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MXA [Light Sport Amphibious]

[SU10+ COMPATIBLE] [MODERN/NATIVE] [INTERACTIVE] [FULLY ANIMATED] [GLASS COCKPIT] Ever wished the Icon A5 had a sister?Ready to land just about anywhere, the MXA is a fictional aircraft in the Light Sport Amphibious category. With an exterior design similar to the Lisa Akoya, the airframe's...



Ever wished the Icon A5 had a sister?

Ready to land just about anywhere, the MXA is a fictional aircraft in the Light Sport Amphibious category. With an exterior design similar to the Lisa Akoya, the airframe's core dimensions have been tested and proven. Post SU7 Beta, this aircraft has gotten an entire rebuild from 3D model, flight model, PBR textures, a modern rewrite of all code elements, better ensuring a stable transition between future sim updates, and so much more. Huge thanks to my GotFriends partners TwoSeventy270 for the fantastic work on interior texturing, and Jonx for cirtical XML code help.


watercraft amphibious lisa akoya experimental two seat floats touch screen Garmin G3000 G3000X G5 Standby modern pbr light sport weekend fast
Sim Update 11
Initial Release
October 02, 2021
Last Updated
9 month(s) ago — 1.0.5



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  • Updated to version 1.0.5

  • Updated to version 1.0.4

  • Updated to version 1.0.3

  • Updated to version 1.0.2

  • Updated to version 1.0.1

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Only lacks a radio and coms



6 month(s) ago / Thanked by mykrode

Very nice plane. For the sake of completeness, he lacks only a radio (for communication with the ATC) and a transponder.



7 month(s) ago / Thanked by mykrode

Just downloaded this awesome little amphibian. Great aircraft. Thanks team. Hope to see water braking and AP in the future



8 month(s) ago / Thanked by mykrode

I love this little ambhibian ! Thank you for making it 😊



8 month(s) ago / Thanked by mykrode

Great, TX!



9 month(s) ago / Thanked by mykrode

Awesome! Any way to get VR yoke to work fully?

Hey thank you SO MUCH for this cool plane! It really is a nice complement to the A5. Cockpit is beautiful and really is fully interactable! VR works great on every thing BUT the yoke. Any way to fix this last 1% remaining piece of this wonderful aircraft?

MSFS SDK docs on VR yoke is here in case helpful:

VR Helpers

Within the aircraft cockpit model you will have to create 1 or 2 helpers as markers for the placement of the controllers, and another locator for the rotational axis. You should do this for each yoke or stick in the cockpit, following the guideline listed below:


  • The helper for the hand must be a child of the yoke/stick, to move with the yoke/stick.


  • For a stick, you would need to place the first helper where a pilot would usually put their hand. The second helper should be positioned at the center of rotation of the stick, which is most often at the base of the stick.


  • For a yoke, you would need to place one helper on each side of the yoke, where the pilot would usually put their hands. The third helper should be placed at the center of rotation of the yoke.

VR Helpers (flightsimulator.com)



9 month(s) ago / Thanked by mykrode

Love it!!! Flies so smooth. Great seating position and views from the inside.

Great work; thanks!

How does one slow down enough to dock? Once I land on water, I can't get the speed below 19 knots, even with full flaps, mixture so low the engine is running on fumes, weaving back and forth, and still I scurry across the water. Fun plane with a delightful cockpit!



9 month(s) ago / Thanked by mykrode

Thank you for that nice little amphibious. Great work!



10 month(s) ago / Thanked by mykrode

Great aircraft 😊 BTW does it have or will it get Autopilot?



11 month(s) ago / Thanked by mykrode

Nice plane. Thank you!



11 month(s) ago / Thanked by mykrode

Yep, that works for me ! PB fixed. Thank you. Strange little plane. Not sure if I like that lawnmower sound though. Still you guys (developers) are my new Gods.

Great aircraft. But the latest version doesn't respond to the parking brake command I have bound to my joystick button. Able to release it in the cockpit with my mouse though. This is the only aircraft I have that won't release the parking brake with my joystick button.



11 month(s) ago / Thanked by mykrode

What a pleasant surprise to see an update for this, and a big one at that!



11 month(s) ago / Thanked by mykrode

Thank you for the update... 😊

Thanks for your fun model. However I cannot move at all. The parking brake cannot be release by my joystick or keyboard. If I try to advance, it just tip over. Can you look it up please ? Thanks



11 month(s) ago / Thanked by mykrode

a really easy and fun aircraft to fly ... https://youtu.be/gxEqG-hTeMc

I can't get the throttle to work



1 year(s) ago / Thanked by mykrode

This is a very unique and fun to fly airplane. It is very easy to crash if you give it too much throttle. Also, when landing on ground or water, with the throttle at idle, it never stops. If you apply the brakes, it flips.I tried turning the engine off after landing which helps a bit but still easy to flip.

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.0.5 March 18, 2022

    - Added proper Garmin G5 unit
    - Tweaked knobs and animations

  • Version 1.0.4 March 18, 2022

    - Added custom G3X bezel and softkeys to manage the G3X system
    - Added 3D ribbing to external control surfaces
    - Re-did all liveries entirely, better UV pack and higher texel density
    - 8KHD Texture flags
    - Minor material and animation tweaks

    **Please remove the previous version entirely before installing MXA 1.0.4**

  • Version 1.0.3 January 14, 2022

    Landing gear light hotfix (Sorry! missed last build)

  • Version 1.0.2 January 14, 2022

    Massive Redux to MXA (v1.02)

    - Fixed parking brake not working with keybinds and HOTAS
    - Fixed spawning in air at 160kts sometimes causing the airframe to break

    - Added clickable interactions to flaps, landing gear
    - Added wheel animations that now spin, and blur based on speed
    - Added multiple sounds to interactive items like baro knob, flaps leavers, switches, etc..
    - Added cockpit tooltips on interactive items
    - Added red speed tape on PFD

    - Animated ELT switch with sound and lights
    - Made air vent knobs separately adjustable
    - Made all major control animations linear (better accurate visual representation)
    - Smoother propeller visuals for both slow, and blurred spinning animations
    - Minor flight model tweaks to flaps and drag

    - Converted remaining code to Asobo XML *This now means the MXA is 100% new code structure and is less likely to break in the future as it has absolutely 0 legacy code / custom anim liabilities
    - XML, CFG, and FLT cleanup

  • Version 1.0.1 January 13, 2022

    I did an entire overhaul to address issues with SU7
    - New XML code, modern Asobo standard
    - Working glareshield light
    - New 3D modeling with interactive elements, air vents, working canopy, etc..
    - Sounds for interactions
    - Flight model fixes that caused aircraft to tip on its nose on ground
    - Entire UV unwrap and fix for repaint of full PBR workflow
    - Canopy glass scratches and dirt
    - Secondary display now MFD rather than two duplicate PFDs
    - Entire rework of interior textures by TwoSeventy270
    - Repaint of three most used liveries

  • Launched October 02, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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