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#Real-Life #Airliner Exclusive Drag and Drop
If only they knew how hard it is to draw a straight line on an A320 in FS2020!! This one was particularly hard... especially knowing that someone has already done this design in 8k!

This is the older livery from LTU - known as the 'Red Roof' livery. It survived - as did the company - until 2007, when it was changed for the newer, whiter version. Based in Dusseldorf, LTU Lufttransport-Unternehmen GmbH was a German leisure airline which operated from 1955 through to 2011; being taken over by Air Berlin in 2007 and dissolved 4 years later.

LTU never actually operated the A320 neo - the closest being the Airbus A320-200. However, I am sure we can let them off (the A320neo didn't come into production until several years after the demise of LTU).

This is a standard resolution (2k) of the livery. It has already been made in 8k (very well) by Phumchanok - do check that out. However, while this is obviously going to look the same I have not reused any of their assets in this version... even though the straight lines nearly caused me to throw coffee at the screen!

A shout out to MrRam, who requested this livery. If you have an idea or a livery then do use the request section of flightsim - others can see and tag it too... if it is cool and/or interesting to me then I may even have a go...

I hope you like this one - the new livery will be released as soon as I can work out how to keep large text straight ;-) Please do leave feedback and comments...

As with all these things, unzip the folder and drag the contents into your community folder. Any problems please let me know

Note: Since finding that another site was uploading my liveries without permission, I have chosen to assert my copyright (written into the documentation for the livery). Please.. please... do not upload these files to any other sites without my express permission. This is for made available freely for your own personal use.

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 2.1 December 09, 2020

    1. Resolved the colour of the registration number. Now showing correctly
    2. Tidied up scripts to prevent potential issues in the order of loading
    3. Asserted copyright and IP of files and elements

  • Launched November 13, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Pretty empty over here.

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    November 13, 2020

    Amazing! We all appreciate your struggle to share your highest quality work with us. The difficulty level involved in creating these liveries makes you (and the other creators) nothing short of true artists. Thank you for choosing such an iconic vintage livery. Seeing the colors of older airliners in the sky of MSFS is the closest thing to stepping into a time machine. I have a list as long as your arm of vintage projects, so I will follow your suggestion and post them. Thanks for taking on the challenge and sharing with us!

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    SmearyGrain replied Author
    November 14, 2020
    You are very kind! It is more having the patience to try something, check it and then rework in (and repeat.. and repeat).
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    November 13, 2020

    I can feel with you about the straight lines. Honestely, I look for a livery here that has similar lines I need and use them to make straight lines ^^ Good work!

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    SmearyGrain replied Author
    November 13, 2020
    With this one I was more worried that there was another, better version already here... though made sure I contacted them to ask (I mean, it may have been easier to ask them to reduce the size of the 8k version - barring blurring). However, it has taught me some lessons about twisting stuff in

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