KXTA - Area 51 - Homey Airport - Groom Lake - Upgrade

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Version 1.1
Initial Release March 29, 2021
Last Updated August 12, 2021
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GPS Coordinates 37.237327, -115.812335
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Regional Airports
#Real-Life United States


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  • Version 1.1 August 12, 2021

    Cuts down the file size.

    Adds a fuel bay and helicopter parking spots.

    Sorts out some dodgy models and adds some new ones.

  • Launched March 29, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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We need an improvement to this airport. I've been flying Homey since the beginning and now with SU6 I had two CDTs when I press the "fly" button. The flight was at night.

The Truth Is Out There. Thank you.

Lots of pink buildings in the new MSFS update...Any plans to update this?

Back when I worked Transient Maintenance at Nellis AFB (1978-79) it was "Dreamland". Never saw any Janet's, but we did have a couple of T-38's that we had to Preflight every day that went out there.

I didn't know this existed until today!! Awesome Job! I needed some lights and the scenery with the models is too cool not to comment. Thanks for the opportunity to bring some life to KXTA. I left a couple of picture for the gallery. Hopefully they get approved. It's my WIP if you're wondering, just wanted to say Hi and a little tower buzz with some style in Affectionately Christine Livery. Enjoy!

Suggestion if you update this again, the Janet 737's have a wingspan of around 112 feet while your parking is 98 feet, so if there's ever offline traffic for Janet aircraft, those parking spots won't allow them to park/spawn.

just a heads up.

This is super, spud. Kudos, and thanks!

Good job!

In JANET Parking lot has lighting poles that interfere. You can move them 30 feet back?

Thank you for updating!

Wonderful product, and a great write up, up at the top of the page. Very entertaining read. Thank you.

Great addon! Only thing I would like now is for the static planes in the scenery to be turned into flyable addons. I enjoy flying many military planes like the F14, F117, C17 and many more!
Absolutely fantastic, thank you.
Let me just say, excellent job, and thank you for sharing your hard work.

From the creator of Area 52.
If you have the crj you can add this to the navdata txt file to put the main active runway in and plan flights there on the fms. I hand typed everything so it may not be 100% but it works and will let you do rnav on runway 14/32 the runway in sim say 33 but it still works.

I took a trip around here last night in the Grravel, it's huge, it's sprawling and there are so many treats. I do have one question though.. what's with the guy saluting the taxiway? Brilliant job, as usual.
Really love this!
It's really much better like this. You did an amazing job on it.
YOU ROCK Superspud!Thanks for this!! btw I landed a MB-339 on one of your Carriers.
This is amazing good job. One thing though, Runway 33R should have an ILS I believe. Navigraph seems to think so at least, and I think the base sim might also have one there?

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