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Version 1.6.2
Initial Release November 28, 2020
Last Updated May 09, 2021
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Bush Trips
#Sightseeing Taiwan Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version 1.6.2 May 09, 2021

    Now Chinese and English version update are both finished, poi added.

    apology, in 1.6.1 Chinese packege, i forgot to put airports addons in. please update to 1.6.2

  • Version 1.6.1 May 07, 2021

    Chinese version change into Traditional Chinese due to the MSFS2020 display bug.

    about 150 POI added(now only chinese version)

    english version is still 1.5.2

  • Version 1.5.2 January 27, 2021

    fix wav issue, WAVs now can be active correctly just as how they should be.
    (somethimes WAV will not play as expected)
    using BushMissionGen 1.62

  • Version 1.5.1 January 19, 2021

    1.5.0 English version added now

  • Version 1.5.0 January 17, 2021

    1.5.0 chinese
    add 22 WAVs
    add 3 airports
    add 5 legs
    refeul supported

  • Version 1.3.0 December 02, 2020

    add a lot of POI image,
    so, beside the final leg airport nav log image, now you can see more sightseeing during the flight.
    Attention, if you want to use chinese bushtrip, please follow the readme.txt step by step.

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請問, 中文字修正的插件如何使用??

I love the Bush trip, all flights are relatively short due to Taiwan’s size, but give a great overview of the island. I love the pictures and sounds you used. Used to travel at least once a year to Taiwan to visit the family. Unfortunately Covid has made that very difficult

Very nice done with love and knowledge from somebody how seems to love his country! I've been in Taiwan (Port of Keelung) in the Ende of 80ties as a merchant sailor (later ship officer) . Had not much time to see a lot but I did a small trip by feet on some hills next to Keelung and in the city of Keelung. Lovely nature and lovely people. So I wish you all the best and hopefully Taiwan will stay as a independent and democratic country all time! Best regards, H. , Germany.

Thank you 4000 times for your support and great discussions 😍! BR, f99mlu
Really good, enjoyed very much. Appreciated the flight plan especially and the photographs.
Great stuff leanoon!!
I made this bushtrip and it is great and Danko .....
I picked up the flight plan and imported it in LittleNavMap and then you can fly it easy. And if you want, it is also possible to use the autopilot.
Hey guys, I love Taiwan, have been there twice, but I don't understand Chinese. Maybe you will add the English version after all?

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