Here is the Dash8-Q400 with the working cockpit addonof the CJ4, this addon was improved and release by Rikooo for FSX and converted to MSFS2020, Permission to publish this file was granted to us. This item will be updated and improved constantly. To install this addon you will need to drag and drop these files in your MSFS community folder. Anyone who wants to make liveries is more than welcome to. This aircraft is a Work in Progress and it is stillunder development and needs soem work. Some issues are that props appear almost invisible, Landing Lights and Taxi Lights do not work, and Physics are off and need a lot of work. If there are anymore issues feel free to send me a chat or comment down below. Enjoy!

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Thank You!

Prop and Windows Credit to Brett Plays on Youtube


Air Canada 

Air France 

British Airways

Lufthansa Regional 



United Express

West Jet

Please install Liveries Fix version if you want the better Liveries. 


Version Liveries Fix

Liveries fixed and are not Silver Anymore and fixed a few other bugs.

Liveries Credit to aircanada777


Lights Fix

Thanks to Frangollo