were in the same location. He could see me,I could see him we both seen a FPSO but he could not see the rigs. Thats weird?
with the H135 it should be great if we can land on oil rig 😉 thank you
Fantastic effort thanks so much. I have worked on a lot of the rigs and FPSO,s in the North sea over that last 30 years off course they are not true images but they are in the right place very well done. The sea is no longer empty.
Great work 😊
Hi, very well implemented. The platforms are also good to see. At 11.5NM they become visible. Can you increase the visibility to 20 NM? That would allow you to see them much earlier.
Thank you, nice!!
This could be interesting. Cannot wait until helicopters are implemeted by Asobo.

If you are interested, this link is from the norwegian aviation authorities:
Select Aerodromes, Heliports and LandingSites. All offshore rigs with helipads will be shown incl name, ICAO code, coordinates (both degr/mins/secs and decimal degrees), METAR station if exists.
Denmark can be select as well. Also UK but UK oil rigs are not shown.
i need assistance.......i dropped in community folder but rigs not present.
what am i doing wrong

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