The Bush Divers Invitational: New Guinea
We are going back to our roots! Bush Divers began as a bush flying virtual airline (VA) in New Guinea. This island paradise offers challenging weather, a rugged jungle landscape, and tons of action. New Guinea offers so much potential for piloting adventures that there is no doubt that this will not be the last Invitational on this island! This Bush Trip is based on the event held on April 17, 2021 of the same name. These weekly events are held on Saturday's at 1900 UTC, details can be found on our discord and elsewhere!

What's included?

- 8 hops in an XCub - Total flight time approximately one hour.

-Challenging approaches, amazing take-offs, beautiful views

-A custom, Bush Divers XCub livery (by SixPackPilot

-A custom, Bush Divers airfield: BDR1 | Bush Divers Resort - The Lake (by HaveDoughnut)

Note: Though not required, it is recommended to use Bush League Legends XCub Performance+ mod

Thank you to BuffyGC for the BushTripInjector toolkit!

Installation: Unzip the files into your community folder.

To prevent issues with leg completion being registered, you must stop and set the parking brake in order to save and complete the leg.

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