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Beast Horus

This is the evolution of personal jet flying. Take off from any small grass-strip, cruise at up to 300 KIAS and do some crazy aerobatics whenever you feel like it. Gentle and predictable stall behavior, yet the power and speed of a true jet. So,...

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Initial Release
November 06, 2022
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6 month(s) ago — 1.1

Beast Horus - The next generation Microjet

Me, and a group of skilled dedicated people are developing the safest and most awesome Microjet in the world! We thought ourselves: "What would James Bond choose to fly?" The "Beast Horus" is the answer, featuring state of the art aerodynamics, carbon monocoque technology as used in formula one racing and all safety features you can think of.

With a MTOW of 380kg and aerobatic capabilities, this artpiece of carbon will be the next cool gadget for anybody wanting to own his/her own jet with no compromises at only the cost of an average four seater. Economic cruising at 230kt or landing on grass strip with a stall speed of only 52kt? Getting the 500$ burger or pulling up to 9G (13.5 ultimate)? Just name it, the Horus is your aircraft of choice!

I you want to use the full potential of the Garmin G3X PFD screen, you will need to download the Working Title G3X and add it to your community folder as well.

Building this aircraft took a lot of effort, please consider a PayPal donation, and subscribe to our Youtube channel!

Our social channels: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube

Tutorial how to fly:


Known limitations:
  • Engine switch not implemented yet --> activate engine with Ctrl+E, shutoff not possible
  • Hi/Lo switch only affects taxi light
  • WigWag switch inverted
  • Canopy latch implemented as knob --> hold-click, or scroll to activate
  • Systems not fully depicted yet
Version history:

V1.0.0: Re-upload, as everything was changed/updated ground up

Special thanks to:
  • CZR Design for the interior design, livery and a lot of added details
  • Jonx from GOTfriends for model cleanup and .xml support
  • Hans for .xml support



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  • Updated to version 1.1

  • Initial File Release

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When is the new update expected, addressing all the issues that have been aptly described by others?

Is the download of the workingtitle G3x still necessary? On their webpage it is stated that the advancements in the MS based Garmin has made their own G3x obsolete in many cases.

I see much potential for this plane, both in the real world and in MSFS. Fun to fly, and great views from the cockpit when you're just sightseeing. I love the look and the shape as well.

But as a aircraft download, it seems rather incomplete. Are you still polishing it up? I hope you are, I want to fly this thing more.

Some observations on incomplete bits: The canopy scratches are a bit too strong, as another user mentioned. The Black & Yellow livery directory contains files from the Pink & Blue livery, so you can't ever see that version in-game. Camera positions need work, even the default eye position seems just a tiny bit too far back and up. There should be a click to hide the stick so you can see the instruments behind it. It seems like the autopilot has got some odd behavior when I try to activate it (VS button not working?). The Weights & Balances page indicates that the CG is too far aft, and you are overloaded if you fill the fuel tanks. And it would be nice to have a complete startup/shutdown procedure, just to complete the experience.

Great plane. Many thanks!

Works perfectly, looks great

and is a great upgrade for the MSFS.

It is compatible with SU11,

thanks for that

Hello, this is a very good model and I enjoy flying it however is there any chance you can reduce or remove the circular canopy scratches. They are really in your face with little sun glare and very distracting especially using VR.


Hello Scheny, first of all thank you very much for your tremendous work.

I only have one question since I saw a video and all the instruments and keys are labeled in a language other than English, which is common in practically all aircraft. That would be a hardship for many of us. I understand that it must be in your native language (although in that case it would be logical that everything that appears written outside the aircraft would also be in it). Before downloading it, I wanted to check if this version is still in the same language that I saw the video (I don't know if it's German or similar). Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience.

Is the previous version at https://flightsim.to/file/10355/beast-one-microjet now to be considered ended and this is the new one taking over from that?



6 month(s) ago

thanks for this great little jet, just two wishes for now : de-ice function (I'm flying in Alaska these days) and airbrakes. It's hard to speed down without using flaps... what is the maximal speed allowed for them ?

Thanked by Scheny

thanks so lot

Thanked by Scheny

This is great, thanks for keeping it going.

Thanked by Scheny

Works well, is fast, looks nice, and is a great aircraft overall!

Thanked by Scheny


Thanked by Scheny

This is a little beast and I love it! Thanks for another micro-jet to add to my hangar. Having a great deal of fun with this one and looking forward to it maturing! Thanks again!! https://youtu.be/HvlsGhlaNgE

Thanked by Scheny

Flies great. A favorite already. Good in VR.

Thanked by Scheny

its a beauty..She looks stunning..excellent job

Thanked by Scheny

Exellent job matey and detail is great,machine flys very well and smooth

Only being able to set NAV1 and NAV2 frequencies would be a very important goal.

Not sure if this is because the last msfs update, the plane goes to the right at take off, what i am doing wrong ?

So a fairly decent model in all fairness. One that I do wish to add to my rotation of airframes in FSEconomy once I work out the GPH fuel burn at 230kts!

However, this airframe is VERY twitchy. Aesthetically pleasing but twitchy.

The AP panel seems to be mapped incorrectly as tooltips don't correspond with what the button itself says. Not sure how much fixing that would require but workable with the tooltips to assist.

Overall, a great freeware model. Just needs some fine tuning to the flight model and the AP panel working out. Definitely worth a download.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.1 December 03, 2022

    Improvement of the canopy handle:
    Click and hold while dragging left/right to open or close the canopy.

    Light intensity switch:
    The switch is now working correctly. Clicking on it changes the intensity of the taxi light between 50/100 percent. With the next update, it will also affect the landing light.

  • Launched November 06, 2022

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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