The Bush Divers Invitational: Namibia

The Bush Divers are back in Africa and this time we’ll be doing some canyon flying in the biggest canyon on the continent! Join us as we tackle the twists and turns of the Fish River Canyon in Namibia, as we follow it to the Orange River and then out to the Atlantic.

What's included?

- 4 long hops in an X-Cub - Total flight time approximately one hour and fourty-five minutes.

-(As always...) Challenging approaches, amazing take-offs, beautiful views

-A custom, Bush Divers X-Cub livery (by SixPackPilot)

Note: Though not required, it is recommended to use Bush League Legends XCub Performance+ mod

Thank you to BuffyGC for the BushTripInjector toolkit!

 Installation: Unzip the files into your community folder.

To prevent issues with leg completion being registered, you must stop and set the parking brake in order to save and complete the leg.

Like all the previous Bush Divers Invitationals Bush Trips, this one will start with a preset weather, but can be changed using the weather tab in the sim after starting, so feel free to try it with Live Weather or whatever preset you like!

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