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Version 1.0
Initial Release March 26, 2021
Last Updated March 26, 2021
File Size 183.20 MB
Downloads 21,212
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Military Aircraft
#Real-Life #Sightseeing #Handcrafted Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Launched March 26, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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It wont let me load the sim after the process bar is full

Great flying plane. Noticed when flaps are set to "0" it appears to still be down 5 degrees in external view! Am I correct?

Works great, even without functioning ASI (the script does say the instruments are just placeholders). Look forward to the fully-developed version.

Great model for exterior/interior graphics, and for the fine flight dynamics. I won't buy the payware Mig on the market but will wait for Tjburni to complete this one!

Great aerodynamic system and the cockpit looks amazing. The exterior model looks a bit weird.

Quickly became one of my favorite airplanes to fly. Even with the limited buttons, what works, works really really well. And the quality of the model itself is excellent. Great work!

great mod, but yaw axis didn't work for me on the runway. worked fine when stationary, and also fine in flight, but when moving down runway rudder was stuck. anybody else seen that? but a brilliant looking mod. love it, thanks 😊

Just took this out for the first time in ages, and it doesn't seem to have any instruments working. Did the infamous SU5 break it by any chance?

very good

How to get the plane in the air from a cold start:

1) Mash buttons till something happens..... make sure you hold that starter button on the throttle tho!

2) Shut the canopy using the interaction at the top left of the console, where the lever would be if it was already shut

3) Flaps at the first notch 😉

4) Full throttle from parking, or taxiway..... why bother with a runway?

5) Once airborne, retract landing gear and flaps

6) Set trim to -100% (pitching all the way down)

7) Go inverted

8) Maintain maximum throttle

Final step:

Look up to enjoy FS2020's magnificent scenery 😀

nice but I can't put the landing gear down: wheels won't go out.

This mod a great with excellent flight model as well. Nice job guys, keep it rolling!

I've recorded it in VR180 😀

Love this plane, incredible to fly at it's current version, can't wait for the updated versions to roll out, great work!

so has development on this plane been stopped or abandoned? There has been nothing for over 6 months now since its initial release.. A real shame if that is the case as it got off to a fantastic start.

It flies so well in the mountains, it's fast, agile and precise. Also it's a really high quality mod for a freeware. My favorite mod so far.

I cant't find the brake and i can't fly ;( where is it?

Would you be able to create an EAST GERMAN livery/camouflage for this aircraft?

A realy cool aircraft with some clicable buttons

Hi the textures/model are the same as the one from MSCENERY, did you sold it there ?

simMarket: MSCENERY - MIG 15 MSFS

I just tested this in update 5, and I'm exceedingly happy to be able to say that it still works like a charm!



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