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World Carriers

Now you can finally use the Top Gun aircraft carrier in freeflight! You can Approach with instructions from the LSO. Land with help of the arresting cables. And Take Off with the onboard catapults. Try flying in challenging weather or even at night!


Carrier Locations

•  Florida Keys (Southern tip of Florida). Heading: 245
•  Gulf of California (Mexican west coast). Heading: 135
•  Gulf of Mexico (Open Sea). Heading: 090
•  Long Island (New York). Heading: 080
•  Lisbon. Heading: 180
•  Persian Gulf. Heading: 135
•  San Francisco. Heading: 190
•  South Carolina. Heading: 060
•  Yokosuka (Japan). Heading: 200

Static carriers
•  Bremerton (Washington, US). Heading: 250
•  Norfolk (Virginia, US). Heading: 045

Have a problem with the addon?

Please, first read the FAQ if you have a problem. If the solution for your problem isn't there you can leave a comment or send a bug report to [email protected].

First flight checklist

1. Make sure the Top Gun update is installed.

2. Download the addon and extract the .zip to your community folder.

3. Under Assistance Options > POI, turn off Landmark Markers.

4. Optional: Install the Super Warrior (Touching Cloud) and the animated Catapult Crew (Photosbykev).

5. Below, read about all the functions of the carrier.

Starting a flight

1. On the world map, find a carrier spawn point (star landmarks) at any of the carrier locations. Or use the search bar (below the aircraft selection) and search for 'carrier'.

2. Set the point as departure and start the flight.

3. You'll spawn in the air, near the carrier. From the toolbar, open the 'Jayshrike Carriers' panel. See the next section for instructions on how to use the panel.

Jayshrike Carriers Panel

You can use our toolbar panel to control all the functions of the carrier, and to make approaching and landing at the carrier easier.
To start, open the panel from the toolbar: Select the button with the Jayshrike logo.
The panel has four sections you can select: Landing, Catapult, Teleport, and Settings.

Landing Tab

The landing tab has two parts; visual guidance and scoring

Visual guidance
You can use the visual of the FLOLS and LRLS to guide your approach alignment. For more information about how these instruments work, see the top gun 'carrier landing challenge'.

Just like in the landing challenge, you can get a score for your landing. With the panel, you have to start a landing attempt. Then, the scoring will automatically start when you get close enough to the carrier. When you've succesfully landed, the score will be displayed.

Catapult Tab

With the panel, you can use the catapult for any plane. (If you use the Super Warrior F-18, you can also use its animated catapult crew, instead of the Catapult Tab). For maximum realism, taxi to to one of the catapults before activating the catapult.

1. The catapult can be activated when the plane is on the deck. In the panel, click Activate Catapult.

2. You can activate the holdback bar if the plane is stationary. Click Activate Holdback Bar.

3. Now you can perform takeoff checks and increase the throttle.

4. Click the Ready For Launch button. You will be launched after 5 seconds. The plane will get accelerated to 150 knots. When you leave the deck, the catapult will automatically reset.

Teleport Tab

With the panel, you can teleport the plane to different flight stages. There are three teleports:

Carrier Parking: The plane is shut down, with the wings retracted. Follow the checklists to get the plane ready.

Carrier Runway: The plane is ready to take off, just release the parking brake and taxi to a catapult.

Carrier Approach: The plane is in the landing configuration, with the tail hook extended. Use the approach guidance to land on the carrier deck.

Settings Tab

You can disable/enable:
•  The guidance from the LSO (Landing Signal Officer).
•  The POI marker above the carrier.


1. If you're not familiar with the workings of carrier landings, see the 'carrier landing challenge' from the Top Gun update.

2. To easily find the carrier during flight, use the smart camera. It will point to the carrier if it's nearby.

3. To land at the carrier, extend the tailhook (CTRL + H).

4. With the F/A 18E Super Hornet, you may have to unlock nosewheel steering after landing. Use 'Set Nose Wheel Steering To Limit' in your control settings or press the appropriate button in the virtual cockpit (on the left of the center stick).

5. To release the cable after landing, retract the tailhook.


For developers

If you want to add the carrier to a scenery project, as Object type, choose WorldScript. Select the package: jayshrike-world-carriers. You can select the standard version, 'Jayshrike-WorldCarriers.spb'; or the static version 'Jayshrike-WorldCarriers-static.spb'.

Top Gun
Sim Update 11
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June 27, 2022
Last Updated
5 month(s) ago — 2.0.1



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how do I disable your in game markers hat you put over the carriers? I don't fly with any of the city markers on, I don't want the ones on the carriers...it's stupid that they're on by default



1 month(s) ago / Thanked by Jayshrike

Love all the carriers and their placements but is there plans to make it work with other aircraft like the corsair or f-22?

It won't work for me. I unzipped and added to community folder and I do have the top gun mod downloaded and working. Why won't it work

Whenever using a replay mod while landing on the carrier, When I review the replay the carrier either turns invisible or is a few miles ahead of me. I assumed it’s because the carrier was moving, Is there a way to fix this or make the carrier stationary?

do i just download the file and the mod will be functional? and what is a community folder? sorry first time modding msfs.

IFOLS don't work after latest update from msfs! On my F 14 F18 F35

Everything else seams to be OK, I can teleport, and catapult works.

Thanks Mouse

I've been having trouble with this addon, the Top Gun/Touching Cloud carriers, and v1.2 of the Miltech carriers causing CTDs when either loading a flight near or flying into loading distance of the aforementioned addons. I believe it has something to do with the coding of the traps/cats. Are there known addons that conflict with the arresting wire coding that these addons seem to share? I would really like to get them all working properly. thanks for any help.



3 month(s) ago / Thanked by Jayshrike

Nice add-on. I just landed a T45C and taken off via one of the catapults sucessfully.

Dunno about others but it seems like the carrier deck is awefully small by comparing to the real one.

could you (just an opinion) add compatibility with the https://flightsim.to/file/25834/f-35-mfd-improvement-mod mod (which already has compatibility with carrier OPS) ??

even though the landmarks are turned off, it won't show the carriers as airports 😞

the carriers wont spawn in for me ive spent a hour and a half viewing folders and etc and i cant figure it out

can you add a Carrier on China Sea?

can you add a Static carrier on Sydney Bay?

can you add a Static carrier on Hawaii?

Does this mod work with sim update 10?

Hey, love the mod but it seams that something in it screws up the EFB on the Sting S4 addon.

Great addon, thanks!

Any chance of getting one added to Diego Garcia?


Why dont you add the carrier crew on all the carriers? making aircraft carrier with trained crew and detailed procedures. But it's not only about specific carrier - you can summon crew on any other carrier or even runway. You are scenery developer? Just insert required simobjects into your carrier scenery and you are eady to launch!

When will the carrier crew lauch other jets like the f-14 the f-35... Crew animations is what makes the carrier ...



5 month(s) ago / Thanked by Jayshrike

First of all - This is amazing. Brilliant job on the LRLS system. Second, the crew is a nice touch. Only thing missing is the announcements. Just one thing.... Hueys? H60s would be better. But great job!!

Hey Jayshrike,

First off great mod. Love what you are bringing to the game keep it up.

For me there is no Jayshrike panel for me to select the guidance or access the catapult with.

Is this something on my end?


A Carrier without Carrier crew is NOT a carrier... Carrier crew missing in action... Please add!!!!

was wrong.. there are only 2 carriers that dont have crew, this are the one: Static carriers

• Bremerton (Washington, US). Heading: 250

• Norfolk (Virginia, US). Heading: 045

All the other ones have crew... Jayshrike is Legit!!!!

  • Version 2.0.1 August 21, 2022

    Support for for F-18 Super Warrior with animated catapult crew (Thanks to TouchingCloud and Photosbykev!)

    Added an additional spawn point on the runway

    Added new locations

    Added a static carrier. This partially solves multiplayer syncing, and makes movement with the drone camera easier.

    Created Toolbar panel with:

    |Landing Tab|
    Added the FLOLS panel from the landing challenge, with LRLS (horizontal guidance). This will make it much easier to see the guidance systems, especially in VR.

    You now get a landing score after landing, just like in the landing challenge!

    |Teleport Tab|
    You can now use buttons to teleport to the carrier. You can choose to spawn in a parked state, ready to go on the runway, or on approach to the carrier.

    |Catapult Tab|
    You can now control the catapult from the toolbar panel. This is much easier than before.

    |Settings Tab|
    You can now disable the LSO callouts.

    You can now disable the POI marker that follows the carrier.

  • Launched June 27, 2022

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

Why did you choose these locations?

The locations have different surroundings and environments, that will give a very different experience, especially with live weather.

Due to a bug/limitation with the arresting cables, the carrier only works properly in some locations.

The carrier disappeared after a while

Due to limitations in the scenery system, the carrier has a limited range of about 30nm, which comes to a lifespan of ~1.5 hours. After this, the carrier will reset to its original position

The carrier moves while paused

The carrier keeps moving when you pause the game normally. You need to pause the simulation with devmode to stop the carrier.

I can't find the carriers on the world map

If you can't find them on the world map, you can enter the coordinates and start a flight from there.

Florida Keys: 24.882, -80.479
Gulf of California: 25.184, -109.747
Gulf of Mexico: 25.800, -91.432
Long Island: 40.502, -73.707
Lisbon: 38.626, -9.369
Persian Gulf: 29.210, 49.232
San Francisco: 37.798, -122.531
South Carolina: 32.090, -80.702
Yokosuka: 35.258, 139.796

Static carriers:
Bremerton: 47.546, -122.652
Norfolk: 36.967, -76.357

I don't see the carriers

Check if you have installed everything correctly.

Go to Profile > Content Manager.
Search for 'Jayshrike', you should see 'World Carriers' installed.
Search for 'Top Gun', you should see 'Top Gun: Maverick' installed.

If one of the packages is missing, install it.

I don't see the carrier crew

Make sure you installed both the Super Warrior and Carrier Ops addons.

The carrier crew only appears if you start a flight with the Super Warrior. Not all liveries will work. If you have issues, try flying with one of the stock liveries.


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