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We Love VFR - Region 2

Join our discord for support and the latest updates » Do you like flying VFR and watching the World below you? Do you sometimes feel that something is missing? We Love VFR is here to help you. We Love VFR is a free add-on for Microsoft...

Join our discord for support and the latest updates »

Do you like flying VFR and watching the World below you? Do you sometimes feel that something is missing? We Love VFR is here to help you. We Love VFR is a free add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator that adds thousands of new VFR-friendly objects. In this beta version, you get communication, radio, and tv antennas, chimneys, radar domes, construction cranes, and satellite/radio telescope dishes. I have plans for many, many more.

I spend countless hours developing this, so donations are very appreciated, but not mandatory ;)

If you don't like smoke effects, or they somehow kill your fps, first of all, report it here or on discord, but then you can download "no effects" version of this add-on.

Region 1 (Europe and North Africa) is here »
  • Almost 200 000 objects were placed in region 2
  • Coverage of North and South America and part of Oceania
  • In this version, mobile communication, tv and radio antennas, chimneys, flare stacks, cooling towers, radar domes, construction cranes, satellite/radio telescope dishes, large and mountain peak crosses, and T.A.R.S. - Tethered Aerostat Radar System
  • Probably the first use of visual effects in scenery add-on. Yup, we have smoking chimneys and cooling towers (still experimental). And yes, they do react to wind and even temperature.
  • Puffin AI* - correct placement and appearance of objects**
  • Incorporated data from FAA, NOAA, and other national authorities
  • Over 100 custom models
  • Lower spec PC friendly
  • Much more planned
How to install?

Find your „Community” directory and just copy "a-puf-we-love-vfr-region2" folder there. That’s it. If you’re updating my addon, remove the old version before installing the new one.

If you have a conflicting addon refer to the included ReadMe file.

Warning: To get satellite dishes/radio telescopes you need "USA Points of Interest" by Asobo, from the official World Update USA installed. It's available in the marketplace for free.

I'm working on this alone and data in this region is far from perfect, so don't be mad if you see any errors, just report them to me so I can fix them ;) If you see an object that you know but its appearance is wrong, join our discord and report it there. I'll try to add/fix it for the next version.

Known Issues:
  • In very rare cases there might be an office building instead of a chimney (I don't mean cooling towers, these are not implemented in the mod at all... yet). This is a case of mismatched data between Asobo and OSM and has to be fixed manually. Report it in comments or in our discord.
  • My objects are switched off on photogrammetry to avoid conflicts (except mast and antennas). Unfortunately, photogrammetry boundaries are sometimes different than real photogrammetry coverage. Because of that, objects that are close to photogrammetry areas might not appear at all. I'm trying to figure out what to do with this. If you find a place like this, report it to me so I can fix it.
  • Sometimes the steam effect can be on the ground instead of on top of the cooling tower and go up and down depending on camera position. It's a bug in the sim and it was reported to Asobo. A workaround will be available in the next main version of We Love VFR.

*Not really AI. Just quite complex conditions and a lot of code, but AI sounds a lot better.
**Depends on data availability.

vfr obstacles navaids antennas smokestacks chimneys masts T.A.R.S TARS telescope radome
Sim Update 11
Initial Release
June 20, 2021
Last Updated
11 month(s) ago — 0.6.1



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  • Updated to version 0.6.1

  • Updated to version 0.6

  • Updated to version 0.5.1b

  • Updated to version 0.5.0b

  • Updated to version 0.4.3b

  • Initial File Release

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4.97/5 - Based on 76 reviews

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20 day(s) ago / Thanked by PuffinFlight

Thank You!

All tower locations within the South Florida area are dead on accurate. I noticed that any of the monopoles are not listed. I could care less, this was my only observation. I am still very grateful with this add-on. Thank you!



3 month(s) ago / Thanked by PuffinFlight

Dumb question, can we on our side desactivate one item, for exemple, i'm in MTL in Canada, so using your Region 2 pack, though, on the Mont-Royal, there is a cross, sadly, this cross is overlapping the cross from the Canada World Update.

I just realized i never gave this a rating, really appreciate the VFR addons you made for both regions!

So far I did not notice any weird hickups in SU10.

Are there any nice improvements planned for the future?

Wonderful add-on! Thank you.

Nevertheless, after using it for some time with no problems, yesterday I couldn't land in Eilat - LLET, because of a high pilon blocking runway 03. Is this a known problem? Thank you




7 month(s) ago / Thanked by PuffinFlight

As soon as i saw those antennas i knew it was the foothills in yuma. I used to fly to yuma all the time so seeing it finally was awesome. along with the drone near key west

I like your app. A quick question. How does one exclude an item from your app? Specifically, a radome (someone called it 'balls' in one of the comments posted below) in Pillar Point (picture 7/18) in KHAF, California. The radome is duplicated when We Love VFR - Region 2 is installed with the payware scenery from MP Scenery's KHAF. Thank you.

Is this compatible with WUX?

Awesome stuff!! can't wait for region 3...... OZ & NZ. Do you have an estimated release date?

Really great man. Be good if other developer sceneries could be included too. One download!

So silly I haven't reviewed this yet - amazing! Thank you. I am listening to the Asobo Q&A and someone asked about getting physical VOR's on the ground (IE the models of different VORs, tacans, dme , adsb etc) - it sounds like Asobo likely won't do this but I'm wondering if that's something you might be able to do?

I updated Region 1 and 2 and the other day and as usual, fantastic work!!! I was flying in Canada here and I saw the cables between the Pylons. Are they the result of this update or default MSFS?

Do we get anything special for Venezuela? perhaps the refineries?



10 month(s) ago / Thanked by PuffinFlight

Wonderful. Thanks a lot for this one!



10 month(s) ago

Hi any coverage for the Caribbean here?



10 month(s) ago / Thanked by PuffinFlight

Second time: Great work! TXXXXX

Unbeleivable amount of work. Great job my friend. Now I have a request, if that's possible, the port cranes for most of the "beside water" cities are horribly disfigured by PG. It will be a great make up if you can make some models to replace the ones they have.. Even some generic ones will be better then what the game show. Thanks.



10 month(s) ago / Thanked by PuffinFlight

Hello all,

I have been using We Love VFR for quite a while now and I would like to tell you: I am absolutely thrilled! For me it is the scenery addon or addon pack (VFR Region 1 I have of course also installed. 😊 ) at all.

Especially for helicopter flying or flights with the Optica, We Love VFR is irreplaceable. Thanks for the great work!



11 month(s) ago / Thanked by PuffinFlight

Great work; thanks!

Had this in the past and always loved the extra visuals but I was noticing this may conflict with all the other ridiculous amount of scenery I have so I have taken it out for now. Maybe it has something to do with photogrammetry, addons etc all combined? I had a few CTD's around Miami FL heading towards Hilton Head. They happened about 20 miles NE in the middle of the Ocean.

Probably me.

You keep the stars because its amazing work!

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 0.6.1 March 05, 2022

    Changed masts behavior on photogrammetry. Now tall thin masts are always visible if they have known height and triangular lattice towers are always visible if they are manually verified. Hope it won't create major conflicts with photogrammetry.
    Added 45 m cross in Lima, Peru.

  • Version 0.6 February 26, 2022

    Added T.A.R.S - Tethered Aerostat Radar System. 8 locations along the USA southern border.
    Added over 200 burning flare stacks with fire effects (they're lit up 40 min. per hour).
    Added big wayside and mountain peak crosses.
    Fixed "jumpy" steam effects on cooling towers.
    Updated all OSM data except cooling towers (sorry, I'll be able to update them after releasing Region 3).
    Added data corrections reported by users.

  • Version 0.5.1b November 16, 2021

    Optimized effects - this time for real
    Reworked exclusion system for better accuracy
    Fixed exclusions on photogrammetry
    Reworked detection of objects close to airports.
    Manually reviewed additional 4000 objects.
    Added Harris Nuclear Power Plant (USA)

  • Version 0.5.0b October 19, 2021

    SU6 compatibility
    Over 100 cooling towers! If you find missing ones report it on our Discord.
    M.A.G.S - Model Auto Generating System. Created to bring you a vast variety of cooling tower variants, based on manually reviewed data.
    Fixed bug in FAA data handling that ignored some objects.
    Fixed bug that caused excessive exclusions.
    Workaround for "jumping smoke" caused by a bug in the sim.
    New smoke placing algorithm.
    Added corrections gathered by users in Discord and comments @ flightsim.to (thank you!).
    Updated all data except construction sites.

  • Version 0.4.3b July 27, 2021

    Compatibility with Sim Update 5.
    Reworked smoke effect placement for better performance and trying to find a workaround for bugs by Asosbo ;)
    Tweaked smoke effects for better performance and visuals.
    Reworked antennas at JFK Space Centre.
    Reworked antennas at Sandia Peak, Albuquerque.
    Added corrections gathered by users in Discord (thank you!)
    Updated dish and radome data.
    Added collisions to few chimneys that had none.

  • Launched June 20, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Frequently Asked

Questions? Find your solution here.

Will this be compatible with xyz scenery?

Hard to tell. But it can be. My mod is more like autogen expansion, so authors of more local sceneries have to make their mods compatible. Unfortunately, I can't do that. But it's really easy.
The author just needs to add exclusion under his custom object and then you, as a user, need to make sure We Love VFR is higher on the list in the 'Content.xml' file. You'll find that file 2 directories above your community folder. This file tells the sim in which order it should load addons.

Mast/chimney/other object that I know is not there. Can you add it?

Most likely - yes. You can add it by yourself by editing OpenStreetMap. More detailed instructions are available at www.puffinflight.com, or report in on our discord
You can also leave me a comment with coordinates and some more details (if it's a mast or chimney try to find out how tall is it).

Why can’t I see obstacle lights from the distance? / Why there is a visible light but not on top of the antenna?

For now, MSFS SDK for lights is very limited. I can’t create a light that will have a source visible from a distance. On the other hand, I can’t remove those red, clearly visible lights that Asobo has put in place of antennas. As soon as they expand SDK, I’ll fix that.

Why do antennas look fuzzy from the distance?

That’s something in the sim graphics engine, that for now can’t be bypassed. Original sim objects act exactly the same. I try to prevent it a bit with LODs, but it won’t be perfect. Maybe the DX12 will fix it someday.

You said you use FAA data, but that mast is way off.

If you think FAA data is accurate think again. I've seen masts in FAA data that were demolished 10 years ago. I manually reviewed over 4000 objects and plan to do more, but with such an amount of data, it is impossible to check everything. If you have an object that should be corrected just give me coordinates, and what's wrong with it and I'll fix it.

I don't like smoke effects. Can I remove them?

Sure you can. Just download "no effects" version of this add-on,


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