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EKVG - Vagar Airport - Faroe Islands - Upgrade

EKVG - Vagar airport in the Faroe Islands.  A very cool video trailer here courtesy of Finite Flying - https://youtu.be/v1or42XikGY A fine place to stop off for your transatlantic hopping. After an eternity this is officially in the sim so this is now an upgrade...


EKVG - Vagar airport in the Faroe Islands. 

A very cool video trailer here courtesy of Finite Flying - https://youtu.be/v1or42XikGY

A fine place to stop off for your transatlantic hopping. After an eternity this is officially in the sim so this is now an upgrade of the existing site. 

All ground textures disposed of. New ground markings added. Fencing all over. Light applied where it counts. Detail aplenty thrown down.

This has a new taxi system. There are two helicopter parking spots - 100 and 101. There is also a hangar start inside the Atlantic Airways hangar which is space number 6. 

On the main apron spaces 3-5 are large GA with a full set of ground services. There's also all the fuel you can scoff. 

You may thank Simon Nordendal of Azurafiles for very generously granting permission to use the Vagar custom buildings he made for his payware versions for FSX and P3D. These definitely tie the joint together. 

He also supplied a mountain of reference photos to improve this version. 

If you want to do more flying, or rather landing, around the islands I've done basic versions of all the Faroes heliports here - https://flightsim.to/file/12170/faroe-islands-heliports

A helicopter would be useful for these. 

V 2.4

Re adds runway smoothing that must've been deleted by mistake in the mists of time. 

faroe atlantic vagar
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  • Updated to version 2.4

  • Updated to version 2.3

  • Updated to version 2.2

  • Updated to version 2.1

  • Updated to version 2.0

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Thank you very much for this enhancement for a very challenging airport! Excellent work!

One question: is it normal or a non standard feature of this airport that the first 1/3 of the runway lights (not the approach lights) to RWY12 are not visable until reaching a certain pitch angle or does it have to do with way the simulator handles the runway slope angle?

Not sure if a fluke on my end, but after the recent update to this addon im getting some bumps on the runway i haven't felt before. Anyone else?

Regardless of that, great job on the update, looks really good.

Great Job!

Excellent work! Thanks for this one! Had some fun coming back here with Vatsim and FSEconomy from Stornoway I even take a short walk around after landing have a look if you want https://youtu.be/ppPvizlrF9s annnd Thanks again!!!

Beautiful airport! Well modelled - sets the bar for all us who might dabble in airport creation.

Definitely one of the best freeware sceneries available!

One of the best freeware Airports ! High Level, great Work !

Super job! A great looking airport. Nice to have such a swell place to land while hopping across the pond.

Incredible work. Payware quality!

Great airport! However one small this is the gates are too small for AIG to assign AI aircraft. Any chance of increasing the gate radius at all?

Love this scenery and the Islands! Q: is there any way to get this amazing airport to work with some of the great DEMs?

The new hangar is top notch, it fits like a glove tight and nice ! 😏

You are a true artist, Sir...and a pro ! of all the small handmade international airports existing in freeware; this is ma favourite ALL time !! That sloped rwy, with one end appearing slowly while accelerating gives such a depth and realism to the scenery...Breathtaking!

And when landing, the rwy comes faster due to that curved parabolic shape of it. One has to flare a bit earlier, not mentionning the loc offset by 14°. Add to that the extreme, almost dramatic North Atlantic weather and you have a even challenging airport as Lukla or Madeira!

BTW....Flamingos on the rwy ?!? these could seriously damage an A20N !!!!!!

Thanks a lot for this wonderful scenery! However, the runway seems to be quite bumby, so the take off roll is very shaky. Can anyone confirm this?

Has anyone tried this after SU7?

how is this not payware

In my opinon this is so much better than the paywear one. :]

absolutely fantasic as usual!

Can you believe there is a payware competing with you?

Wonderful airport addon! Would rate it more then 5 stars! Must download! Looks extremely good, but for some reason I can't contact ground services. I only have "EKVG Traffic" com on the ATC menu in game. There isn't a problem if you have the A32NX tablet though, since you can contact them via the tablet. But there aren't any ground services com. It isn't the developers problem of the airport btw! (:

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Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 2.4 December 01, 2022

    Re adds missing runway smoothing

  • Version 2.3 November 16, 2022

    Adds - helipads, animated humans, extra ground grime, improves a bit of night lighting

    Changes parking space 3 to a full size one and moves it around a bit

  • Version 2.2 December 19, 2021

    Clears up and smooths off some elevations, though it's still a bit uneven.

    Improves some night lighting for the buildings.

    Adds a bit more detail here and there.

  • Version 2.1 October 25, 2021

    Re adds airport frequencies including ground services.

    Tweaks a few other details on the approaches and around the site.

  • Version 2.0 August 31, 2021

    The main thing is giving the airport area its own DEM elevation data.

    Elsewhere I've added refinements to the outlying areas, improved the terminal, added a few extra models.

  • Version 1.9 June 19, 2021

    Reworks the airport to build on top of the version officially added with World Update 5.

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