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#Handcrafted Exclusive

This mod is a mod I made to not only put cameras in the back of planes that have a back area but cannot be accessed, but also meticulously create new default custom cameras for VFR/Landing/IFR on all planes (including premium planes).  To install it you just drop all the folders inside of C:/Users/YourName/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft Flight Simulator/SimObjects/Airplanes and have fun!

Please note that these instructions are for the Steam Version only, as I do not know how to install it on other versions.


P.S, to use the backseat and CoPilot cameras they are in custom cameras 1-9, and the VFR/IFR/Landing are how you would usually access them.

Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Launched October 13, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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fs cams
October 23, 2020
  • Hyeonogii
    2 month(s) ago
    How can i change wing-view in cabin?
  • ManamalReacts
    2 month(s) ago
    For the Microsoft Store installation, the path is as follows:
  • Scoocie
    3 month(s) ago
    Installation instructions are only for steam version if your making a software you should know how to install for all versions!
    • Redhill
      1 month(s) ago
      He clearly said he doesnt know how to install it on other versions, so how should he tell you exactly?
  • wstew
    5 month(s) ago
    These look very useful, however, as others have found, the installation instructions are not adequate.
    My version on the PC came from the Microsoft Xbox release. It does not have the requested file location in the Roaming folder. A search in AppData/Local for SimObjects associated with FSS2020 does find a folder LocalCache/SimObjects. This folder contains many folders - one for each aircraft installed. I do not want to overwrite these because each has a small state.CFG file.
    It will be a pain to add individual CAMERAS.CFG files found in this package to those folders, and I am not certain that would be the correct place for them. Can anyone help?
  • Xpress690
    5 month(s) ago
    Sorry, but I´ve just lost the plane that I´ve used to test FSCams. Dropped the folder for the C152 into the asked folder and the plane now is not showing on my plane list. Any ideas?
  • ProPilot
    6 month(s) ago
    i dont have microsoftflightsimulator flder under roaming
  • philwhite100
    6 month(s) ago
    In the download i see all the aircraft folders which each contain a CAMERAS.CFG file. Where exactly do i place these files?
  • MoonPilot
    6 month(s) ago
    On my installation it is not working. I simply don't see the camera views and also cannot change with key k or a.
  • frangollo
    6 month(s) ago
    Hello friend, congratulations on the progama for the views but you would like to ask yourself what possibilities there is that you can add an option to completely remove the front view of the panel as we did with the letter W on the FSX and Prerpard 3d ? that we have a totally free view of the front. Thank you
    • Vnom
      6 month(s) ago
      I'm not sure if I would be up to making that, but i'm sure it'd be possible, thank you for the suggestion.
  • Nurvolk
    6 month(s) ago
    Sorry by the dumb question, how do i switch the cameras, the ils and vfr? i dont know the key
  • Denbo
    6 month(s) ago
    Cant find that folder at all and I have full admin ?
    • Vnom
      6 month(s) ago
      @Denbo @Quasar Appdata is like a secret folder type thing, also i'm not sure if the microsoft store version uses the same location, I thought it would but might have been different.
  • Byteus
    6 month(s) ago
    How are these not implemented in the Sim already considering the textures were already there. Thanks for doing Asbozo's job, great work!
    • poeticmind74
      6 month(s) ago
      I thought so too. They have their reasons...most notably content and creators.

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