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Version 2.8.0
Initial Release September 04, 2021
Last Updated December 11, 2021
File Size 177.98 MB
Downloads 6,084
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2,000 | V Second Officer

Compatibility Sim Update 7
Category General Aviation

Based on 24 ratings
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  • Version 2.8.0 December 11, 2021

    From popular demands.
    added custom sounds and callout altitude.
    improved flight dynamics.
    -please, Backup your old version in case you want to revert to the old sounds.

  • Version 2.7.2 October 25, 2021

    sorry guys , i just re-uploaded the file
    because the male aircraft's elevator was not properly aligned.

  • Version 2.7 October 24, 2021

    added more drags to fix excessive glide.
    updated the glossy textures to less glossy.
    one additional texture with a male pilot.
    and removed pilots from cockpit view.

  • Version 2.5 October 17, 2021

    PBR textures were reworked and added 3 more liveries.
    corrected the nose landing gear door and improved ground handling.
    the "White" livery is also for those who want to do their own painting.

  • Version 2.00 October 11, 2021

    Version 2.0
    corrected the pitch axes,
    ignition switch , flight dynamics, and new PBR textures .
    new livery with NO-PILOT added.

  • Version 1.02 September 11, 2021

    added missing Scrape points that caused CTD on some users
    improved flight-dynamics

  • Launched September 04, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Very nice little jet, ive also got the same throttle issue since the last MSFS update a few days ago. It also happens with other freeware aircraft, so its most likely a MSFS bug.

Same issue with throttle. Starts at idle and only goes backwards with HOTAS. Keys throttle increase works. Only change I've made is updating to Windows 11, worked fine on 10 with both versions 2.7 and 2.8. Love this little bird tho! Looking foward to more.

Hi, I'm having problems with the throttle. It appears to not be reading the input properly and with full joystick throttle the ng never goes above 50. Makes take off impossible. I did get it to read 100% throttle by pressing the reverse throttle button but it soon drops to zero. Any idea how to solve this one?


Feels like your James Bond in the intro to the movie Octopussy

SWEET! Thanks for the Update! The sounds are pretty cool, much better than before, squealing tires are a bit overdone, but still cool. I like the new flight model as well, and the fact all my livery packs still work!😉

Had so much fun flying this little jet in the Himalayas in VR. Get some odd behavior with the jet engine rpm not stable with a set throttle position for time to time which is either something new in the latest version or something I hadn't noticed before !

Excellent work, thankyou so much 😊

Had a blast with this one! I usually fly airliners but this is refreshing, got me interested in GA

Great airplane, flies great. I love flying in VR in it. There is great visibility and maneuverability. Gauge work fine and look authentic. Love that thing. But it sounds awfull ! Please add realistic sounds. Hence is why I only put 3.5 stars. With proper sounds it 's definitely worth 5 stars !

I really do think we all need to boost the rating up on this little project, as the Developer is listening to all of our comments and critiques, and is making changes, were reasonable, to make this a rising gem. As, a Livery Developer, I have seen a great deal of change and, in my honest opinion, this developer deserves a lot more credit than has been given. Unless you are involved in the 3D development process, you can't begin to appreciate the amount of time and frustration that goes into a project like this, so please take a small moment out of your time to show some appreciation, even just a thank you means so much to these people!

Great work, I love the plane!

Just tested with Sim Update 6, works fine 😊


  • The roll rate seems pretty high. Sim Update 6 removed some roll acceleration limits, don't know if that's also related to the max roll rate.
  • I think it glides too good with the throttle on idle. You can do a complete aerobatic routine in idle with an altitude loss that I would expect from a glider but not a very light plane with stubby wings that should lose energy quickly without thrust. Or is the original idle thrust of the jet engine so high? Could be tested by turning the engine off completely.
  • Oh and a g-meter would be nice

Should I delete the old version from the community folder? Thanks


This is a re post, maybe you couldn't see my reply.

i beg to disagree , i wanted the rivets to be more realistic . that' s how real planes look like if you are close enough .

and if one load x-plane or the blender's source code , it's exactly how it's supposed to be.

but i agree with you for the NORM map. i struggled with the decision .

finally i opted for a level of 30% only. and this is what produced the raising effect.

and i loved it. and pushed the ROUGHNESS to get a glossy effect.

so , it was by design.

a simple matter of taste.


Was so excited to see the update, and the addition of the comp and norm files for the fuselage, as well as the ability to remove the pilot. However, while I applaud you for the many hours that you are devoting to this project, it will be quit difficult at best for anyone to build some nice liveries for it as they will need to know how to extensively modify Norm files in order to remove all of the protruding and indented existing livery information. In real life, this little plane would be a dog to fly as there is so much protruding bumps and textures on the out side, the drag created would be a major thing to overcome. People spend thousands of dollars to make their aircraft exterior as smooth as possible. Painted surfaces are usually quite smooth, and usually require someone with experience paint aircraft, to make sure areas of color change can barely be detected, if at all, when run your fingers over their edges, yet for some reason you have made all of the contrasting textures, like the stripes, quit unrealistically raised or protruding from the surfaces, and why some developers insist on indenting their registration numbers into the sides of the fuselages, again quite unrealistic. Perhaps, in your next release you can work on a more realistically textured surface. I love your interior and instrumentation! Also, to the best of my knowledge, none of the real world BD-5J kits had door panels over the main mounts, only on the nose wheel well, which you have in reverse... I won't give you a poor rating at this time, as I am not a programmer myself and can only imagine the time you have devoted to this project. I do however produce a lot of liveries, and currently have several packages out for the pay ware version of this aircraft, I would love to do some for yours someday.

does'nt appear in MSFS

I have the problem that when I install the mod, the aircraft does'nt appear in MSFS.

Non c’è una cartella  "Alison_Bd5j" ma “aircraft-bd5j”. Preso da

Mi diverto molto con questo piccolo jet; la versione proposta nello store di msfs costa pochissimo, ma non ha strumenti di navigazione mentre il tuo ha un vor e adf.

L’unico problema è un difetto grafico sull’alettone destro, che non consente ulteriori texture.

 Inoltre non credo che il mdello avesse un cruscotto in legno.

Hai tempo per un piccolo update per queste due imperfezioni?


Pier Giorgio Bartolucci, Venezia



There is no "Alison_Bd5j" folder but "aircraft-bd5j". Taken from

I have a lot of fun with this little jet; the model in the msfs store has a low price, but does not have navigation instruments while yours has a vor and adf.

The only problem is a graphic defect on the right aileron, which does not allow for further textures.

 Also I don't think the mdel had a wooden dashboard.

Have you time and wish for a little update for these two imperfections?


Pier Giorgio Bartolucci, Venice

The left right quick view is not from pilot seat but from instrument board this result in a zoom out when exit that view.

It seems that the pith axis is inverted and that was my problem flying it, I will try reversing it. It's fast, light weight and very agile. When I dive and I reach the top speed, the airframe can't handle it so it crashes. I have to allow the airframe to be invincible in the settings.

Awesome aircraft, finally had time to fly it last night in VR, and I love in VR I see arms and legs and you chose a woman model for it, so just feels right to me in VR 😊

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