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Version 0.9.9
Initial Release August 28, 2021
Last Updated August 28, 2021
File Size 514.23 MB
Downloads 16,335
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8,470 | VII Senior First Officer

Compatibility Sim Update 7
Category Airline Aviation
Affiliation Grumman Goose

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  • Launched August 28, 2021

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Great mod. Thanks for all the hard work with it. BTW, it should be ‘Wookie’s Hangar’, not hanger. That’s something you put your coat on.

Wonder bc thise plane reminds me of 007 Man with the Golden Gun could you convert or please make a Republic RC-3 Seabee? Thanks

I had numerous great flights with this plane but now, I guess since the SU7 release, it crashes my simulator when I try to launch a flight in it... Too bad, I loved that plane a lot

Unfortunately I'm getting an immediate crash to desktop CTD, when I'm selecting this aircraft, the flight is loaded and I hit the button "ready to fly". Does someone have an advice for me?

Love this plane but.. when installed in the community folder in fs2020 the rudder charactistics of being on the water e.g weather vain effect also translate onto all other planes in the sim making this a massive bug, regretably the only way to fix this issue is to uninstall and remove it from the community folder.

If this was fixed then my review would be a five star.

This plane (near) perfectly works with update 7 ! lol

I love this airplane but I'm having major problems taxiing on water. I've tried all the suggestions and it looks like others are experiencing the same thing. It just wants to spin in circles uncontrollably on water or stops instantly like it runs aground. I didn't have this problem with it prior to the update and it was an absolute blast to fly! Hope it gets fixed eventually because it's one of my favorites.

What a jewel, with this plane adventure takes true signification. I love the interior, gauges and all clickable buttons and controls. Very detailed and enjoyable! I made some captures, hope you like. Cheers 😊

Spectacular mod of one of my all time favorite planes, the Grumman Goose! A joy to fly...absolutely love the rumbling roar of those big radial engines!

Took a minute to get used to moving around in the water...but have been able to take off from a water landing.

Love it...thank you so much!

This aircraft is uncontrollable in the water. It just goes in a straight line while wobbling left and right no matter how much rudder or differential thrust it gets. It also seems to have a huge problem accelerating in the water.

Excelent work. Love this plane. Just a small question, how do I switch the AP from NAV to GPS?


Love this old plane, great fun and those huge radials sound good too. The engines are even better if you have some kind of rumble/butt kicker pack.

Only problem I am having is when on the water, it feels like I have run aground and have no control other than full power back into the sky if I have enough water strip to do so.

Does anyone know if there is a hotkey I can assign to the floats?

If not then maybe the dev can add it to a key please.

Thank you so much.! Very good work. It flies perfectly well.

Is the airplane only for FS2020? I have FSX Steam.

Nice one!! Hope to see some more updates.

So appreciated, thank you!

What a great plane! Not too easy to handle, but quite powerful engines (which are sounding great in the cockpit). A welcome addition to my hanger.

I really like this plane and I'm glad to see it in MSFS. However I feel that the physics are a bit stiff, and when landing on water there is something off. It's not a big deal it's still fun to fly and it looks good.


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