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ESGT Trollhättan

Trollhättan-Vänersborg is a small regional airport that used to be quite busy. It is close to the old Saab factory and I have modeled the Saab main building with the old sign for nostalgic reasons. There are two aeroclubs on the airport, a motorclub and...

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November 16, 2020
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Trollhättan-Vänersborg is a small regional airport that used to be quite busy. It is close to the old Saab factory and I have modeled the Saab main building with the old sign for nostalgic reasons. There are two aeroclubs on the airport, a motorclub and a glider club. The glider side is yet to be added. The motor club has buildings that somewhat resembles the real ones. I have modeled all the buildings from web information. I have also built the bridge over Göta river and managed to make it carry the vehicles across. The bridge has custom night lighting. I have tried to create custom made taxiway lights since the SDK don´t make it easy to create with any control. Have a nice flight.



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Snyggt scenery med fina hus!

Har du några planer på att uppdatera med den nya plattan, och A, B och C-Markeringarna innan väntplats M. Enligt AIP? Länkade kartan nedan 😊


Nice airport! Working fine with SU11. Thx!

A great airport but I am starting to wonder if perhaps its not working fully. Are taxi links, parkings, frequencies etc etc set up correctly? I have some AI traffic and there is some sort of conflict because at their set departure time instead of taxi out and take off they just dissapear.! For my own aircraft as well there is no freqency to contact any form of ATC.

As a SAAB owner and driver I have to get this one. Made this airport myself in the old FSX days, with ADE. This one looks great! Thanks very much.
Great , I have been in Trollhattan last year to visit the Saab museum and the former factory. It was a beautiful experience; also today when I landed there in the sim.
That looks great, but I can see you have added centreline lights to the taxiway and runway. There are none in real life as you can see on this AIP chart: https://www.aro.lfv.se/Editorial/View/5889/ES_AD_2_ESGT_2-1_en

I know it's a minor detail but as a real life pilot it's the kind of thing that sticks out, when you expect the airport to be as in real life when it comes to lighting, navaids, markings etc.
thanks, nice
Ängelholm you can fix there are the asphalt
Thnx. Keep up the good work.
Any chance for Ørebro, ESOE?
Nice one, been hoping for some Swedish airports with asphalt & this is custom ! I love the bridge & with traffic is awesome, thanks for sharing !

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  • Version 1.4 May 05, 2023

    Updated with two new parkingspots as the airport is extended. Also updated taxiway signs and markings according to new info.

  • Version 1.3 February 18, 2021

    Fixed the taxiway lights with the help of the latest SDK update. Also made the taxiway signs one size smaller.

  • Version 1.2 January 17, 2021

    Fixed the approach on runway 33. Renamed LIB file to avoid interference with other scenery. Fixed inverted normalmap on brick wall. Fixed glass in towers, cleande up the parking lot. Numerous other small fixes.

  • Version 1.1 December 11, 2020

    Added buildings and objects. Added new apron area. Modified apron lines and removed centerline lighting according to airport charts. Modified tower.

  • Launched November 16, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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