0A5 Zack Airport Resaca, Ga.

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#Real-Life United States Exclusive Drag and Drop
Zack Airport 0A5 is a small airfield located in Resaca, Ga. just north of Calhoun. Nothing fancy here and no services, just some hangars and an office with a grass runway. Today it looks to be inactive with very little information to be found on it's history and is not shown on any up to date aeronautical charts. This scenery is a representation of brighter days for this small field and does away with the huge hangers that appear in the sim. On the MSFS2020 world map it shows as Calhoun Airport (KEAP), not sure where this designation comes from, it has been known as Zack for years. Information can be found on Airport Nav Finder, a site "intended for PC simulator navigation or reference". If you use Little Navmap to plan or follow your flights it will only be found as Calhoun Airport (KEAP).

All scenery used is in the SDK. There won't be much in the way of updates for this one other than possibly some ground textures or if new scenery items are released in future SDK updates to better replicate it. A POI has been added giving the correct name for the airport and that's it. This field has no lighting other than those added to the buildings themselves, so unless your up for the challange, daytime takeoffs and landings are recommended. If you like to fly in this area you might want to use this in conjunction with KCZL Tom B. David, for it's extra content, POI's, cell/radio towers and reworked airport scenery but it's not necessary if you just want this as a stand alone. Google Earth and Bing Maps were used as reference for the scenery so it may depict more or less than what is actually there today.Comments welcome. Hope you enjoy this little field.
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Unzip the download file then drag the "0a5zack" folder into your "Community" folder and that's it, just delete the folder to remove.

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Pretty empty over here.

  • Launched December 28, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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GPS Coordinates 34.609528 -84.977722

  • SearchN
    3 month(s) ago
    Just a note about this airport showing up as 0A5 Zack. At the moment it appears there is no way to rename a default airport with another, so Calhoun (KEAP) will still appear no matter what. I have created, but have not uploaded the file, 0A5 Zack Airport but it's to confusing having two airports show on the world map in the same spot, both having options for runway numbers etc. For now I'll just leave the POI with the correct 0A5 Zack Airport. Most who've downloaded this file probably know it as Zack anyway. An SDK update is due anytime but who knows if a rename option will be included.
  • newtestleper
    3 month(s) ago
    The "0A5 Zack Airport" marker is a POI marker on the map, not the usual airport "target". It isn't coming up in a search either, which is probably related. I was able to search for KEAP, but that seems to be expected.
    • SearchN
      3 month(s) ago
      Yes I need to edit it and save it as an airport in order for it to show up as 0A5. Just gave it a POI because I actually haven't done anything other than replacing buildings and and using polygons. Did create an airport just today that's closed now and not in the sim and it did show on the world map, so I'll see what I can do about Zack. Thanks for commenting hope you like it besides not showing up on the world map. Still learning how to use the sdk.

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