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Caracas City - Pack 1

Caracas City - Pack 1 (City landmarks) Caracas is the capital of Venezuela, in the northern part of South America. The city is located in a wonderful valley sorrounded by mountains. To the north is the Avila Mountain, that separates the city from the coast of...


Caracas City - Pack 1 (City landmarks)

Caracas is the capital of Venezuela, in the northern part of South America. The city is located in a wonderful valley sorrounded by mountains. To the north is the Avila Mountain, that separates the city from the coast of Venezuela. It has beautiful buildings, skycrapers and monuments built mainly back in the 70s, 80s and 90s.
This is a representation of the city as it comes in MSFS, but very much improved with the addition of emblematic buildings, malls and monuments. The landmarks for the city will be released in two packages, this is the Pack No. 1, that includes the following landmarks, 33 in total:

+ Complejo Parque Central
+ Torres de El Silencio
+ Palacio de Justicia
+ Helicoide
+ Poliedro
+ Hotel Alba Caracas
+ Hotel Four Seasons
+ CC Paseo Las Mercedes
+ Hotel Tamanaco
+ CC Sambil (Chacao)
+ Torre General (Chuao)
+ Torre Las Mercedes (Chuao)
+ Torre Country (Chacaito)
+ Torre Banco Plaza
+ Centro Banaven (Cubo Negro)
+ Centro Plaza
+ Torre Hewlett-Packard
+ Parque Cristal
+ Torre Interbank Seguros
+ Torre KLM
+ Torre La Previsora
+ Torre Capriles (con antiguo aviso de El Mundo)
+ Torre Phelps
+ Gimnasio Cubierto UCV
+ Aula Magna UCV
+ Monumento a Los Proceres
+ Torre Britanica
+ Obelisco Plaza Altamira
+ Edificio del Seniat Plaza Venezuela (antiguo)
+ Teatro Teresa Carreno
+ Capitolio (Asamblea Nacional)
+ Hotel Humboldt in the Avila mountain (the scenery couldn't be the same without it)

The Pack 2 includes a total of 43 landmarks, for a total of 76 for the entire Caracas, and can be found here:


The Caracas City packages combine very well with La Carlota Airport scenery, available here:


More details about the project, credits, installation instructions, etc., are given in the included ReadMe in the download file.

Hope you enjoy the city of Caracas as much as we do!.


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Hola pana. Que buen trabajo a los Venezolanos de por aquí en MSFS 2020 es una magia, me imagino que es un trabajón. Por casualidad sabes como agregar a MSFS 2020 V1.26.5.0 es la actual y al copiar en la carpeta Community no se ven los escenarios, ni aviones. gracias por ese trabajo ...

Hola mi pana agradecido realmente por su buen trabajo en Caracas!!

sera posible que hagues lo mismo para el litoral central desde Mamo hasta Los Caracas!! para tener un despegue y aterrizaje maravilloso en Maiquetia!!!

buenas amigo agradecido por su trabajo , habria la posibilidad de hacer el salto angel seria un boom la mayoria de las personas buscan es eso gracias amigo si me pudieras indicar como se cambian los scenario yo le hecharia pichon

edpatino, thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to satisfy the Sim Community, specially us Venezuelan who missed our beloved birthplace. Thank you¡ Muchas gracias por su arduo trabajo y dedicación para satisfacer a la Comunidad Sim, especialmente a nosotros los venezolanos que extrañamos nuestro amado lugar de nacimiento. Gracias¡¡

Hermano ....de nuevo gracias por el escenario de Ccs. excelente ....basta poco para hacer ver este escenario super ....tu lo lograste.... Que te parece si hacemos Maracaibo (La segunda xiudad mas importante de Venezuela) .....hace falta el Puente Rafael Urdaneta ..... edificios y parques de la ciudad ....colocar unos barcos estaticos en el lago ...etc

Espero que sea un buen proyecto

GRACIAS....... excelente... hacia falta de verdad .....

Muy bien trabajo; si es posible puede hacer POI's por esos marcas de la ciudad? Mi direccion en el tiempo que hemos vivido en caracas fue : Chuao en las residencias "Jardin Tiuna"

Edpatino te doy un abrazo mano

Great work!! very nice. Is there a chance you could release it in one pack instead of many many folders for each landmark?

Te luciste, EDPATINO!....muy bueno.

Nice Scenery for this city 😊

can you do Bogota, Barranquilla, Cartagena and Medellin city pack for Colombia since these city needs improvements

Hola, que buen trabajo.. felicitaciones. Hay posibilidad que pudiera hacer el Aeropuerto Int Arturo Michelena SVVA y algunos edificios de Valencia.


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  • Version 1.10 August 04, 2021

    * Updated to make it compatible with SU5

  • Launched July 13, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

Why there's no nighlighting in the added landmarks?

The concept behind the scenery is to appreciate the beauty of the city of Caracas during the day. Also, adding light effects to the 3D models is not easy and requires permissions from their respective authors.

Why the landmarks are not packed together in one single file?

The modular design concept employed is to allow the user to individually select the landmarks they want to install, considering that not all the represented 3D models are perfect. There are several ones that not display properly for the reason explained before, or because the sim is doing a wrong flattening of the terrain underneath those buildings (terraforming).

Another reason is to help to limit the impact the representation of multiple 3D objects can cause to the performance of the simulator in the user machines.

How many landmarks will be included in the Caracas City Pack 2?

Most probably the Pack 2 will contain close to 40 additional landmarks. The difficulty here is to find good freeware 3D models that can be properly converted from their original formats to the MSFS required format and fit well in the scenery.


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