I have created my first airport, it is SUMU (Carrasco International Airport - Montevideo - Uruguay)This airport consists of two main buildings, one new (and the one that is used today), and another is the old airport, the new building I have created from 0 in Blender, the old building is imported from X-Plane 11 and it is the creation of Manuel Perez from FIR Montevideo, parkings, tracks, etc. I created them all from scratch.This is the 1.0 version, I will continue to improve it.



This new version contains improvements to the main building, marked taxiways, taxiway sings, and more real handcrafted hangars.
If you already had the previous version, you must delete the 5 folders that you had on this mod in community (montevideosumu, montevideooldsumu, montevideobrigadaaerea, montevideotorresumu and montevideoplunasumu), this new version is finally all in a single folder.If you didn't have the previous version, just unzip to Community.

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