The Gee Bee R3 Special is a concept modern racing aerobatic aircraft that has never been built as a real full-scale aircraft. It was designed by Italian designer Mirco Pecorari and features typical Gee Bee lines but is streamlined to be a modern hot-rod among Gee Bees. This Gee Bee R3 rendition is equipped with a fuel injected Lycoming AEIO-580-B1A engine, delivering 315HP to 3 blades at a constant 2,700RPM. Designed to be used competitively in racing, she shreds through the skies with unprecedented speed and agility; giving you the ability to do knife edges, flick rolls, hammerheads, 9G turns, and way more! We have also crammed 75 Quarts (5-Minutes) of Nitrous Oxide (NOS) in the rear. Just like emergency boost provided in many WW2 Warbirds, you'll have the ability to ramp up your engine to an additional 25% performance increase to take lead and take 1st during any race! If you're looking for some extra flair, the Gee Bee R3 is equipped with multiple smoke canisters (Red, White, Orange, Blue, and Green), a Garmin 430/330 set that can be swapped out mid-flight for the GTN 750 (PMS50 Mod Required), and automatic asymmetric speed-brake activation on the nose when you need to perform sharp turns or manual deployment for when you need it most.

  • Locate your Microsoft Flight Simulator installation folder.
  • You need to locate and open the folder named Community. 
  • Copy the "gotfriends-gb-r3" folder you just extracted to the Community folder.
  • Read the included Flight Manual for an in-depth look into all the aircraft features.
  • Start the game and your Gee Bee R3 will be sitting in your hanger ready to fly!
  • NEED HELP? Follow this Flightsim.to Tutorial

VERSION 1.0. - Flightsim.To Official Release (Features):
  • Auto-Start Ignition Set
  • Fully Clickable Cockpit
  • Custom Exterior Lights and Interior Annunciation Lights
  • GNS430/330 Set with In-Flight Swappable GTN750 Set (PMS50 Mod Required)
  • Nitrous Oxide (NOS) Boost and Quantity Gauge
  • Smoke Switches with Multiplayer Compatibility (White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange)
  • Cursor Hover Information on all Gauges
  • Realistic Flight Model
  • Landing Effects (Water, Rain, Dirt, Snow, Dry), Exhaust Effects & Heating Effects
  • 250 Kts (Max Speed) (+25% NOS Boost Increase)
  • 9 Liveries Included
  • 2 Sub-Models Included (VR Ready, The Rocketeer)

  • Jonx: 3D Modeling and Coding
  • Got Gravel: Flight Model and Lighting Effects
  • 270 Inc: Liveries and Textures
  • Mirco Pecorari: Gee Bee R3 Designer
  • Makbeton: Initial Exterior 3D Model
  • Carlocestra285: Initial Gauge 3D Models
  • Alex Marko: Visual Effects Library and NOS Boost Incorporation
  • PMS50: GTN 750 Compatibility Mod
  • Asobo: General Assets & SDK



  • PMS50 GTN750 Garmin Mod (Free or Premium Available): Download Now
  • VR Gaming must currently be played in the VR Model (Located at the Aircraft Selection Menu).
  • Mutliplayer Smoke is still a Work-In-Progress and may not work correctly in all situations. Please spawn on the same flightline together to ensure good functionality.
  • You only have 5-Minutes of Nitrous Oxide (NOS) per flight so use it wisely! To refill, simply restart your flight.


Product related support is available. Check the developer's website here . Any questions can also be emailed to [email protected] - in usual cases, the developer will reply within 48 hours.

Available since
August 31, 2021

Current Version
1.0.1 from September 09, 2021

Installation Method
Drag and Drop

Download Size
619.21 MB

Installation Size
1.4 GB

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  • Version 1.0.1 September 09, 2021

    VR Compatibility Mod:
    - Removed VR Sub-Model from Base Package.
    - Created a Separate VR Compatibility Model.
    - Includes all Liveries and Rocketeer Sub-Model.
    - Moved VR Pilot deeper into Seat.

    3D Model:
    - Added Clickable Spoiler Handle (Back-Side of Yoke).
    - Changed Annunciation Lights to Amber.
    - Added NOS Active Light (Above NOS Switch).
    - Fixed Flickering Panel Light.
    - Moved ALT/BAT switches so not blocked by Parking Brake.

    - NOS Red Guard will also turn OFF NOS when Closed.
    - Fixed Annunciation Light Visibility when Power is Off.
    - Fixed Pilot Nodes (Pilot Visibility Fixed for All Models).
    - Fixed Pitot Heat Hover Information.
    - Fixed Payload Screen showing "?" for Pilot Weight.
    - Fixed Attitude Backup Calibration (Default Position).
    - Fixed Ammeter Power Drain when Power is Off.
    - Fixed Master Warning and Master Caution Coding.

    - Added NOS Annunciation Text.
    - Fixed Fuel Quantity Gauge.
    - Fixed Various Comp Issues.

    Flight model:
    - Added 10% More Brake Power.
    - Refined Rudder Control.
    - Improved Roll Characteristics.
    - Increased VNE to 250 Knots.
    - Fixed Tail Wagging at High Speeds.
    - Improved Knife Edge Control.
    - Overall Stability Enhancements.

    - Overspeed Alarm Activates at 250 Knots.
    - Tweaked Various Sound Levels.

    - Slight Improvements to Several Camera Views.

  • Launched August 31, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!

Frequently Asked

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Pretty empty over here.


I love this plane, I can do almost flawless aerobatics in it, any flaws are on my part, lol. I can do a nice Lomcevak with almost 2 somersaults, need to work on it, but this plane is very controllable.

I can hop n any airplane, default or pay ware and point it toward the ground and recover, but the default aerobatic planes over the last couple of updates in MSFS have been sometimes uncontrollable after nosing down more than about 30% for me, I do not know why. But this plane fills my aerobatics needs.

I found that with the speed brakes I can even fly out of short grass fields. It is awesome. As a matter of fact I am going to shoot and airshow type video out of the pay ware Johnson Creek airport in the sim, 3U2.

It is in the mountains of Idaho, beside a creek with mountains and tall fir trees all around, and set up like a fly in with tents out by the planes and everything.

This planes gets in and out fine and can do Lomcevaks and Hammerheads all day there between the tall mountains, it will be spectacular.

Thank you developers, keep it up.

I'm confused by the amount of "angry" ratings ... it is utterly superb! Amazing fun, and one way to say thank you if you enjoy the free Vertigo.

But, will it crop dust? https://youtu.be/omMAYqDkb7E



7 day(s) ago / Thanked by GotFriends

Bought this today to use round my Orbx Brisbane river run course today. What a blast this thing flies so nice round the course, bargain.



9 day(s) ago / Thanked by GotFriends

I want landing on water, it is possible to implement? thx for your great work 😉



12 day(s) ago / Thanked by GotFriends

1.) Read the manual! I just tried to fly without at least glancing the manual and my first flight had been a disaster 😊. Especially the chapter about flaps is, eh, very revealing.

2.) Air brakes are mandatory! Bind them to an easy accessible key and landing will become MUCH more easy.

Fly low and fast for most fun (and sweat).

If you like the free Gotgravel planes this plane should not disappoint you.



12 day(s) ago / Thanked by GotFriends

Now THAT'S what I call a keeper! Well done guys for a job amazingly done! The plane is so much fun to fly, highly maneuverable but I wish for a couple of things (hopefully the team will get to that): First, a checklist can be nice (though it's really intuative, but maybe for those that have trouble with taildraggers ). Another wish is for a better sound for the engine. Thanks again!

it keeps telling me its 0 $ on the broswing page but i click on it and bam 16 bucks



13 day(s) ago / Thanked by GotFriends

Thanks for the added VR models! That early blade shape is sweet!



13 day(s) ago / Thanked by GotFriends

not bad at all! can you make a retractable landing gear version?

please watch prop pitch/rpm is no change(?) below 50%, i guess is can change pitch more easy after <50% rpm but i don't sure, because speed stay same, and this model much slower than 1.0 very fast accelerate to ias arrow vertical up, then bum no go forward, looks like plane aerodynamic limit, but with diving speed go fast nos now give some speed too, in 1.0 was opposite, without nos it's was super fast so nos can help only with race when need maximum acceleration after turn... i think true somewhere between 1.0 and 1.0.1 😊 thank you



14 day(s) ago / Thanked by GotFriends

Is the smoke effect working in SU6 ?

We are hostages from evil Microsoft and Asobo Corporations...




14 day(s) ago / Thanked by GotFriends

YESSSS!!! I liked this bird. I feel it made only for me. AeroHuligan. )

This plane i love. A joy to fly!

thank you so much to bringing this great concept plane in the sim.

I have one question: As much as i love to turn some G"s it also flies really well in straigth lines. i have a bunch of insim friends and most of the time we fly GA in group. Nothing fancy just following a simple flight plan and enjoy the surroundings and chat.

I would love to take the Gee Bee on trips like these.

Would it be possible to implement a simple Autopilot that i can use with the Logitech multipanel. I see that the autopilot is in the systems.cfg file but not functional in sim.

Just HDG/NAV and ALThold would be enough.

THX again for this bird.

Hope to hear about my question.



16 day(s) ago / Thanked by GotFriends

Oh yeah this thing is fun, but the pilot seems to have jumped out! Is there some button to activate this? Also I noticed on an earlier Youtube review there was a nice keyring with someone's photo. That looked really cool. I was a bit dissapointed there wasn't at least a rabbits foot or something hanging off the keys. Looking forward to seeing how this little pocket rocket develops.

I have noticed some developers slow down quickly after release date and move to newer projects, presumably to generate more sales. Community devs don't have such concerns so their interest does not fade. Look at FlyByWire for example. If you want community support don't forget your roots.



16 day(s) ago / Thanked by GotFriends

One word...Outstanding. The epitome of visualization of a concept aircraft. Talent from the entire team and just a blast to fly. Thank you.



17 day(s) ago / Thanked by GotFriends

Can you improve the smoke effect because it looks a little bit linear. it should be with time more washed and frayed if it is possible to realize

Look at 13:00min




18 day(s) ago / Thanked by GotFriends

Wow this plane is fantastic one of my favorite plane very good job i hope you will make a nother plane .



18 day(s) ago / Thanked by GotFriends

Happy to support the devs if the quality is this good going forward. I would have bought it anyway to support the free offerings I've already put serious time into. Looking forward to future projects.

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