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Genova - Cristoforo Colombo International Airport- LIMJ (Italy)

Description:Genoa - Sestri Airport (IATA: GOA, ICAO: LIMJ), also known as "Cristoforo Colombo" International Airport, is an Italian airport located in the city of Genoa, on an artificial peninsula opposite the Sestri Ponente district. The facility is equipped with a 2916 m long paved airstrip,...



Genoa - Sestri Airport (IATA: GOA, ICAO: LIMJ), also known as "Cristoforo Colombo" International Airport, is an Italian airport located in the city of Genoa, on an artificial peninsula opposite the Sestri Ponente district. The facility is equipped with a 2916 m long paved airstrip, with RWY 10-28 orientation.

Given its proximity to the city (it is located about 9 km west of the center of Genoa), the airport is considered a city airport.

The airport is the largest in Liguria, with about 1.5 million passengers per year, and connects Genoa with the numerous national airports and the main European intercontinental interchange airports.


The scenary includes: Various custom buildings for Terminal, Control Tower, Piaggio Hangars, Poste Italiane Offices, a Rotating Radar Antenna (animated), Two buildings on the cargo area, Fire Brigade, Aeroclub Genova, The Hotel located north of the airport and other buildings. It also include the boundary fence and the Cranes of the nearby Harbor.
- All horizontal signs have been redesigned using an updated satellite image as a reference.
- Repositioned all parking spot to reflect their real position and correct numbering, as indicated on the airport charts
- Fully Functional Custom Jetway
- No Pushback Service in Self-Maneuvering Parking Spots.

PS. Beware of the harbor cranes in short final :-)


Simply, extract the content of the zip file inside Community folder.
the scenario consists of two folders. The first named "simog-limj-airport" is the main scenario and contains the airport.
The second, named "Simog-GenovaHarbor" contains the harbor cranes. This folder need to be removed in case you already use another scenery with these elements in order to guarantee compatibility. See next pararagraph fot more detail


This scenery is Fully compatible with:

- Genova Cristoforo Colombo airport (LIMJ) - Italy by Quelcertoleo (free). You can find it here:
- Project Coastline Italy by Project Coastline Team. (payware)

Both adds environment elements that greatly increase immersion and I highly recommend combining them with my airport. They are fully compatible with both directory of my scenery but they are incompatible with each other so, pick one.

This scenery is Partially compatible with:

- Genova city by Dax87 (google photogrammery). For using this scenery alongside my airport, you need to delete Simog-GenovaHarbor from your community folder This is to prevent my cranes from overlapping those already present in the photogrammetry.

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Thanked by simog

Very nice.

Thanked by simog

Nice work ! I downloaded it today and 1st trial this evening. Landing at night, beautiful.

But I've got a problem with ILS ! The localizer is not aligned on the runway axis ! Localizer drove me to the threshold... but not on the axis ! I did not notice the values but I would say approximately 5 degrees. I've had to disengage AP to correct axis at the flare to make a slight left turn.

Thanked by simog

Good work! Thank you!

Thanked by simog

Thank you!

Thanked by simog

Ottimo Update Simo

Thanked by simog

Molto molto ben fatto

Thanked by simog

Complimenti, tecnica Mesh? La segnaletica orizzontale meravigliosa

Superb Work, grazie !



9 month(s) ago
Thanked by simog

than you Simog for your dedication rebuilding our airport , amazing work, i am speechless 😊 😊

Thanked by simog

very Nice, big Thanks

Thanked by simog

Five Stars!

You can find a short review here:


Thanked by simog

There is a hole in the ground (glitch) under the northern most jetway on the main apron. Also seems that AIG traffic is not appearing at this airport.

Thanked by simog

@ simog,

Don't forget to update the version number in the manifest.json file.

Here it shows version number 1.4, but shows 1.3.2 in the manifest.

Hi, compliment, i tried to install it , and i get grass at place of should be roads and taxiways, do you know why ? maybe im a new user and i dont understand something, i just put the 2 folder insiede the community folder

Thanked by simog

Ciao! Appena volato su IVAO da questo aeroporto. Davvero ben fatto! L'unica nota è che l'holding point E (dalle carte) è invece riportato come F nello scenario. Se potessi dare una controllata per correggere ... le taxiways sembrano corrette. Grazie 😊

Thanked by simog

Sooooooooo beautiful! Works perfectly with SU7 and complex aircraft addons!

Thanked by simog


after SU5 i can't see jetways


Ottimo Lavoro! Bravo!

These items are currently on the list and will be processed soon!
Suggestion, bugs and ideas for the future.

  • Version 1.6 December 15, 2022

    - Added 6 custom buildings around the airport (New Boarding Hall on the north side of the Terminal, missing building next to the Piaggio Hangar, missing building between the cargo area and the Poste Offices, 2 buildings in the Marina area, 2 buildings adjacent to the terminal, east side)
    - Horizontal signage in Parking 304 area has been modified to adapt it to the new, recently built, Boarding Hall.
    - Added expansion construction site on the eastern side of the Terminal
    - Added 3 Helipads (from SU11)
    - Reactivated Pushback service at Parking 304
    - Slightly cleared the asphalt of the Runway

  • Version 1.5 July 13, 2022

    - New horizontal signage redesigned from scratch
    - Runway resurfaced with a more darker asphalt, as in reality
    - Added 3 new buildings
    - Added Fence around the airport grounds
    - Re-exported almost all items with the official exporter for Blender
    - Improved some materials and changed some textures
    - Added 3 parking spaces 302(1), 401 and 405(1). They are all parking overlapping the gates with the same name, therefore for alternative use with a boarding ladder.

  • Version 1.4 April 17, 2022

    - Fully Functional Custom Jetways!
    - Changes to the Main Terminal: added Occluder Boxes to remove rain and snow from the interior and other minor refinements, such as the glass material
    - Added first building in the Cargo area and various decorative objects in the same area and in the Poste Italiane Offices area
    - Removed Pushback service from Self-Maneuvering Parking Spot (Parking 202, 209, 213, 301, 308, 304, 407, 408)
    - Removed Pushback, Marshal and GPU services from GA Parking Spot (310 to 313)

  • Version 1.3 November 09, 2021

    - Improved the terminal with more details on the facade (the orange part) and the fingers (jetways still by default). Added some tables on the terrace.
    - Added Two new buildings: Poste Italiane Offices and Rotating Radar Antenna (Animated).
    - Added Emission Map to some buildings and updated to others, windows now light up at night.
    - Adjustments here and there to building materials.
    - Removed the Custom ILS. From SU6 it is no longer necessary because, now, the default one is finally corrected. Furthermore, in this way, it will automatically update with the AIRAC.
    - Fixed anti-collision lights on Gantry Cranes in short final. Now they are visible.
    - It's no longer necessary to delete the Simog_HarborCrane folder when combined with Project Coastline Italy. Now the scenery is fully compatible.

  • Version 1.2 July 01, 2021

    - Removed hidden runway used as workaround for the ILS course "bug" locked to runway heading, fixed after SU4.
    - Fixed ILS Course wrongly set to 266° (even if it was not visible due to the bug mentioned above), Now is set to 286° as on charts.
    - Improved Taxiway lighting
    - Renamed waiting points L1, L2 and L3 respectively in E1, F1 and G1
    - Added a new Custom Building In the north area of the airport
    - Added some lights in the harbor yards especially near the runway 28 threshold and on the adjacent piers.
    - Added Collision Lights on gantry cranes in short final runway 28

  • Launched May 02, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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