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Version 7
Initial Release May 13, 2021
Last Updated November 28, 2021
File Size 33.44 MB
Downloads 7,307
GPS Coordinates 50.915268, 5.773219
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5,425 | VI First Officer

Compatibility Sim Update 7
Category Intl. Airports

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  • Version 7 November 28, 2021

    Compatible with SIM Update 7
    Also added custom green taxilights

  • Version 6.1 August 09, 2021

    Fixed an issue where taxiway points would bug out some taxiway textures

  • Version 6.0 August 08, 2021

    Added proper night lighting
    Added logo on the front of the terminal
    Some small bugfixes
    I have removed my own ILS, and restored the default. No idea if this fixes anything. Feedback is appreciated

  • Version 5.0 July 04, 2021

    Added more buildings
    finished existing models
    fixed some problems
    removed static planes from base file, I will probably add an extra file with static planes in the future

    Airport is now pretty much finished apart from some hangars on the East side of the airport.

  • Version 4.5 June 12, 2021

    Major update
    -Added static aircraft (see below for sources)
    -Added GR8 hotel (Work in progress)
    -Added All hangars (Also work in progress)
    -Added blast area
    -Added stand numbers on A platform

    Minor update
    -Added windsocks, should now show proper wind direction. (There might be duplicates, if so let me know)

    To do:
    -Finish all models
    -Hope the ILS magically sorts itself out

  • Version 4.0 June 05, 2021

    Major update
    -Added finished passenger terminal
    -Added all taxiway signs

    Minor update
    -Updated model of the 'ops' building, south of the terminal
    -Added a very basic model of some hangars at the C apron
    -Added a work in progress version of what I think is the fire brigade
    -Did some work to the road infront of the passenger terminal

    small tweaks
    -Changed the red colored lines to a less bright one.

    To do:
    -Model remaining buildings
    -Add stand numbers to the A apron
    -Sort out the ILS

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Great scenery, but ILS21 doesn't work......

Great work!!!! I live close to EHBK😊 By the way, does the ILS rwy 21 (111,55) works again?

Wonderful job ! Realistic scene ... Thank you

last version 6.1 gave me a CTD on loading the scenery with EHBK as the only active scenery adonn. after deleting the last version and reinstalling the previos version the sim gave no CDT and everything's working fine?????????????????

Nice, but the ILS 111,55 does not work

Nice scenery. At the moment they are painting the new 8-hotel white!

Thanks for this new version! I am just planning a flight to EHBK, but I see ILS21 is missing as arrival? Only LOC21?

I use this scenery adonn since i updated to SU5 and don’t have and problems with this scenery

The airport is becoming better and better

Could you please add the option to download/enable static models, at the moment many of the models are still at the real airport?

Many thanks for bringing EHBK to MSFS! I did my first flight out of Maastricht and found 2 issues:

  1. Taxiwaysign opposite of gate A2 is showing "23-03", should be "21-03"
  2. Could you define the gates as "RAMP_GA Large" instead of "Gate Medium"> Now in the ATC menu you have a jetway option, when using RAMP_GA Large you are able to call for stairs (ramp connection)


Hi, could you do some tutorial how to add static aircraft to the scenery? I would like to put some planes on one airport

Hi ,

amazing work !

Can we have a version without static aircraft ?

Getting better every time. A small remark: only the windsock on the Southern side of the field indicates the proper wind direction. The other two indicate 180 degrees off.

Very nice to see my home airport progressing!

Very nice aitport. Start to grow with every update.
Maybe an idea to also change the manifest.sjon so it's easier to follow which version is installed.
Very nice addition for the "regionals"😃.
I see double ILS 'beams' in Little Navmap.
Frank had a similar problem with EHLE, but he fixed it recently.
Anyway you can also add a couple GA Small Parking start locations ??
Great work, hope you continue the project to make it complete!
Note: please rename your modellib.bgl, could cause CTD!
Edit: unfortunately after trying a couple times the sim crashes when calling the tow truck. When I change back to the default scenery everything is working normally. I am using the FBW A32N.

Wow! Finally, my home airport is being created. One little thing can you tone-down the red lines on the cargo B apron? Thank you very much!!!
great, thx

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