Bombardier Dash8 Q400(Working Cockpit)WIP

#Experimental Drag and Drop


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Version 1.2.5
Initial Release March 17, 2021
Last Updated March 23, 2021
File Size 274.25 MB
Downloads 23,953
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  • Version 1.2.5 March 23, 2021

  • Version 1.2 March 23, 2021

  • Version 1.1 March 19, 2021

  • Launched March 17, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

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Overall I love this plane but I have this weird issue where I install the plane it does not appear in game. Is there an addon that disables this plane in game or am I not doing something properly. I just wish it would work :/

Sadly problems with SU-5 😞

  • No lights control (only NAV lights)
  • Autopilot can not be activated

this thing took me to space!

Engine does not work. If I do everything as it is in the checklist, the propellers keep going out. If I tell the copilot to do everything, he can't do it, please fix the error.

overall great plane only thing that needs fixed and which makes this a sad mod is the light!!! this plane has only 1 beacon light top of the fuselage fwd of the wings

the strobes are NOT on the wings they are located on the top of the tail and on the belly PLEEEEEAAASSSSSEEEE FIX


Hi! The plane is fine but i can't start the engine.

Sorry, but that plane do not work: No way to start the Engine , even not with strg E. I respect your work but now it is useless. Waiting for a payware dash that works! Maybe there is a way to make it work like the ATR community?!

Got that hint from another user: " Go to start your engines using Ctrl + E, and wait till the end of the spooling up sound. Then press Y to enter slew mode, and then Y again to exit. After doing this one of my engines had fully started. I then repeated the steps to start my second engine."

Green Nav light is not visable.

Upside the above named restrictions I learnd to love this plane! Thanks a lot to make it work in FS2020. Of cause I real Dash 8 Cockpit would be nice but it is working more or less with the Citiation Cockpit (without other mods!!).

No longer working since the last WU4 of MSFS2020 (Sim is crashing back to desktop when loading into an airport with this mod) 😞 Hope you will fix it ? I really liked the plane...

Can you pleas make a version thet is compatible with the standart version of the flightsimiulator? I really liked you plalne, but now it isn't working anymore.

sadly its not working and the editor doesnt seem to care... according to his/her discord channel

is this the DreamWings Q400

really good airplanes love them really I usually fly with them a lot

RE: Engine Start-up Problems (as of 26th May, 2021)

Good day to you!

It seems that the auto-start for the engines of this aircraft has stopped working since the last update of MSFS2020. It will try to spool up, but will "die out" quickly, without the propellers even moving.

With that said, may I know of a possible fix for this matter, or at least some updates?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Since the latest MSFS 2020 update this plane no longer works. The engines won't start.

Could someone help me please ?. I couldn't make it work on my FSM 2020

Hi, I have a strange problem. When I first downloaded the file, extracted it to my community folder (along with the improvement mod), it worked fine. I love the aircraft and was looking forward to many hours in the cockpit. However, I have gone back into the sim to have another fly of the Dash 8 and it no longer appears in my hangar. The files are still in the community folder. I have even tried removing them, re-downloading and re-installing, but the Dash 8 no longer appears in my hangar. Appreciate any help/suggestions as to what may be wrong. Thanks

Could you make a q200 please.

Nice work! Thanks!

Looking forward to the future of this plane. I love the sound, really great. Physics need work; like you already stated. Specifically: Max cruising speed of this bad boy is 287 knots, however it will break due to overspeed around 230 knots.


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