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#Real-Life #Experimental Drag and Drop

If you would like to make fun as a follow-me car or drive in a realistic world in MFS 2020 by a car, it's the best moment to download this car :)

This is the very first version of this car- converted from FSX. It's drivable with no problem. 
Some things can work not properly such as rolling when spawning until the parking brake will be pressed. I will try to work on it in further updates.

For now, enjoy the first drivable car in MFS :) 


- Working textures inside the car
- Better sound
- Added POLICE livery

-Physics improvement (no more uncontrolled turning left or right)
-Added lights (front, back, cockpit and roof lantern- activate by pressing "L" by default, the engine must be running)


To update the car just delete the old files and "Mitsubishi pajero_CVT_" folder from the Community folder

The original file can be downloaded here

Creators of the FSX addon:
Mike Keller & Mitsuya Hamaguchi

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  • Version 1.2.1 April 11, 2021

  • Version 1.2 April 10, 2021

    -Physics improvement (no more uncontrolled turning left or right)
    -Added lights (front, back, cockpit and roof lantern- activate by pressing "l" by default)

  • Version 1.1 April 09, 2021

    - Working textures inside the car
    - Better sound
    - Added POLICE livery

  • Launched April 09, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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18 hour(s) ago
Sorry...couldn't help myself! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRe9SBKt2rM
Nice, playing Forza horizon 4 on MSFS2020.


8 day(s) ago
This is such great fun - in response to the predictable comments one sees in other places on the web from the letterbox minds who say ''why would you want a drivable car...duh...it's a flight sim'', I would counter and say having a car you can drive actually adds another dimension to enjoy. I love it.

To echo some of the other comments here - the addition of reverse would be good - I keep getting stuck driving forwards into objects and then cannot reverse out!
how do i make it move


9 day(s) ago
Too bad it doesn't work in VR ... because there are landscapes in FS2020 that by car and in VR would be incredible to explore ..


11 day(s) ago
Don't goes in VR 😞


12 day(s) ago
I love this machine...I have three requests...1. Can we revert to the exterior view that is slightly above and about 3 car lengths behind that you had orriginally? 2. Is there any chance of introducing reverse? 3. Is it possible to apply the scripts for this to other 3d vehicles and would you share the knowledge of how to do it?
Kind Regards and with many thanks


14 day(s) ago
I got stuck on a house. Now i know what's missing: Reverse!!!!!!
This is awesome, Maybe someone will make a sailboat wich could use the ingame winds and settings :O


16 day(s) ago
It doesn't seem to like VR, the sim crashes to desktop.


18 day(s) ago
I'm having a ball with this thing. Just drove around the New Gatwick and it worked great.!! Navigraph will track it around the airport.! Especially cool when I switched the steering to my yoke and left the rudder pedals for braking. Parking brake works.! Got it up to 185 on the runway until I ran off the end and it flipped 6 times coming to rest in a field.! 😂 get some more bells and whistles working an it will really be cool. Can't wait to use it on some Bush strip areas...😊
Great mod! Now I can drive to the airfield... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhm6-7q7630&t=5s


21 day(s) ago
Great mod. Had fun with it for a bit the first time I used it but then later on when I went to go play with it again, I went to the menu and clicked "fly", and it crashed the game to the desktop, and that's all it will do now.


22 day(s) ago
It's fantastic! I just mapped "plane speed" 10, 30, 50, 70 and so on to the buttons on my G27 wheel and use the shifters on the wheel to brake with, and set the rudder axis to my wheel and i can drive just fine!

Now to wait for the ground level of new york to not look like an earthquake hit it, and roads on the "countryside" to have proper asphalt and just not "not grass filled" pattern.


22 day(s) ago
do i have to unzip it?
se crashea al cambiar las vistas esta buena la idea pero con la mayoría de archivos que son convertidos pasan estos problemas


22 day(s) ago
What a unique and needed idea.! Sure its got some bugs but I see real potential down the road. I would never use it for the highways right now but its fun to zip around and explore the airports and local area. Engine sound synch is definitely needed. A Safari/Off Road Livery would be great.!
you should update it but its still a nice and fun car to drive


23 day(s) ago
hope someone can tell me how to get the car started...? thanks I can not get engine running.


23 day(s) ago
How can i drive it ? I haven't downloaded yet.

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