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Rutan Model 202 Boomerang

RUTAN MODEL 202 BOOMERANG Burt Rutan's asymmetrical twin-fuselage wonder is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Only one of this aircraft exists in real life, but now you can fly it whenever you want!  Thanks for 8K downloads and the generous donations! The Rutan Model 202 Boomerang is...



Burt Rutan's asymmetrical twin-fuselage wonder is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Only one of this aircraft exists in real life, but now you can fly it whenever you want! 

Thanks for 8K downloads and the generous donations!

The Rutan Model 202 Boomerang is an aircraft designed and built by Burt Rutan. The design was intended to be a multi-engine aircraft that in the event of failure of a single engine would not become dangerously difficult to control due to asymmetric thrust. The result is an asymmetrical aircraft with a very distinct appearance. (Wikipedia)


  • Just about everything is animated
  • The textures are near accurate to real life
  • Nearly everything in the cockpit works (soon everything will)
  • G1000
  • GTN750
  • AS330
  • Autopilot
  • Multiplayer
  • LODs
  • More that I can't think of

This current version is 0.90, I will be improving the aircraft more past its initial release. If you spot any bugs, or missed features, please DM me here on Flightsim.to.

  • The stall speed now sits around 70 - 90 knots, which is more realistic than before
  • The aircraft has flaperons in real life, these will be implemented in a future update


Enhanced with G1000 NXi addon, the TruTrak Sorcerer has a few quirks.
Being a smaller unit, it has nine buttons. While developing this unit, I was unsure of how a pilot would control certain elements of the autopilot, so some parts may not represent the real-life version.

The unit can control NAV and HDG via the knob, and ALT and VS using the rocker on the right. You can switch between these by pressing the "SEL" button in the middle of the unit.

All other elements of this unit are as you would expect, however the use of the G1000 NXi addon is highly encouraged.


Going into this project, I didn't have much experience with flight models etc. This sim does not support multiple fuselages, so I've opted to keep the flight model similar to the DA62, which it flies similar to. Unfortunately, this means that technically, the aircraft does not fly accurately to real-life, neither does it stall correctly. This is a key sim limitation, one that I am hoping will be changed soon. The location of fuel tanks and landing gear have had to be altered as a result of this.

Another limitation has been reference. I have not been able to go study this aircraft in real life, given that there is only one of it, and it is not on public display. Because of that, the two lower groups of switches are not accurate, and the model is not fully accurate, especially for closer details in the landing gear. If you have reference images or videos that I can use, please send me a message here on Flightsim.to!

Known Bugs

  • The engines are not as powerful as real life, the performance of these is being changed with each update


  • Remove any folders in your community folder named 'technotech-rutan-boomerang'
  • Download the zip file and extract it to a convenient place
  • Simply drag and drop the resulting folder into your community folder (for newer versions, the file named technotech-rutan-boomerang should be put into the community folder, not the folder named 'technotech-rutan-boomerang_0.[version]'
  • Head to https://pms50.com/msfs/ to download the GTN750 package, instructions are on their website. Highly recommended, but not required for installation.

Be sure not to change the file structure of the folder! If you have any questions, DM me, or leave a comment below and I will do my best to respond quickly.

Previous Updates (full changelogs below):

Update 0.90

- added GTN750
- added AS330
- added TruTrak Sorcerer autopilot unit
- added ability to change avionics
- flight model and engine changes
- bug fixes

Thanks to Jonx and thealx for their help on some of these features!

Update 0.86

- fixed panel brightness

Thanks to Jonx for helping get this update out promptly!

Version 0.85

- multiple bug fixes


Thanks to TJBurni, thealx, LVSKB and Jonx for their reoccuring help with this challenging project!
Thanks to PMS50 for creating a great GTN750 system for the sim!

boomerang rutan burt rutan asymmetrical aircraft experimental turboprop dual engines two engines
Sim Update 12 0 0
Initial Release
August 09, 2021
Last Updated
2 year(s) ago — 0.90



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  • Updated to version 0.90

  • Updated to version 0.86

  • Updated to version 0.85

  • Initial File Release

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Thanked by Technotech

Great plane. Though I can't figure out how to go back a screen on the Garmin map on the left side of the dashboard.

Thanked by Technotech

I was scrolling through the comments and found that you are working on a pipistrel panther! I have been wanting for this plane to come to msfs 2020. When will it be released? Thanks.

Thanked by Technotech

So much fun to fly, thx

Thanked by Technotech

Project still going or is this now on hold?

I mean its like 2 Months ago we hear the last time anything from the developer.

Would be a shame if so...

Thanked by Technotech

Why wouldn't you give a 5 Star? It was free, and it's awesome, and he's continuing to work on it, couldn't ask for more. I have always loved this aircraft. Thank You!

Thanked by Technotech

this is really good, well done.

Thanked by Technotech

Awesome plane! Many great hours playing this! I cannot seem to find the parking brake though, other than that this is a joy to fly and thank you for spending time making such a beautiful experimental plane!

Thanked by Technotech

Hi quick question maybe im blind but i cant find the AP activate button 😞 Still giving u a 5 as this plane is lots of fun.

Thanked by Technotech

Five Stars!

You can find a short review here:


Thanked by Technotech

Nice Experimental aircraft, I really love making some trips with it 😊

Anyway I noticed some small issues in the current release:

  • Z-fighting on some knobs of the G1000.
  • Outside glass material seems to be different on two windows then on the rest of the aircraft, both on the right hand fuselage: 1. the small window below the windshield, 2. the horizontal aligned window on the door (both cases could also be caused by normals not aligned in the right way, both windows seem to lack reflections.
  • windshield windows are not as shaped as irl: these are more circle-like on the real aircraft.
  • the inboard (left) 'outlet' on the upper side of the right hand engine right before the windshield is not there irl, instead the left hand engine has this outlet which for now has none.
  • Engine power is quiet limited on high altitude airports (but I don't know if the real aircraft is even able to fly in hot & high conditions 😉 )

Other than these small things it's a great aircraft!

Thanked by Technotech


Thanked by Technotech

Plane is great fun to fly. Quite a weird design and definitely unique. Awesome work on this so far Tech.

Thanked by Technotech

i tried to take off and ended up having a beer with it, 10/10

Thanked by Technotech

Lovely aircraft to fly, In all stages of flight the aircraft a lot of fun to fly, for such a unique design it flew quite well. Good job on this aircraft Technotech.

Thanked by Technotech

Any chance that the flight plan created from the G1000 NXI will be executed by the autopilot?

Thanked by Technotech

Cool aircraft!

Thanked by Technotech

Thanks. Interesting project. The landing gear action doesn't work. I think you already know but I don't understand your "lever" thing.

Thanked by Technotech

Very cool aircraft thankyou, can't wait to see further improvements

Thanked by Technotech

This is so cool. Thanks for all your hard work and I look forward to seeing future updates. Keep up the amazing work!

Thanked by Technotech

I am quite impressed this is a freeware product. It performs light years beyond many of the $20+ planes on the marketplace. Thanks for sharing your time and talent with us. I know its likely you are more worried about technical concerns rather than cosmetic at this stage, but I would love to see some different liveries. The plane's unique designs lends itself to allowing creators to really use their imaginations when creating skins for this bird.

  • Version 0.90 August 24, 2021

    - Added GTN750
    - Added AS330
    - Added TT Sorcerer autopilot unit
    - Added alternator switch
    - Added avionics swapping system
    - Updated flight model to more accurately reflect stall performance
    - Updated gear drag have a larger effect
    - Changed panel placards to real vector files from the actual aircraft
    - Changed panel label fonts
    - Fixed random beacon lights
    - Fixed tire animations
    - Fixed landing gear not retracting via bindings
    - Fixed environment occluder
    - Fixed bugged exterior LOD causing invisible exterior

  • Version 0.86 August 11, 2021

    - Fixed panel and avionics lighting
    - Added engine power

  • Version 0.85 August 10, 2021

    - Fixed inverted ailerons
    - Fixed Aera (iPad) display, nav display
    - Fixed fuel pump functionality
    - Fixed mixture lever functionality
    - Fixed magnetos not turning engines off
    - Added prop RPM lever
    - Added panel brightness settings
    - Added avionics brightness settings
    - Added pilot to external view
    - Changed engine dynamics
    - Changed camera locations
    - Reduced appearance of fingerprints (roughness map only)
    - Fixed minor model issues
    - Split model to interior and exterior

  • Launched August 09, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

ETA on Paintkit?

I will be making the paintkit soon, but I've mainly been focusing on key features for the release. No ETA yet, but it will be coming soon.

Is the cockpit native?

Modelled from scratch! Not imported from FSX or any other flight simulators.

How accurate is the flight model?

The MSFS flight model doesn't support multiple fuselages currently so the flight model is not as it is in real life. However, I have still tried to get as close to real life as possible, and it flies very similarly.


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