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Vancouver Bridges, Vancouver BC Canada V2.01

V2.01 - Added hand modeled bridges near CYVR Fraser River Bridge Dinsmore Bridge Moray Bridge Middle Arm Bridge V2.0 - Updated to reflect changes from World Update 11 Canada.  Removed Lions Gate Bridge, Alex Fraser Bridge and Burrard Bridge models as the WU11 includes these models from GAYA. ...


V2.01 - Added hand modeled bridges near CYVR

  • Fraser River Bridge
  • Dinsmore Bridge
  • Moray Bridge
  • Middle Arm Bridge

V2.0 - Updated to reflect changes from World Update 11 Canada.  Removed Lions Gate Bridge, Alex Fraser Bridge and Burrard Bridge models as the WU11 includes these models from GAYA.  For those that do not wish to install WU11, or uninstall WU11, I have retained V1.3 of this file here on flightsim.to for you to download.

V1.3 - Added hand crafted Golden Ears Bridge near Pitt Meadows Regional.

V1.2 - Replaced the google based Lions Gate Bridge with hand crafted blender model.  Also added "necklace" light effects.  Also was able to get the vehicle traffic to follow the bridge road.

V1.1 - Added hand modeled bridges

  • Port Mann Bridge
  • Alex Fraser Bridge

V1.01 - Corrected some textures and tweaked some lighting.

V1.0 - Scenery update for bridges in and around Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.  Includes:

  • Burrard Bridge
  • Cambie Bridge
  • Granville Bridge
  • Iron Workers Memorial Bridge (and adjacent RR bridge)
  • Lions Gate Bridge
Sim Update 11
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December 28, 2020
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I noticed a couple of the downtown bridges east of Grenville island have sizable gaps with the photogrammetry, when you're far enough away that the LOD of the photogrammetry drops and the terrain lowering gets coarser. Is it possible to extend these parts of the bridges so that they blend in better with lower LOD terrain?

Please please New York Bridges.

The bridges east of the airport from the Flying Beaver all have solidness under them like mud. Is this something that can be fixed?

Great Scenery, been using it since version 1. Quick question the bridges in your last screenshot near the airport, you also have boats and blue roofed huts etc, which add -on are you using to get these please?

Any chance or creating a version of your add on with your excellent Lion's Gate bridge complete with the Pearl lighting? I think your night version is much better than Asobo released with WU11/



2 month(s) ago / Thanked by FreakyD

Very pleased Asobo added some Vancouver bridges and their Lions Gate is beautiful, detailed. But WOOO BOY do many other photogrammetry bridges look horrible. So still a very distinct need for your add on, thanks so much!!! The new version was out so fast after WU Canada?! Well done!!!



2 month(s) ago / Thanked by FreakyD

Very quick WU11 update! Quality work as always



2 month(s) ago / Thanked by FreakyD

Thank you mate!

Love this! Can you please add the Pattullo bridge and adjacent Rail and Skytrain bridges



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by FreakyD

Great add-on but have just started to notice that The Alex Fraser Bridge has 2 Decks. Will try to leave a screen shot in User Gallery.

A small mod but it def changed how to game looks! I love it!

CTD every time I load up near any of the bridges...

Alex Frazier (Annacis Island) is missing with update

Works with latest updates to MSFS - No issues day or night noted. Traffic/Lighting etc all seem to work.

The bridges are a huge visual improvement....now how do I get them to sit closer to the ground? (they're suspended 5 0r 10 meters off the ground)

thanks nice work here 😁
Is it my mistake or where you the builder who did all the New York city line of bridges? They seem to have disappeared after the World update 4 and I still have the download files and was wondering if I can still reinstall them? They don't even show up here at Flightsim.TO anymore, curious
Great work FreakyD, however the Alex Fraser bridge is not correct. In reality both the vertical towers that hold the steel cables are situated over the river, you have one tower situated quite a way inland from the river which means that the bridge is not central over the river. It looks rather odd! Have driven over the Alex Fraser bridge a few times in the past.
Wow! Excellent job. Definitely a huge improvement over the default bridges. Any chance you can design the SkyTrain bridge that passes over the Fraser River? That would be pretty cool! Thank you!
Beautiful ! your Bridges are indeed beautiful !

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  • Version 2.01 October 09, 2022

    Added Fraser River, Dinsmore, Moray and Middle Arm Bridges near CYVR

  • Version 2.0 September 30, 2022

    Updated to reflect changes from World Update 11 Canada
    Removed Lions Gate Bridge
    Removed Burrard Bridge
    Removed Alex Fraser Bridge

  • Version 1.3 January 12, 2021

    Added Golden Ears Bridge

  • Version V1.2 January 09, 2021

    Replaced Lions Gate Bridge google model with hand crafted model

  • Version 1.1 January 02, 2021

    Added 2 new hand modeled bridges, Alex Fraser Bridge and Port Mann Bridge

  • Version 1.01 December 29, 2020

  • Launched December 28, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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