Default Wind Turbine replacement

This mod overrides default Microsoft Flight Simulator wind turbine  (windmill)



Default MSFS Wind turbines (aka wind generator, windmill) are HUGE


With this mod I have made them a litlle bit smaller (75 meter vs 90 meter)

I have also added some more details on the top nacelle, and flashing lights for better collision avoidance


new features:

the turbine now turns into the wind (udwind style wind turbine). The turning is smooth, takes 20/30 seconds for a 360 degree turn

the blades are not syncronized anymore (each turbine has a random starting point)


If you want to see them, go where wind turbines are, like Palm Springs :)


There shouln't be any FPS loss, modelling is pretty simple with lods


Hope you enjoy!



- over each default windturbines there is a floating Asobo style orb light, since my turbines are smaller than the default ones , the orb will float 15 meters above the windturbines

- when wind changes, because of gust, the animation will restart, but because of the "random" start, the blade will skip some frames, if you like the mod but can't stand the jump, 

in the .xml inside the model folder remove each typeParam="Random" property