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V2.91 - I finally figured out what the issue was with the static Boeing airplanes and have removed the color enomolies (turned out to be a normals issue).  WIth that issue being fixed, I could add a shiny finish to each model.

V2.9 - Added hand modeled airport fire station, added additional lighting throughout the airfield and added more details to Boeing paint hangers #1 and #2.

V2.8 - Mutiple changes including:
  • Added hand modeled ATS facilities
  • Replaced Boeing doghouse model with 2 high detail versions
  • Added Regal Air office building
  • Revised tower model to add more detail
  • Revised terminal model to add more detail
  • Added details around terminal
  • Removed the AI generated blocky trees around the field perimeter
  • Revised fencing
Additionally, this version was cleaned up to remove no longer utilized assets (the old google models).  I recommend you delete KPAE V2.71 or older, restart MSFS2020, exit MSFS2020 then install V2.8.  This will clear up about 7MB of data from your harddrive.

V2.71 - Fixed error associated with blender scaling, causing the objects to load in late.  This update sets the blender scale to 1:1, allowing assets to spawn in sim at normal distances.  Also fixed the textures on the composite wing building.

V2.7 - Replaced the Google Boeing Delivery Center and Paint Hangers with hand crafted blender models.  Added emmisive lighting to the PAE street sign.  Added jeyways (static) to commercial terminal.

V2.6 - Updated to correct for any modellib.bgl conflicts

V2.5 - Updated scenery to correct some issues created from the US update.  Added a few more cars randomly throughout the airfield.

V2.4 - Multiple changes including:
  • Replaced google models with hand crafted models for the Boeing Factory, Boeing flightline doghouses and Boeing Static Wing Test building
  • Added Future of Flight museum
  • Added KPAE tower and connected office building
  • Added KPAE commericial passenger terminal building
  • Added hand modeled Boeing Everett Modification Center building
  • Revised lighting in various places around the airport
  • Added PAE signage along Airport Rd
  • Added additional parked cars in various parking lots around Boeing factory and flightline
  • Changed the arrangement of static airplanes on Boeing flightline (tried to correct some of the texture issues on these models, but was not able to)
This will probably be the last update of this package.

V2.3 - Added static 747, 767, 777s and 787s on Boeing Flightline
NOTE: I plan on adding 767 Tankers in stall 107-109 once I find available models

V2.2 - Added hand modeled control tower plus replaced some autogen hangers with closely matching library hangers.

V2.1 - Added 777X Composite Wing Center and added Static Wing Test building

V2.0 - Revised models to minimize vertices.  Tweaked texture shading.  Added factory/field bridge over HW526.

V1.0 - Scenery enhancement to Paine Field (KPAE) in Everett WA; home of the Boeing Everett factory, the largest building in the world by volume.  Enhancements include:
  • Boeing Flight Line
    • Everett Delivery Center (EDC) Building
    • Flight Line Stall Dog Houses
    • Paint Hangers 1, 2 & 3
    • Various parking lots
    • Blast fencing
  • Boeing Factory
  • Fencing around entire airport
  • Corrected various GA parking stalls around the airport
Stay tuned as I am planning more updates in the near future!

GPS Coordinates 47.913141, -122.279913

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Parts of this content includes 3D data and textures copyrighted by « Google Map data ». Google Maps and Map data are provided by © Google, LLC, Mountain View, California, US. This free creation contains content from Google Maps or Google Earth, in accordance with Google Terms of Services and especially point 2.2 of Google Maps/Google Earth Additional Terms of Service. This creation is based on « fair use » or « fair dealing » of the data provided by Google through its services. No commercial use or any gain will be made by the author of this creation or the original host site, who use Google assets as provided for by the simple user licence. The author is freely sharing a creative application of Google Maps or Google Earth. The author will not receive any form of remuneration for sharing this work. Spontaneous general donations from users of file hosting web services under the form of « rewards » or « tips » will be rejected. If this content is found elsewhere and is offered in exchange of money or any other kind of remuneration, it is without the permission of the author and if such theft of intellectual property occurs, this site, and the author will disavow such distribution. Google has stated that it cannot answer to any direct demand about a particular creative use of its properties, as it stated in the « written permission » paragraph of the same document, and all such demands should in the first instance be directed to the author of this work. The author’s verification of compliance with Google’s Terms of Services will rest on this statement of intent, and the use of the provision of the « Fair use » paragraph of the document. As it is economically unreasonable for the casual creator of this content to ask for a costly legal analysis of its creation like proposed in the « Fair use » paragraph of the document, the author of this creation and the owners of this site undertake to destroy any trace of the work on first demand from Google, in accordance with the paragraph « Taking action in case of problems » of the Google Terms of Service about « advance notice » provided « when reasonably possible ».

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    January 04, 2021

    Love your mods - thank you so much for your hard work.

    Most of the mods I download show up as yellow stars on my world map once I have installed them, I fine it really convenient when picking places to fly. Any chance you can add them? Or is there a way I can do it in sim? No biggie if not. Thanks again.

  • image
    January 04, 2021

    Expectacular job. Congratulations.

  • image
    FreakyD replied
    January 04, 2021
    Thanks dude... hope you enjoy.
  • image
    January 01, 2021

    Very nice work. I did find a 737 Max being birthed out of a 777? down the parking line backing onto the taxiway.

  • image
    FreakyD replied
    January 02, 2021
    That would be an AI generated traffic 737. I cannot do anything about that at this time until the SDK allows us to edit parking spot attributes.
    Cessna777 replied
    January 02, 2021

    Roger. I figured there was a reason. Looks weird tho.
  • image
    January 01, 2021

    Great work. Love this field

  • image
    FreakyD replied
    January 02, 2021
    Thanks... enjoy!
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    December 24, 2020

    Love this! Any chance of adding the Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum? Watched so many awesome airshows from there. (Days which may be over thanks to the greed of post-Paul Allen Vulcan Ventures, alas.)

  • image
    FreakyD replied
    January 02, 2021
    I've got it on the to-do list.
  • image
    December 18, 2020

    This scenery is super detailed! Thanks for this mod

    Can you add the dreamliner operations center ?

  • image
    FreakyD replied
    December 18, 2020
    You talking about the dreamlifter center? Well, I kinda did... at least with library buildings. I might circle back and create more blender models in the future. My blender skills have exponentially increased, so I can probably do a better job of the tower and passenger terminal.
    val005 replied
    December 18, 2020
    Yes the dreamlifter center indeed, I got confused ^^
    The rendering on the tower and the passenger terminal is very good already!
  • image
    December 03, 2020

    Thank you for including the Modellib.bgl fix! The end result is great load times even with many other sceneries loaded that do the same thing!!

  • image
    December 02, 2020

    Thank you for fixing the conflicts and especially thank you for your work!

  • image
    November 06, 2020

    I'm glad this is still being worked on, usually the GMaps conversions are one and done and no effort put in afterward. Latest update is an improvement for sure.

    I would like to ask if parking positions can be removed from the static aircraft version as there are static aircraft overlapping AI planes, as well as one AI aircraft (A380!) parked right in the middle of the pax terminal. It would be really cool to have a no-static-aircraft version with parking positions that are restricted to 747-8, 777, and 787 (but not that much longer since that is moving to 100% CHS) and does not allow AI Airbus or other types to park in the Boeing apron. I don't know if that is possible with current SDK.

    Also on my wishlist are the 2 jetways at the terminal.

  • image
    FreakyD replied
    November 07, 2020
    Wish I could. At this point, the SDK does not allow making changes to existing parking spots... either remove them or modify attributes. The only way to accomplish this is to remove the airport completely and start from scratch, which is more then I'm willing to do. Hoping down the road the SDK has the same functionality as the old ADE from FSX/P3D.
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    October 28, 2020

    Badass mod! I used to work in 747 plane program and you can bet this was one of the first places I checked out in the game.

  • image
    October 21, 2020

    awesome mod! any chance you could revamp the terminal area in Philly? (KPHL)

  • image
    October 19, 2020

    Ground aircraft traffic and AI traffic are spawned on top of your statically placed aircraft. Can you mark the parking spots where you've placed static aircraft as occupied or delete them?

  • image
    FreakyD replied
    October 19, 2020
    Nope... at this point, the SDK does not allow deleting parking spots. When that function is added, I will make that change.

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