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Version 1.4
Initial Release March 23, 2021
Last Updated March 23, 2021
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  • Version 1.4 March 23, 2021

    - The panel actually works now instead of not loading (Sorry I made a bad mistake but it should be fixed now)

  • Launched March 23, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Una muy buena idea si dejase identificarme, no me da la opción de introducir usuario y contraseña de navigraf

Need to fix the issue that you can not have it with any other panel projects!

A part from that it's a awesome plugin

Habe mir das Tool gerade heruntergeladen, an sich cool, man kann aber keinen Flieger auswählen kann, das ist allerdings eines der wichtigsten Sachen, zwecks Zeit und Sprit berechnung.
Good addon tested it last night, a keyboard feature would be nice if it is possible and as others as said the dropdown isn't working.

Other than that it is really useful addon and makes flight planning a lot easier.
Amazing concept however, I am unable to log into it! Username and password not recognised, I've checked 4 times and its definitely correct, even tried creating a new username/password but it still won't let me log in. Is anybody else having the same issue?
Keyboard inputs triggering stuff in the plane while typing is an issue, but honestly otherwise the app is really useful. Not having to alt-tab to firefox everytime I want to have a look at my flight plan makes typing in waypoints a lot less painful.
Thanks a lot for making this!
Entering letters will trigger MSFS shortcuts. Also dropdown not working. Good idea but unfortunately not very well implemented
als ik het in mijn community map zet en ik start het spel op crast mijn game het werk niet dus wil je vragen kijk er als je blief naar voor mij is het nu niet wqeg gelegt sorry andere keer beter
Love the concept but my other panels are essential and cause CTD when combined with this panel. Looking forward to future versions that maybe offer compatibility with existing panels.
ieri ho messo questo addons in community ma quando avvio il volo mi cade fs2020 come dovrei risolvere?
Works in theory but I can't access the aircraft selector in the dispatch page, the dropdown isn't there
simbrief is blocked

autorisation author ????????????????? for use ?
I mean I was really looking forward to using it. Works as advertised, I guess. However when I tried to sign into my account It screwed with my plane while I was typing and had to reload my flight. Would be better with a keyboard.
It cant open for me
I loved the creativity of the program, very extremely useful for the simulator ... however, it locks everything and many bugs happen when we type the ICAO of the airport in the SIMBRIEF, that is, I think it needed to have an option to EXECUTE A COMMAND on the KEYBOARD and it would lock the SIMULATOR KEYS, so it would NOT EXECUTE ANY ACTION WHILE WE TYPE IN THE SIMBRIEF.
hello good job, just one question, possible a game panel internet explorer Google ?
Hi, would be a great app but despite my efforts I get CTD each time. I have a lot of stuff but removed all in game panels but still CTD.
Too bad! 😞
CTD also with last version 1.4
Same issue as others. CTD when I click Fly Now. Have Bushtalk, so that is probable reason.
great addon

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