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Version 2.0.0
Initial Release November 27, 2020
Last Updated March 26, 2021
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  • Version 2.0.0 March 26, 2021

    - in the clean_package_files script, now clean all package files for lods that do not exist
    - add new compress_built_package script, to compress DDS texture files in the built packages (use the compressonator cli:

  • Version 1.9.1 January 27, 2021

    Fix orphaned xml file detection

  • Version 1.9 January 26, 2021

    - In script, automatically remove orphaned scenery object scenery xml files, in order not to block the package building
    - add a new script:, that remove unused package files (.gltf, .bin and textures) that remains even when associated tiles have been removed from the scene

  • Version 1.8 January 21, 2021

    Add default position values to avoid script error due to missing tile coords

  • Version 1.7 December 09, 2020

    Big speedup and reduced memory usage for the baking texture process

  • Version 1.6 December 01, 2020

    Add early configuration checking

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Is there a way to directly connect to Google live instead of this ?

Do you know why this happens ? I've already used (scenery optimization/retrieverspos ) and also (scenery_optimisation/decoder) neither of them recovers the positions. Thanks

@Thalixte, thanks for creating and sharing this wonderful tool!

Hello, thanks for the amazing tool. However, is that anyway I can exclude the airport from the google photogrammetry ?



21 day(s) ago / Thanked by Thalixte

Hello, I made a video tutorial in English that shows how to use the scenery_optimisation script. I hope it's useful!

You find it here:

Bonjour Thalixte,

Merci pour ces scripts que tu as mis en place.

J'ai réussi à bien suivre tes instructions, mais j'ai un problème de generation de bâtiments sur la scène que je souhaite créer.

Comment empêcher l'autogeneration de bâtiments?

par exmple:

Merci d'avance

What happens if you have two projects which overlap themselves in terms of the area they cover and merge them with the ,," script? Is it going to retain all the tiles, or will it delete them from one project?

I have an interesting question. There are some mods on, for example Frankfurt (Germany). They are about 1GB in size. When I try to do the same and import the whole town, my project gets about 10GB in size, or even 20GB. I can go down to LOD 16-19, then I get something that is just a few GB in size, but the quality of my town is way worse (and the project is still bigger). How can you achieve a size of just [email protected] like many city mods here and make it still look like LOD 21 or so? Maybe you can load it in blender first or something and massively simplify it?

I further investigated it.

My packages have a .bgl file what is multiple GB big in the scenery folder. The projects from also have a .bgl file but it is just a few kb in size. What is this?

Cannot execute the because when I try it, this happens:

When I then lower NB_PARALLEL_TASKS to just 1 it also does not work and always shows "invalid commandline".

Sorry for writing so many comments. The JPEG compression seems to have no impact on the final package, because in the end it is converted to a DDS file what has exactly the same size. Or is it not meant to decrease the size of the final package?

Hmm, I enabled bake_textures_enabled now. But my output package has exactly as many files as the one where it was disabled?? Even the same filesize.

I guess if I already executed the "" script I don't have to run the "" anymore?

I imported my hometown with LOD 17 - 20 and used the scenery optimization and update object LOD script. (I just could not use the bake_textures_enabled until now.) When I start the game, I have around 30FPS but if I fly over the imported town for a while the framerate drops to 7 - 15FPS and even if I fly 20Km away from the town, performance stays low. The town seems to get never unloaded? Is there anything I can do? I wanted to import way more stuff. I have an RTX 3090, 64GB Ram and an i9 9900k. The game uses more than 20GB of Vram, if I fly long enough and the GPU usage is just about 50%, what indicates a CPU bottleneck.

I ran the script and I've got the following error:

Info: Deleted 0 object(s)
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "\", line 1463, in <module>
 File "\", line 1351, in main
 File "\", line 1243, in optimize_objects
 File "\", line 1215, in optimize_object
 File "\", line 1116, in bake_texture_files
KeyError: 'bpy_prop_collection[key]: key "LilyPackedImage" not found'Error: Python script failed, check the message in the system console

I have LiliPackedImage installed, how could I fix this?

Though I don't make scenery add-ons, I really appreciate this optimization tool. I used to throw a ton of non-optimized add-ons in my community folder, it always takes forever to load up my game and the frame rate in the game is pathetic even with a RTX3080 and a 5800X. Since I removed all the scenery except for the ones optimized by this tool, my game runs much smoother.

So, now I would only search for "Thalixte" and download the large-scale scenery optimized by this tool. Thanks for the great work😄
Hello Guys, how do you avoiding getting blocked by Google when downloading the Google Earth Coords Positions ?
I am getting blocked all the time even if a change ip number with my VPN !

Regards Johnny B.
Bonjour,re colorisation,il s'agit des textures indiquées dans ton lien,ou de toute les textures de la scene
Tout d' abord mon soutien par rapport à toute ces critiques,chose la plus facile à faire...
Je me lance avec Google et j'aimerais savoir comment corriger la colorimétrie,et avec quel logiciel.
Merci à l'avance
JM again!

I tried out two scripts for the first time and have problems

Compress_built_package script

I get an error in the console saying my textures folder is not found..... though I have completed the fields correctly

Merge scenery script

Kind of works, but the finished scenery hasnt brought over the exclusions and terraforming from the folder I just merged
Got a problem and first time I have experienced it.. my gizmo arrow thing is far out of reach and I cant move my scenery. Do you know if there is a way I can re position the gizmo?

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