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Version 2.2
Initial Release October 02, 2020
Last Updated November 27, 2021
File Size 1.46 MB
Downloads 1,996
GPS Coordinates 44.106039, 6.940602
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Regional Airports
#Real-Life France Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version 2.2 November 27, 2021

    -Compatible with SU7
    - REMOVE any previous versions!!! See bellow also in case you have Bagolu Alps Altiports pack

    -Now everything is in one single folder! I still can't make the icao code on VFR map to appear every time correctly, It's a bit of a mystery but other than that everything works. You can create your flight plan using LF654 but on VFR you will se a lot of times LF74.
    -Parking spots redone and compatible with the new way of doing them. Now AI spawns on the aerodrome and in theory can use the taxiways and take off and land on missions.
    -MFS spawns also vehicles and personnel around the aerodrome - some not really inspired... like big truck of fuel.
    -Placed now also optional cones on the runway that lit during the night - they are present only if you have installed the Alps Altiports pack by Bagolu

    NOTE as of 22.NOV.2021
    If you have current/old version of Alps Altiports make sure you remove from that pack the Valberg altiport - it's the same as this one but older version so it will conflict. If Bagolu updates the pack he will include this version here so... it will not matter anymore just choose your pack.

    Azuras is just the "brand" I use. Zaelu is the callsign.

  • Version 2.1 April 20, 2021

    I also fixed the windsocks now to move correctly in the wind.

    The rest is the same. No fix for wrong color order in the French flag... I wait for Asobo to fix the flag, is made by them :)

  • Version 2.0 April 15, 2021

    I have brought in line the altisurface Valberg with the others I edited after World Update 4 France and Benelux.
    In this case there was prior to WU4 an existing autogen aerodrome LF74 but it wasn't disturbing the new scenery much and I didn't deleted it back then when I created this. However things might change in the future so I made the package delete any preexisting airports at the location.

    Also I added a second windsock and changed the static plane with a DA40 because the Savage was a tail dragger and was bouncing around worse (bug with MFS...).

    Inside archive are now two folders. One is the altisurface Valberg and the other is the necessary "anti-airport" mod that delete/disables the default one underneath.

  • Launched October 02, 2020

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Nice altisurface. Very good job.
Just a little remarque : the french flag, should be inverted, the blue should be in contact with the pole
To zaelu : I personally discovered Alps sloped runways and airstrips thanks to Guy Nemoz's wonderful work for FSX, still available on
Guy is a great guy (his contact mail is on his website).
Speaking again of Habère Poche I don't know neither if the jets and turboprops were "statics or AI nore if some exclusion is possible for hem and for the airport's vehicles. Was just to let it know...
Cheers Jean-Paul
Thanks for answering : was just a suggestion "not a need" 😊

Anyway Habère Poche is just for gliders (ULM for emergency only)

If someday you want to work on it, it only would need to put the main airport building in right orientation and suppress any static aircraft other than gliders or ULM (at the moment I saw turboprops and even a business jet !)

Thanks again for sharing your work. Kind regards,

Hi, thanks for the comment.
I have few in the pipeline but most importantly after 8th this month I will have to take a break from MFS2020 for a bit. I can't promise anything but the plan after I get back is to do as many as possible from Alps area (mostly because is where I live now).
Edit :

Found Habère Poche: exists in MSFS as "LF75 Perrignier" !

( Does not mean it could not be improved 😊 Most obvious is the wrong orientation of main airport's building...

Many thanks for you work. Would like to be able to do the same...

You asked :

1 - "Is the fact that they are starred and always visible a niuisance?" : Not for me

2- "Should I disable the feature and leave them visible only by search or by zooming in close enough?" I do not think so as you cannot easily zoom the map enough to make this kind of search

May I suggest you could try to figure LF7469 Habère Poche airstrip in MSFS ? 😊

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