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Version 2.0
Initial Release October 31, 2020
Last Updated November 04, 2021
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  • Version 2.0 November 04, 2021

    Terminal redesign, transperant windows + interior + walking people
    Fuel stands added
    Grass changed
    Trees added
    Waste incineration texture changed + chimney
    Fuel tank at ESK added
    Windsock added at ESK
    Tower made smaller
    Additional parking stand at appron
    New firetrucks
    Smoke added to various chimneys
    New tele mast added

  • Version 1.8.1 September 13, 2021

    Missing textures on Avedøreværket and Vestforbrændningen.
    Removed small houses on field on approach to RWY 29

  • Version 1.8 September 11, 2021

    Version 1.8

    Trees removed on final etc
    Runway and taxi roads corrected to new area image
    Parking Spaces added on appron

    Seasonal textures changes still a problem, awating patch from MS

  • Version 1.7 June 25, 2021

    Version 1.7

    Flags added
    Taxiway marking added
    Taxi signs smaller
    737s removed
    Ils Antanna added
    WU5 Compability

  • Version 1.5 April 02, 2021

    Avedøre powerplant added
    3 Rotating Windmills added
    Vestforbrændning added
    Kronprinsesse Marys Bro in Frederiksund added (very simple version)
    Boats in Roskilde jord
    Go-cart main building added + Gocarts
    Large farm end of RWY 21 added
    Rema100 end of RWY 21 added
    ESK722 Helicopter now warming up

  • Version 1.4 March 15, 2021

    Version 1.4

    New firestation
    Windows in static Pipers corrected
    Terminal updated witn new glas and salt boxes
    Runway stop light intensity lower
    Taxi stop sign light intensity lower
    Taxi signs still too large problems with MS SDK

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2 month(s) ago / Thanked by chansen

Being a dane and from Copenhagen, this is a absolute gem. So nicely done with lots of detail. Having visited EKRK several times it really comes to life. Payware quality BIG THANKS

EXCUSE ME, but the installation into the COMMUNITY-Folder is not absolutely clear for me: Shall both versions (v1.2 + v1.8) be installed at one time?

Great scenery, very immersive and friendly FPS. The town is quite impressive too... Here's a little video

Love the detail and especially the tower! Well done. Thank you!

Very very well done. I really like it. Is there any chance to make people look less like plastic soldiers? It seems the material that is used for some of the static people is plastic that reflects light.

Thanks for the scenery/update! 😉

Hi Claus. It seems like after World Update 5 - There's some kind of conflict with FlyTampa EKCH. I know someone else had similar problems earlier, I didn't but now the Sim Crashes as soon as my plane moves in EKRK - When removing the scenery from community folder - It works again.

This is a very lively airport. Folks are doing something here there and everywhere. Signage is good and the models are captivating. I enjoyed going down the rows of hangers, especially the old hangers in the back, soaking in the details. The young family watching the planes was a delight. Kukos, a brilliant airport!

Great stuff, thanks

Det kan vi li'!

Thanks a lot Claus, fantastic.
A very nice update, we need those landmarks to navigate VFR flying 😊
Thank you very much for this update. I've missed Avedøre from day one of the sim, and now it is finally here. Vest Forbrændingen is really nice too.
I just finished a nice trip from EKRK, low over Copenhagen, buzzing EKCH tower (FlyTampa version) and back to EKRK. No problems whatsoever.
I also get CTD if I start from EKCH if EKRK is activated! If I deactivate the scenery (EKRK) no crash from EKRK and EKCH! I do not have FlyTampa Copenhagen.
I get CTDs directly when I start from EKRK and EKRS?
Thank you for the update.
Thank you Claus!
Jeg har et problem, Jeg har FlyTampa Copenhagen og når jeg indsætter Roskilde lukker flight sim ned, men kun når jeg er i nærheden af København, er der andre der oplever det? ellers er det et fint arbejde.
After latest update there is alot of random blue lights everywhere.
Definetly misplaced
det i orden , godt arbejde 😊
Great scenery! Any plans to add a available fuel truck?

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