Saint Moritz - Samedan Airport LSZS (Swiss) v2.5

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Version 2.5
Initial Release November 13, 2020
Last Updated July 30, 2021
File Size 484.22 MB
Downloads 34,495
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Intl. Airports
#Handcrafted Switzerland


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  • Version 2.5 July 30, 2021

  • Version 2.4 June 07, 2021

    WHAT'S NEWS in 2.4
    +replaced the calendar with the big tits attached to the food vending machine due to restrictions and censorship imposed by

  • Version 2.3 April 01, 2021

    WHAT'S NEWS in 2.3
    +add new stable building
    +add horse and hay sheaf around the airport in according with google maps street view
    +other little fix

  • Version 2.2 March 16, 2021

    WHAT'S NEWS in 2.2
    +add the new Swiss Air Force hangar (an open hangar with doors animations) for spawn inside choose Gate M 1 Parking
    +add 2 parking for glider, near the 21 (N Ramp 1 and N Ramp 2)
    +add 4 parking for heli, Ramp 1 H, Ramp 2 H, Ramp 3 H, Ramp 4 H

  • Version 2.1 March 09, 2021

    WHAT'S NEWS in 2.1
    +remove the classic white horizontal signs from runway, and replace by more real one. (no more white clean sign!)
    +add heli sign on runway
    +add stable building near the last hangar
    +add vertical signage at main entrance of airport
    +add GA Large parking with ramp connection, baggage ecc ecc
    +add resturant near the 26 approch visible during final on left
    +fix river height layer and shaders
    +other little things and fix

  • Version 2.0 March 02, 2021

    WHAT'S NEWS in 2.0
    +change snow cover on asphalt
    +fix windsock bug direction
    +add ATIS and SAMEDAN INFORMATION frequencies

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Pretty empty over here.


Awesome scenery many thx!

I can't get over the fact, that they force you to censor the big boobs calendar, but now you can download an airplane livery with a swastika on the tail.

Bizarre times. I like boobs more than Nazis.

Still one of the best sceneries ever, but now again the windsock is wrong. Seems Asobo has fixed it and now all the mods have to reverse it again 😉

No problems here with the latest update, only the grass could use a little trim...

Thx for this great scenery!

with the newest Update, it seems not to work for me anymore 😞

Hi I love this airport, but after the last MSFS update I am seeing strips of red/pink grass in parts of the airport, anyone see this?

Beautiful scenery, but the windsock near the tower is still 180° reversed.



2 month(s) ago / Thanked by Blinn

I swear I'll donate €20 if you restore the pin-up girl and add a warning that this scenery might not be suitable for people living in sexually repressed theocracies like Iran or USA.

Are there SID´s and STAR´s in the scenery included, because I try to fly to samedan right now with the A320Neo, and I havn´t SID´s and STAR´s to choose.

Great! Thank you!

You can find a short review here:

Do I add the samedan_SU5 to the community folder as well as sdr-samedan or do I remove sdr-samedan and just use samedan_SU5?


ICAO in the filename please otherwise it's annoying

Dear Sergio,

Thank you so much once more.

I still have a problem with the windsock direction. When the wind is West (270 degrees), it means it is coming from the West, but your windsocks still point towards the West. I find this even when your airport is the only one in my Community folder.

I noticed that the windsock on the SW-side of the runway in your LIRI scenery (the one on the concrete pad) also points in the wrong direction. I do not know if you put it there in your scenery, but this may be a hint.

The windsocks in the vast majority of other third-party sceneries I use point in the right direction.

Perhaps somebody else can share his/her observation, since I would like to understand if the problem is on my side, i.e. my system.

you don't happen to have a new version with the "poster" still? 😀

il manque un peu de modalisation sur certain véhicule sinon c'est parfait

bonjour !! comment retirer les reperes(poi) de la suisse ! merci d'avance et encore bravo

Bravo ,un grand MERCI.

I'm a woman and a mother and have absolutely no issues with the bare boobs. Can't understand all these weird reactions. If you don't like it just delete the add-on and move on.

As for me, I'm remaining happily with the older version and enjoying it.

Thank you Karen, never even knew it was there. I now have a favorite parking spot!!! Cheers B

Suggest you sneak the boobies back in, make them hard to find and we can all go out on an Easter Egg(s) hunt 😉

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