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Version 1.4
Initial Release October 23, 2020
Last Updated August 24, 2021
File Size 88.44 MB
Downloads 2,700
Status Not Downloaded yet
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#Real-Life #Sightseeing #Handcrafted Italy Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version 1.4 August 24, 2021

    Re-modeled the Rocchette-Punta Ala coastal cliff.
    New military vehicle in Grosseto LIRS.
    Safarilandia, use the search bar to find it.
    Reduced the overall size of the add-on.

  • Version 1.3 April 28, 2021

    The whole Tuscany coast including 4 Islands.

  • Version 1. April 28, 2021

  • Version 1.02 October 26, 2020

    This version removes the flamingos/seagulls flying Fx, improving performances. You will now experience max 2/3 fps loss.
    This version also adds 2 Carrier, a regular size one, and a huge one to land your favorite airliners on (you can't miss it).

  • Launched October 23, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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7 month(s) ago
😜I like your airport full of treasures from around the world. Flew into one of those mountains you bought and dang it was solid. 😆

Amazed by the quality of this addon. However i got a really weird glitch yesterday as random world buildings (like skyscrapers and the Eifell tower) were placed randomly on the coast between Pisa and Livorno. do you have any idea on how to fix this? was pretty hilarious to see the Eifell tower in final for LIRP 😁😁

Salve, e complimenti per il suo prodotto, veramente eccezionale, il quale ho già provveduto ad acquistare tramite SM, sarà riprodotta anche la riviera romagnola?

Grazie e complimenti ancora

Ciao Stefano,

ho acquistato il tuo pacchetto Coastline, ti volevo chiedere: Negli addonn necessari aggiuntivi c'è un link per la risoluzione del problema della costa "coastline-glitch-fix-mediterranean " ma il collegamento porta a un nome diverso "Coastline glitch fix (Partial)", mi sai dire qualcosa ?


test marred by mountains of death valley with uluru from australia displayed near the sea, too bad
😜I like your airport full of treasures from around the world. Flew into one of those mountains you bought and dang it was solid. 😆
All I get is a .rar file of 190Kb which wont open. Is that correct? No understand!!
Very cool idea!! i love the result! You are true, some elements spawns 10m above the sea level, and if you stop and wait some seconds, it places correctly at sea level, the worst is my plane is too fast for see the placement correctly!! xD The pirates cave is 20m above sea level xD And the same rock object all the time make it a little bit monotonous along the coast, but like i said, great idea! Very FPS friendly. Thank you very much!! Regards from Alicante
I have forgotten my rating
Wow Great! I like this area very much and i am in Piombino at least twice a year. You have hit that area very well. Keep up the good work Stefano.
Semplicemente spettacolare
Very good work, even the new version without the performance bug. Nearly perfect the Aircraft carrier ready to land. Unfortunatly I fell down at the end of the runway. And a funny thing was the fishership in the Bay of Elba Port cruising backward. You are bringing life to the Sim. Go on with it Forza Stefano
Aspetto la Sicilia, Lampedusa e la meravigliosa Isola Dei Conigli
This project has got massive potential but my FPS went down from super smooth 45 to dreadful 22. I will wait for a better optimization.
Is this going to be only demo only, and with more scenery only for those who pay? Or everything will be released, even if there will be an exclusive time for Patreon users?
will you make sicily?, this addon is very good
Incredible!!! Incredibile!!! Grazie!!!
Woooow just Amazing 10/10

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