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Version 1.2.0
Initial Release January 25, 2021
Last Updated March 11, 2021
File Size 210.19 MB
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  • Version 1.2.0 March 11, 2021

    Smallish update. Added some more horses as I needed them for a scenery I am working on

  • Version 1.1.0 February 01, 2021

    V1.1.0 : 02/01/2021 Major update - 68 models included
    Scaling issues are on hold, as I am concentrating on getting more models out

  • Launched January 25, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Please explain also how I can make this library visible for MFSF/SDK in order that I can select items for insertion in a scenery-project.
imagine turning this into microsoft goat simulator
suggery!!!! penguins and seals
Ya gotta have animals in your sim, I mean...they can't all be in zoo's or our homes, eh?!
Is this library the same as X-Plane in that I need to have it installed to see any critters placed around the world in other people's scenery mods, or do I not need to do that as someone who doesn't build sceneries myself?

Plz would you resize Megalodon? He is not half length of blue whale 😉
Sheep and cows are a definite plus for the little grass airfield I’m doing, trouble is the LOD level on them makes them appear far, far too close to the camera as you get near them and is probably more distracting than anything as they pop in. Is there any way you can change the LOD level so they appear further away? Or make alternate versions that do? Thanks.
Do you think you can add some lions too?
Update: Oh I see - you did it already 😀
If this doesn't include a dead skunk I can place in the middle of the road I will be very disappointed. 😉
You're the man Dave!!
The raccoons are a great touch for dumpsters and touristy-areas.
Hahaha. The San Andreas biker.
How to find the animals?

Another winner, if you can make them animated at some point it would be even better
Especially for cows, sheep and horses this is brilliant even if they're not animated at them moment. Grazing farm animals don't move that much anyway.
I really hope the fields and meadows around the small airfields will see an influx of animals shortly. Been missing the cows in Austria, Northern Italy and Bavaria and the sheep in the UK and Ireland.
static or animated and moving?
thank you very much for this, now we can have people chasing animals or animals chasing people.
very nice work.

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