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15,625 | IX Senior Captain

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Version 1.0
Initial Release March 26, 2021
Last Updated March 26, 2021
File Size 183.20 MB
Downloads 14,928
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  • Launched March 26, 2021

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I just tested this in update 5, and I'm exceedingly happy to be able to say that it still works like a charm!



Really a absolutley fantastic job. Bravo.


What a surprisingly good find! - first impressions = this actually looks pretty good both inside and out!

And flies really nicely too. Feels a lot like the MB339 in its handling characteristics. I'll be flying this a lot more and looking out for updates and/or more stuff from the author.

Hey tjburni.

Really Happy that you make a MiG.

Really looks great.

Can you tell me when the next Update will come?

Or what are you going to change to the current release?

Will we see an update in the near future?

Nice flight model ,but can anyone tell me how to release the park brake ,as tried all my MSFS keys and it just sits there with full on engine? I tried to find it in the cockpit but nothing shows up as brake,when I mouse over all the controls. I can start in the air of course and fly but would be nice to Take-off from runway.

I love the Mig-15 ! So i make this video ! Thanks ! https://youtu.be/rP2rce9g_D0

A really beauty... a mustang of the skies, powerfull, brave, fast reaction. You have here a TEN STARS plane (not a 5 stars... a TEN STARS). Please, consider make the IA58 PUCARÁ and IA63 PAMPA , two little planes who fight in Malvinas Conflict (Argentina vs UK). You make a great job man... applausses for all!!!

Good mod. Thank you.😃
🚀 Классная работа ребята!! Продолжайте в том же духе!!!🚀
Are you kidding me? This excellent, that some of the gauges don't work just adds to the Soviet era authenticity. 😊 Looks awesome in VR. Great job guys.
Lovely Mig15 looks wise my favorite Soviet block/Russian aircraft of all time besides the Mig17 but flying model is sketch and out of wack especially landing speed issues. 4 out of 5 stars for it though!
Gentlemen I have to commend you on an excelent job on this mod ! for MSFS2020 ! . . .it seems like payware ! . . .the envy of flightsimmers ! . . .may I suggest its close American cousin , the venerable F-86 I mean they ate virtually look alikes ! . . .hope to see it soon ! . regards and be safe !
Mig15 is one of my alltime favorites. It looks sooooo cute, i love it! Please take your time and polish it to the perfection, it deserves. I can wait for it, as long as it will take for sure but will be happy when it´s done. You make me happy! 😊

And if you have it finisted and need another challenge, how about a MIG21? And maybe an F86, so we have something to hunt with our eastern block hardware.

Please add some liveries with russian, chinese and - most important - north korean markings.
any chance of getting a pilot in this? it's been about a month and no updates.
Great Job. Looking forward to the gauges and auto pilot functions
Fun plane! Seems to be a little low on power on takeoff, and once up to speed it will fly forever, even at idle. Try flying level at high speed and kill the throttle, it just wont slow down.
NICE WORK!! with all do respect to "big time" developers this Mig is an example of some vary nice work that comes from this community!! Thank you tjburni. Flies great, looks great and cockpit is well done with working gauges. love how the canopy opens and detail of that. Encore! Encore!
Amazing work!! Can't wait for the instruments update and also can't wait for Mig29 😊 Hopefully!
5 stars!


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